Making History: The Great War

Muzzy Lane Software announced today that their WWI grand strategy title Making History: The Great War will remain in development through August. The game will continue to be available to players at a discounted price as part of Steam’s Early Access program as well as here at GHQ and at Gamer’s Gate. A new release date has been scheduled for September 9th.

“We’ve been pushing very hard to meet the July 28th date for release,” says Muzzy Lane CEO Dave McCool, “But we also have committed ourselves from the start to not release the game unless we feel it’s ready to go. We feel TGW will benefit greatly from these additional weeks of polish and balancing, which are critical to getting the best player experience from a strategy title such as this.”

Muzzy Lane will continue to release regular updates throughout the extension, just as it has during the entire time the game has been in early access. The company feels confident players will support their decision. “Our community wants the same thing we do,” says McCool, “The best possible WWI strategy game. We believe this is the best choice we can make to be certain that happens.”

The current discounted price of $29.99 will remain until the time of the official release, after which the game will sell for $39.99. More information as well as community discussion of TGW is ongoing at the Steam community hub and at the game’s website.