Chain of Command

chain-of-command-logoBitBunch is relentlessly continuing the development of Chain of Command WWII RTS.

The company had a great year in 2014, marking the announcement of Chain of Command. We have built the core engine technology on top of which the game’s features are being developed and put together a great team of game development professionals. BitBunch has also launched Twitter and Facebook accounts for Chain of Command, so commanders from all around the world can get latest updates from the HQ.

In 2015 we will release more and more details on Chain of Command: what it will look like, what it will sound like and most importantly: what it will play like. You can expect to see more art work, models, and textures such as the one featured in this press release: the first rendered in-game model, featuring the German Panzer Mark III tank. Our tanks are still in the hangar, but we are getting them ready to roll out!

“We are working hard on software development and environment generation,” said BitBunch co-founder, George van Venrooij. “Chain of Command is an ambitious project, with historical accuracy and innovative gameplay being its main distinguishing features. We are really excited to work towards launching the first demo version in 2015.”

In Q2 2015, we plan to release an early access version of Chain of Command to a limited group of users. Set in May 1940, this version will put the player in command of a German Panzer division in its attempt to cross the Meuse River and break through the French lines during the infamous “Blitzkrieg” in the West. This version will not only provide our community with the first taste of battle in Chain of Command, but will also help BitBunch gather valuable feedback for our development process. More details will follow as soon as they are declassified.

We expect 2015 to be a very exciting year so we are looking forward to it. To stay up to date with all news, large and small, follow Chain of Command on Twitter @CoCHQ, and click here to ‘Like’ the Chain of Command/BitBunch page on Facebook.

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