Gary Grigsby’s War in the East 2

gary-grigsbys-war-in-the-east-2Matrix Games has announced a new update for War in the East 2 is now live.

The Morale update adds a new optional rule about, well… morale. Introduced with 01.03.09 is a new optional rule that rebalances retreat attrition. When enabled, routing units will suffer less retreat attrition than normal. The default is for this to be off. With this option enabled you are under far greater pressure to actually encircle enemy formations to destroy them, rather than purely by pursuit.

1.03.10 rebalanced air/ground attacks. The number of requested bomber aircraft for Ground Attack Air Directives must now be set to at least 10 (or set to 0 for Automatic). This update also saw improvements to the multiplayer UI, making it easier to report and log any errors you may encounter.

The update will be available for download either automatically via Steam or directly from here.

gary-grigsbys-war-in-the-east-2Matrix Games and 2by3 announce the first DLC for War in the East 2.

Gary Grigsby’s War in the East 2 was last year’s best-selling and most praised wargame. The simulation improved every aspect of its predecessor, effectively rebooting the series and giving it new life. Since its release, Gary Grigsby and his team have been working hard to improve gameplay with various upgrades. Simultaneously, 2by3 Games started work on the game’s first DLC, Steel Inferno. This expansion puts the spotlight on several major offensives that influenced the course of the war in the East. It is also expanding the gigantic map further by opening new areas throughout eight new Scenarios and two new Campaigns.

Steel Inferno covers Operations in Yugoslavia in 1944 for the first time and adds several German scenarios, such as the attack into the Caucasus. The addition of hypothetical scenarios and two new full map campaigns offer countless extra gameplay hours in historically detailed settings and what-if alternatives.

The Steel Inferno DLC includes:

Two complete Campaigns:
• 1943 Campaign – 3 Jul 43 – 6 Jul 45 — an entire Campaign starting with the German Operation
• 1944 Campaign- 11 May 44 – 4 Jul 45 — an entire Campaign that begins with the Soviets readying for the start of their massive Summer 1944 offensives.

Nine Scenarios:
• Operation Kutuzov – 12 Jul 43 – 3 Oct 44
• Road to Karelia – 22 Jun 41 – 11 Oct 41
• Army Group A – Part I – Race for the Caucasus – 25 Jul 42 – 20 Nov 42
• Case Blue Phase II 42-43 – 25 Jul 42 – 5 Mar 43
• Case Blue Phase II 43-43 – Alternate – 25 Jul 42 – 5 Mar 43
• Army Group A – Part II – Kuban Bridgehead – 1 Feb 43 – 10 October 43
• AG C – Kutuzov to Bagration 43-44 – 12 Jul 43 – 2 Apr 44
• Western Ukraine 43-44 – 3 Nov 43 – 25 Apr 44
• Drama on the Danube 44 – 20 Aug 44 – 5 May 45

More information about Gary Grigsby’s War in the East 2: Steel Inferno can be found on the games official webpage.

gary-grigsbys-war-in-the-east-2Starting in 1941, Gary Grigsby’s War in the East 2 covers one of the most brutal conflicts in human history. This bitter fight to the end between the Third Reich and the Soviet Union, is lovingly modelled and detailed from the highest strategic overview to the smallest logistical decision. GGWiiE2 is a complete overhaul of the first game. It is richer, more historical, more encompassing and is the most accurate representation of this conflict ever conceived.

Interface improvements, including new art and re-organized screens allow you to discover and access the games rich strategic layer more easily.

Flexible movement, road and rail modelling allows unparalleled realism in how units flow towards or from the frontlines in the conflict. Details such as road quality, the quality of your transport, the weather, the condition of the men and much more determines if those critical supplies will arrive on time.

Discover the history underpinning each and every unit and weapon that was used and how it fits into the grand scheme of the overall conflict, in the games built-in encyclopaedia. Armed with your new knowledge, devise new ways of putting those units and weapons into action on the biggest strategic map yet.

It is not just the game itself that has been dramatically improved. The game comes with an exceptional tutorial and 520-page comprehensive manual, to help new players understand the depth and complexity that underpins how real war is fought and won. The A.I. has also been improved, so veterans of the first game will also relish new challenges in an expansive campaign that covers everything from Barbarossa to the fall of Berlin.

Gary Grigsby’s War in the East 2 has arrived in the Matrix store and is now available for purchase and download HERE.

gary-grigsbys-war-in-the-east-2You can now preorder Gary Grigsby’s upcoming masterpiece by visiting the Product page.

We are only selling the game on the Matrix Games (and Slitherine) site for now, and the game will release on Steam at a later date. Anyone pre-purchasing, or purchasing on the day of release will get a Steam key eventually, when the title launches there.

Both digital only and upgrade to physical are available. The first 1000 copies are coming by air and will begin shipping on April 16th, while the remaining copies will be shipped in May when the next batch of books arrives.

The physical manual is a 520 page hardbound full color volume. The biggest printed manual we’ve ever done. All shipments at this point are from the UK and we recommend carefully reviewing the shipping options (typically Royal Mail or DPD) to determine which iss best for your location.

Royal Mail is a typical mail service, DPD is an air courier service and shipping times, customs/VAT costs and service to special addresses may vary by your location. However, the shipping cost is significant due to the sheer weight of the hardbound manual, which comes in at over 4.5 lbs / 2+ kg.

For more information and clarification on purchase option, please visit the Forum.