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arma-reforgerUpdate brings a host of additions to the game

The developers from Bohemia Interactive are proud to announce the 1.1 update of Arma Reforger. This update introduces new playable content, weapons, assets, and a number of exciting improvements. In 1.1, players can now play as a guerilla resistance faction and cooperate to liberate the Everon island from Soviet occupiers in a brand-new PvE scenario called Combat Ops: Everon. This update is one step closer to completing the Arma Reforger Roadmap and brings a host of additions to the game.

Watch the Arma Reforger: Resistance Ops trailer HERE.

New Game Mode

The 1.1 update introduces Combat Ops: Everon, a dynamic PvE scenario. In this game mode, players join the resistance faction (FIA) and complete various objectives to liberate the island of Everon from their Soviet occupiers. While Arma Reforger has primarily focused on PvP gameplay, now, players can battle it out against the newly improved AI in a dynamic scenario that offers different objectives and spawn points every round. In line with Bohemia Interactive’s core philosophy, the game mode is open and replayable, creating hours of emergent gameplay across the expansive island. The scenario can be played solo, but is best enjoyed as a cooperative experience for up to 6 players.

New weapons and assets

Arma Reforger consists of three factions, US, Soviet, and FIA, and all three have received significant weapons upgrades. From the all new US M16a2 carbine, to new optics for both the US and Soviet factions, to the FIA’s UK-59L machine gun, NSV turret, and armed UAZ, 1.1 adds a welcome weapons booster across the board.

Both the FIA and the Soviet factions now have new assets at their disposal, including a range of civilian clothing, new Soviet camouflage, an FIA radio pack, and more. These additions aim to increase the immersion of the Arma Reforger experience, and, in the case of the new camouflage, will help players in the Soviet faction better conceal themselves in the rustic in-game terrains.

Lighting, AI, and gameplay improvements

1.1 also sees a wide range of fixes, tweaks, and gameplay improvements. Cloud and lighting changes make the in-game environments more realistic, further showcasing the power of Bohemia Interactive’s Enfusion Engine.

AI opponents (and teammates) are now more formidable on the battlefield thanks to their ability to seek cover from fire and use smoke grenades when healing downed comrades. These changes are immediately noticeable in-game, with many players reporting combat against AI to be more similar than ever to fighting human players.

In addition, the developers have tweaked and streamlined the Conflict game mode to facilitate fair, fun, and immersive PvP matches.

To see what’s new in Arma Reforger 1.1, you can view the full changelog HERE.

arma-reforgerBohemia Interactive is proud to announce the official release of Arma Reforger!

As today’s launch trailer reveals, this latest installment in the Arma franchise (via Steam), returns you to authentic Cold War combat in a flexible military sandbox. Arma Reforger has been built from the ground up on the all-new Enfusion Engine, bringing additional functionality and more immersive in-game environments to the renowned military simulator.

We are extremely proud of this release. With Arma Reforger, we started from scratch, and have been tirelessly working away to rebuild every pixel, every single line of code, and to reforge all of our knowledge from previous titles to bring you a new and improved Arma experience. Arma Reforger is a brand new foundation to build upon and the first taste of the future of Arma on Enfusion. This release marks the beginning of a new era, and there are many more features and improvements to come,” said Jan Dušek, Project Lead of Arma Reforger.

Featuring crossplay for both Xbox and PC, Arma Reforger transports players to the mid-Atlantic islands of Everon (51 km2) and Arland (10 km2) to battle it out with a range of historically accurate weapons, vehicles, and – helicopters!

Take to the skies and experience a different perspective with the new Soviet Mil Mi-8 transport helicopter and the US UH-1H utility helicopter, which provide a much-needed tactical dimension and allow for greater mobility across the battlefield. Envelop the enemy, extract friendlies, or simply fly logistics with these iconic and lovingly recreated assets.

Additionally, the Conflict game mode has been completely redesigned to center the action on a new and improved supply-based system. To achieve victory, it’s no longer enough to push back the opposing side by force of arms. Securing and redistributing supplies are now equally important, just as they are in real-world operations.

We would also like to emphasize that while 1.0 marks the official release of Arma Reforger, development on the game will continue, and our team is working tirelessly to fulfill the plans according to the project’s Roadmap. There are many more exciting features inbound, so be sure to follow us for further updates!

To our loyal community, we’d like to extend our thanks for all the valuable support and feedback, and we can’t wait to show you what the future of Arma on Enfusion has in store.

To see what’s new in Arma Reforger 1.0, you can view the full changelog here.

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arma-reforgerSource: Blue’s News

Arma Reforger is already available in Early Access on Steam, offering a new Windows Cold War shooter as the latest installment in the Arma series. This comes just a couple of days after rumors first emerged about its existence. This post has an outline of what this offers, saying it represents “the beginning for the evolution of the Arma franchise.” Word is: “Arma Reforger, currently in Early Access, offers you a glimpse of things to come. Functioning as a creative platform, you can modify and adjust the experience with the tools given to you. Remember, this is just the beginning for the evolution of the Arma franchise. It’s going to be an exciting journey, and we’re glad to have you with us!” This kicks off the road to Arma 4, and this trailer takes a look at that. Here’s the elevator pitch on the new game:

Powered by the new Enfusion engine, Arma Reforger lets you fight for supremacy over 51 km2 of incredible island terrain in an authentic Cold War setting, or create unique scenarios in real-time with the Game Master curation mode. Return to Everon, the war-driven microstate from the hit game that started it all, Arma: Cold War Assault.

Arma Reforger is the first step towards Arma 4 and a versatile, creative, fully-moddable platform for the future, offering a glimpse of things to come.

arma-reforgerBy By Jonathan Bolding @ PCGamer

A leaked marketing guide has alleged that the next game in the Arma series may be Arma Reforger, a game using Bohemia Interactive’s new Enfusion engine which is not, notably, Arma 4. Due to the complexity of developing Arma 4, says the guide, Bohemia intends for Arma Reforger to be a bridge between the current Arma community and the new game that will also introduce the franchise to a new audience—console players. Arma Reforger will supposedly launch on both Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

The marketing guide was posted to a Reddit forum called Gaming Leaks and Rumours. It’s being widely treated as credible given that Bohemia themselves are giving a The Future of Arma presentation on May 17th, per a post last week.

The leak says that the game will take place on a fictional island called Everon in the Atlantic ocean, near to other fictional “Armaverse” island Malden. The most notable upset is that it’ll be set in “an alternate 1989″ during a conflict between US and Soviet forces. It’s being positioned as a “military simulation game (as opposed to ‘simulator’)”, which is a more direct way to say that perhaps Arma Reforger will be a bit more accessible than previously. Bohemia also apparently hopes that by releasing the Enfusion engine and technology to modders before the launch of Arma 4 proper, a capable modding community will already be in place for launch.

Notably, the marketing guide also emphasizes Bohemia’s continued work with the International Committee of the Red Cross, previously exemplified by the Laws of War DLC for Arma 3. The marketing guide says that Arma will continue to cultivate the features of the series that have an “anti-war humanitarian focus” by continuing “to expose, disseminate, and promote International Humanitarian Law in-game.”