War in the East 2 Available for Preorder

gary-grigsbys-war-in-the-east-2You can now preorder Gary Grigsby’s upcoming masterpiece by visiting the Product page.

We are only selling the game on the Matrix Games (and Slitherine) site for now, and the game will release on Steam at a later date. Anyone pre-purchasing, or purchasing on the day of release will get a Steam key eventually, when the title launches there.

Both digital only and upgrade to physical are available. The first 1000 copies are coming by air and will begin shipping on April 16th, while the remaining copies will be shipped in May when the next batch of books arrives.

The physical manual is a 520 page hardbound full color volume. The biggest printed manual we’ve ever done. All shipments at this point are from the UK and we recommend carefully reviewing the shipping options (typically Royal Mail or DPD) to determine which iss best for your location.

Royal Mail is a typical mail service, DPD is an air courier service and shipping times, customs/VAT costs and service to special addresses may vary by your location. However, the shipping cost is significant due to the sheer weight of the hardbound manual, which comes in at over 4.5 lbs / 2+ kg.

For more information and clarification on purchase option, please visit the Forum.