War Room

war-roomWar Room – a real-time strategy game where you manage military units in Afghanistan, is in development. Gear up and watch the latest trailer!

Take on the role of an American military commander and coordinate complex operations in Afghanistan. Try to regain control of the situation and stabilize one of the world’s most tumultuous and dangerous provinces. Watch the latest trailer of War Room and prepare for missions, part of which are based on real events.

Send units to villages occupied by enemy forces. Attack terrorist bases and hideouts. Manage your troops and equipment using a strategic map and follow battles thanks to a view from a military drone. Complete story missions, but also ensure the safety of your bases and popularity of your actions in each sector through side objectives. However, be careful not to get distracted. Achieve your military goals with special consideration for the humanitarian side of the conflict.

Watch the latest War Room Announcement Trailer HERE, and get ready for a challenging operation.

War Room is a real-time strategy game in which you manage military units spread across the territory of the Province. Resources at your disposal are limited, and you have to skillfully manage them in order to accomplish each mission. Deploy units to locations where you suspect enemy presence, but think carefully when you decide on their size – assign your forces suitable to the task at hand or you might end up with too few troops ready to fight when you really need them. Take over territory, deploy drones and observe the situation in specific locations in real time. And finally, take control of each of the nine sectors.

Your actions will be evaluated, and good results will be rewarded with additional troops and vehicles, giving you the ability to perform larger and more complex operations.


  • A huge (1000 sq. km) 3D map based on a real map of Afghanistan. Operate within nine sectors, with one command center each. Attack enemy bases and hideouts, push enemies out of civilian settlements, deny them control of any territory.
  • Many hours of exciting gameplay in a single campaign.

Begin in one of the sectors where the main base (MOB) is located. Start as a new commander and take over one of the most challenging combat zones of this War. Search and destroy enemies in the first sector and then continue further, gaining ground until the entire province is under your control.

  • Non-linear events. Your patrols and humanitarian missions will encounter multiple scenarios that will depend on the sector security level and population stance toward your troops. Each action you take will have further consequences. There is no single path to success. Determine which areas you wish to focus on and how to guide your forces to dominance over the enemy.
  • Two play perspectives: satellite (management) and drone (tactical). The game is divided into two layers – tactical and strategic. Use the satellite view to manage your forces and equipment. Deploy drones and observe what is happening in real time.
  • Territory control is the main goal of the game. Conduct military operations from the ground and air, eliminate terrorists, clear IEDs from roads, and support your troops with powerful air assets. Experience missions based on real-life operations and events. Take care of the base’s security and increase the popularity of your actions in the sector through the side missions.
  • Patrolling and ‘Hearts & Minds.’ Ensure safety in the sectors you control and win the trust of the local population. Send your forces on regular patrols to project force, search and destroy enemies, protect the construction of civilian infrastructure, provide protection for local elections, or deliver humanitarian supplies to locals.
  • Wide range of units and military vehicles. Execute your actions with a wide range of resources at your disposal. MRAPs of various types and sizes, specialized mine disposal vehicles, main battle tanks, and a wide selection of air units. All possible choices reflect the available arsenal for the Afghan conflict.
  • Inspired by true events. The provinces and characters in the game are fictional, but most missions and operations in the game are based on real events.

War Room is currently under development. Its release date will be announced shortly. To keep up with all the news and updates from the main base, add the game to your wishlist on Steam.

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