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rainbowsix-siege-logoUbiBlog has announced Rainbow Six: Siege, Operation White Noise, a new DLC pack for Rainbow Six: Siege set in South Korea. Rainbow Six: Siege’s second year of expansions will soon enter its fourth season with the arrival of Operation White Noise, which features a vertigo-inducing new map set in an observation tower above Seoul’s skyline, and three new Operators. Operation White Noise will be the final content drop before Rainbow Six: Siege enters Year 3.

Also joining the fray are two as-yet-unrevealed members of South Korea’s 707th Special Mission Battalion, an attacker and a defender described as “stubborn and daring” and “methodical and tenacious,” respectively. Also joining the roster is a new Operator from Poland’s GROM, completing the set that began with Ela’s arrival in Operation Blood Orchid. More updates are coming soon; in the meantime, be sure to catch the Rainbow Six Pro League finals in Sao Paulo from November 18-19 at twitch.tv/rainbow6.

Rainbow Six: Siege is available now on PS4, PC, and Xbox One.

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rainbowsix-siege-logoToday, Ubisoft announced that Operation Blood Orchid, the Year 2 Season 3 add-on content for Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege, has launched on Playstation 4 computer entertainment system, Xbox One and Windows PC. The Theme Park map will be available at no additional cost for all players. Starting today, season pass holders will be able to access three new operators and their signature weapons skins. All other players will be able to unlock the new content starting September 12th using Renown or R6 Credits.

Theme Park Map and Two New SDU Operators
In Operation Blood Orchid, players will have to raid an abandoned theme park, identified by the Special Duties Unit (SDU) – also known as the Flying Tigers – as a criminal organisation’s nest for narcotic manufacturing. After establishing a connection with the Hong Kong Triad, two Flying Tigers are chosen to lead a lethal raid in the Theme Park, a colourful and eclectic map filled with dynamic and fast-paced face-offs.

  • Ying: Siu Mei Lin is recognised as an all-purpose operator. After a few operations, she decided to join Team Rainbow, representing Hong Kong’s Flying Tigers Unit. Equipped with the T-95 LSW and the SIX12 shotgun as primary weapons, she knows how to intervene in densely populated areas with her non-lethal unique gadget. Her Candela device is a new breed of flash grenade: when deployed, it releases a cluster of flash charges that can be anchored on surfaces, or it can be thrown out as a grenade or rolled along the floor.
  • Lesion: Liu Tze Long is known to take his work seriously and to thrive in high-risk situations. Demonstrating a natural calm while handling highly corrosive substances, he’s also an expert in mine-clearing. Equipped with the SIX12 SD silenced shotgun and the T-5 SMG, Lesion can handle any situation with his Gu mines. When an attacker triggers these mines, they are injected with a toxin that deals an initial burst of damage, and then slower damage over time, limiting their speed until the affected player removes the poison dart. Starting with two Gu mines, his inventory will increase by one Gu mine every 35 seconds until it reaches a maximum of seven mines.

New Polish GROM Operator, Ela Bosak

  • Ela: Ela Bosak is the latest and one of the youngest recruits to Team Rainbow. This thirty-year-old operator is a member of Poland’s Military Unit, GROM, and is equipped with the Scorpion EVO 3 A1 SMG and the F0-12 shotgun as primary weapons. Ela also is equipped with the RG15 pistol with a red dot sight, the first pistol in the game with a sight. She is known for her determination and prowess in the field. Her sticky Grzmot mines are proximity concussion mines that affect anyone within radius with reduced movement speed, aiming and vision. Ela’s signature move when in a downed state is the ability to trigger one last concussion mine.

To mark the culmination of Operation Health, Operation Blood Orchid will be the largest update for Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege ever deployed, bringing fixes and improvements to the game, including an updated lighting system, data clean-ups on operators, optimized stability, reduced load times and a smaller memory footprint. New and improved servers will also be deployed around the launch of Season 3 to enhance stability, connectivity and overall performance. For more information about this patch, please consult the full patch notes on rainbow6.com/bloodorchid.

Watch the new Rainbow Six: Siege – Operation Blood Orchid trailer here.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege is currently available worldwide for consoles and PC. For more information about the game and news on the upcoming title update, Operation Blood Orchid, please visit www.rainbow6.com.

rainbowsix-siege-logoSource: UbiBlog

There’s a new video showing off the dark, eerie interior of the new map coming on August 29 with the launch of Operation Blood Orchid. Dubbed “Theme Park,” the map is set in a deteriorating amusement park in Hong Kong, where smiling tiger and monkey mascots welcome players to the field of conflict. Proceeding past teacup rides into a spacious hall, players will have to resist the temptation to check out the arcade games and stop for a snack at the concession stands while proceeding to the objective. Gargoyles and mummies await inside what appears to be a haunted house section of the park, as you can see in the teaser video HERE.

The Theme Park map will be available for free to all players when Operation Blood Orchid launches on August 29.

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rainbowsix-siege-logoSource: UbiBlog

Rainbow Six: Siege boasts a thriving community of online players, and the game’s overall health is always chief among the development team’s priorities. As such, the team has made the decision to focus on improving the overall Rainbow Six: Siege experience over the next three months with a series of improvements and changes called Operation Health.

Operation Health is a hard push toward tech improvements and bug fixes, and it introduces a new three-stage deployment process for updates, with new features first rolling out on a Technical Test Server, then on PC, then on consoles. (There’s also a new on/off feature in case a rollback is needed). Because of this new focus, the planned Hong Kong season will be pushed back to Season Three in August, while November’s Season Four will feature South Korea. Poland will no longer have its own season in Year Two, but its GROM Operators will be available at the start of seasons three and four. The number of new maps has also been reduced to three, and includes the most recent map set in Spain.

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rainbowsix-siege-logoSource: UbiBlog

The sniping-est operator in the Siege stable is about to get an upgrade in the upcoming Mid-Season Reinforcements update, which deploys Wednesday, March 15. As the story goes, Timur “Glaz” Glazkov lost a sniper competition to an Operator named Galanos, from Greece. After the event, Glaz chatted with Galanos about her attachment technology, and as a result he now packs an upgraded scope that offers a new layer of thermal visual feedback when aiming down sights. This feedback will appear even if the defender is obscured by smoke, but will only work if Glaz has line-of-sight to the target (it doesn’t work through walls).

A few Operators are getting buffs to their special abilities to help make them more useful in the field. Doc will now be able to overheal to 140 HP instead of 120 HP, in hopes that this buff will make more of a difference in a firefight. And Buck will get an extra magazine for his Skeleton Key underbarrel shotgun. Walls, windows, and floors beware.

There are a number of weapon balancing changes en route as well, chief among them a size reduction for the reticles on the red dot, reflex, and holo sights. This is to allow for better precision after the realignment of sights implemented with Operation Velvet Shell. Other specific changes include:

  • The DMR’s maximum trigger rate has been lowered to prevent very rapid firing
  • Echo’s MP5SD2 does more damage at medium range
  • Thermite’s 556xi is easier to control
  • Caveira’s Luison’s damage dropoff has been tweaked
  • Jackal’s C7E’s recoil is getting balanced
  • Capitao’s PARA-308 is getting a recoil buff

A developer on Rainbow Six: Siege once compared applying fixes to the game to trying to replace a car tire while the vehicle was in motion. To that end, the team will also launch a technical test server in the weeks following the Reinforcements to focus on refining technical systems and adding new features. The first such system will be a streamlined matchmaking process, and more information on the timing and progress of these projects will be available in the coming weeks.

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rainbowsix-siege-logoToday, Ubisoft announced that Operation Velvet Shell, the first free update of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege Year 2, will be available for Xbox One, Sony Playstation®4 and Windows PC from February 7th, 2017. Year 2 pass holders will instantly receive the two new Operators of the Spanish Counter Terrorist Unit as well as their four signature weapons skins. Non-Season Pass owners will be able to unlock them using the ‘Renown’ in-game currency or R6 Credits from February 14th, 2017.

The new Coastline map featuring Operation Velvet Shell
In Operation Velvet Shell, players will assume the role of two Spanish operators from the Grupo Especial de Operaciones and attempt to regain control of the Ibiza coastline using their unique tactical expertise:

  • Mira has proven her strength and endurance in tactical situations, but her best asset is her technical expertise. Her specialty is creating Black Mirrors, nearly indestructible horizontal one-way windows that can be punched into barricades or destructible walls. Combined with the Vector 45 ACP and ITA12L as her primary weapons, enemies can rapidly go from “spotted” to “dead.”
  • Jackal has developed his expertise in tracking down High Value Targets and intercepting narcotics shipments with the G.E.O.s. Equipped with the C7E and PDW9 as primary weapons, Jackal can also activate his Eyenox Model III headset to track enemy footprints. The more recent the prints, the “hotter” they’ll appear in Jackal’s view, so if you see bright red bootprints, there’s likely an enemy nearby!

Additionally, as part of the ongoing commitment to enrich the Tom Clancy’s Rainbow: Six Siege playing experience, Year 2 will start with a new dynamic navigation interface, making player activity such as challenges, news and boosters available in the same place. Xavier Marquis, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow: Six Siege Creative Director explains, “We are working hard on ensuring the game’s longevity. We are here to stay so want to make sure that you’re getting comfortable”.

To learn more about Operation Velvet Shell, please visit www.rainbow6.com/VelvetShell

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege is currently available worldwide for consoles and Windows PC. More information about Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege, is available on rainbow6.com.

rainbowsix-siege-logoOperation Red Crow, the fourth major content update for Rainbow Six: Siege, is out now. As with previous updates, it adds a new map – Skyscraper, which blends modern design with classic Japanese architecture – and two new Operators, Echo and Hibana, who each bring unique new weapons and gadgets to the field. Here’s what to expect from Rainbow’s two new faces:

A member of Japan’s elite Special Assault Team, Yumiko “Hibana” Imagawa is a fast, lightly armored Attacker who excels at charging through obstacles. Key to this particular talent is her X-KAIROS, a unique 40mm launcher she developed in collaboration with fellow Operator Thermite. Able to fire multiple explosive pellets and detonate them simultaneously, the launcher offers a way to rapidly breach walls to create new pathways or lines of sight for teammates, or to distract enemies with decoy explosions.

The Defender half of the new Operator set, Masaru “Echo” Enatsu is a robotics prodigy who commands the Yokai drone. The drone can cruise along the floor or fly up and perch on the ceiling, allowing versatile visibility though its camera feed and unleashing ultrasonic bursts that disorient all targets nearby. From hunting down roamers to disrupting a coordinated team assault, Echo’s remote-controlled ally will be a powerful counter to aggressive Attackers.

Both Echo and Hibana can be equipped with SuperNova pump-action shotguns and the same sidearm options – the P229 and BEARING 9 – but Hibana can also carry a TYPE-89 assault rifle, while Echo has the option of an MP5SD submachine gun. Additionally, Hibana can deploy an M18 Claymore or a stun grenade, while Echo has the option of a nitro cell or deployable shield.

Operation Red Crow also introduces new customization options, including new signature weapon skins based on classical Japanese art and the introduction of Elite sets. Elite sets are coordinated player assets which include a matching uniform and headgear, an Operator card, an Operator name, a signature victory animation, and a charm. The first to roll out are the Vympel, L Detachment, and Vintage Bureau sets, which will be available for Kapkan, Sledge, and Thermite.

The Skyscraper map, perched high above the streets of Nagoya, Japan, is available to all players starting November 17. Season Pass owners will have immediate and exclusive access to the new Operators from November 17 until November 24, when other players will be able to unlock them with R6 Credits or Renown. New experiences in high-tension counterterrorism are waiting for you, so suit up and get ready to breach.

The Rainbow Six: Siege team has also announced its plans for a second year of post-launch content that will follow a similar structure as the first year. This content will include new Operators, new maps, as well as a variety of other updates and improvements. New maps and modes will remain free to all players, while Operators and most weapon skins will be unlockable with Renown or R6 Credits. Year two content kicks off in February with the Rainbow Six Invitational.

Watch the Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege – Operation Red Crow Trailer here.

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rainbowsix-siege-logoToday, Ubisoft announced that Operation Red Crow, the fourth major update for Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege will be available on November 17th for Xbox One, Sony Playstation4 computer entertainment system and Windows PC. In line with the studio’s commitment to provide new post-launch content for the game and complete the Year One road map, this content update introduces a free new map and new gameplay features. Once again two new Operators will be available for Season Pass holders on November 17th and for all players on November 24th.

Ubisoft also announced that Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege will be available for free from November 10th to 13th, for the first time on PlayStation4 system, as well as on Windows PC via Uplay and Steam.

In the lead up to the fourth major update, the Rainbow Six community remains strong and continues to increase with more people playing Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege than there were at launch. There is no better time to join the strong community of more than 10 million players and discover Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege firsthand.

For more information about the game and news on the upcoming title update, Operation Red Crow, please visit: www.rainbow6.com

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The Rainbow Six: Siege PC Starter Edition is back! Available for a limited time, you will be able to purchase the Starter Edition on PC through Uplay.

PC players looking for an inexpensive way to jump into Rainbow Six: Siege no longer have to wait to get their fix. Starting September 15th on Uplay, a special Starter Edition of the game will be available for $15/€15 on PC for a limited time. The Starter Edition offers the full Rainbow Six: Siege experience, with all maps and Operators available, but unlocking new Operators works a little differently.

If you’re familiar with the Starter Edition from June, it is exactly the same as last time. For new players, those who buy the Starter Edition will immediately get access to two Operators, along with 600 R6 Credits to spend on two more Operators (or other unlocks) of their choice. The two initially available Operators are randomly chosen from a pool of six – Rook, Sledge, Ash, Fuze, Mute, and Smoke –determined to be the most intuitive for entry-level players. Additional operators can be unlocked in the Starter Edition by earning 12,500 renown (compared to 500-2,000 renown in the Standard Edition).

rainbowsix-siege-logoSource: UbiBlog

The third major content update for Rainbow Six: Siege is now available, bringing with it two new Operators from Brazil’s elite BOPE – Caveira and Capitão – as well as a highly destructible new map set in a Brazilian favela. Operation Skull Rain also introduces a Tactical Realism mode aimed at veteran players, which strips away nearly all of the HUD elements and pushes teammates to stay in constant communication.

As with previous updates, the map is free to all Rainbow Six: Siege players, while the new Operators are available immediately to Season Pass holders, who have exclusive access to them for seven days. For their part, the new Operators bring potentially game-changing new abilities to bear on the action, with Capitão packing an asphyxiating, oxygen-burning crossbow and Caveira able to move silently and interrogate enemies to reveal opposing players on the map. Rounding out the package are a new angled grip attachment that speeds up switching between hip fire and ADS, and a surrender system that lets your team vote to forfeit a match if things aren’t going your way before the third round.

Operation Skull Rain is available now as an update for Rainbow Six: Siege on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Watch the official release trailer here.

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