Gary Grigsby’s Eagle Day to Bombing of the Reich

gary-grigsbys-eagle-day-to-bombing-the-reichGary Grigsby’s Eagle Day to Bombing of the Reich has been updated to version v1.03!  This new version brings tons of improvements and changes, making this classic masterpiece better than ever.

We would like to thank everyone involved with this update! Download it from here. Some highlights from the changelog (click here to read the full list of changes).

  • Turn replay feature now fixed to allow both players the ability to review messages and combat results over and over before continuing to the next turn, especially helpful in pbem games.
  • Overhauled Production System User Interface. Added priority buttons and filters for aircraft type. Added “Weapon Database” menu bar to Production screen. Also changed how research works.
  • Added missions, sorties, fatigue and “days since last mission” columns to squadron information screens.
  • Added a sort button for the units to sort by unit ID.
  • Added ability to bring up “Unit Detail” screen by clicking squadron info button twice in “List Air Unit” and “Order of Battle” screens.
  • Added filters for displaying unique aircraft types (fighter, fighter bomber, jets, etc.) on several info screens.
  • Modified aircraft graphics to be more proportionally realistic during Action Phase.
  • Modified over 70 map locations to more geographically accurate locations
  • New map graphics
  • Added Production and PBEM instructional PDF’s
  • Lots of minor bug fixes

Get more game information about Gary Grigsby’s Eagle Day to Bombing of the Reich on its official product page.