Modern Naval Warfare

modern-naval-warfareSlitherine has announced that a new Modern Naval Warfare game, developed by Maslas Bros Studio, is coming soon.

Modern Naval Warfare is the next generation naval combat simulator, which will immerse you in the dark and unforgiving world of the modern high-tech naval battlefield.
Keep track of your enemies, hunt or escort convoys, undertake covert operations and unleash devastating land strikes.
You will be in command of United States’ latest and most lethal Nuclear Attack Submarine the SSN-774 Virginia Class in such detail that will blow your mind.
Play in cooperative mode and assign your friends, into a wide variety of highly detailed stations or face them as enemies.
Choose from a wide range of weapons and play hide and seek into the underwater valleys of the South China Sea.

Watch the Modern Naval Warfare introductory trailer HERE.

Modern Naval Warfare Coming soon, Wishlist on the Official Product page or Steam.

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