Close Combat: The Longest Day

close-combat-the-longest-dayClose Combat: The Longest Day is out now on Steam. Revive the first and most crucial days of Operation Overlord, from the first steps on the beaches of Normandy to Carentan and Carpiquet (and more).

This version benefits of many improvements and changes made specifically for this release, including new setting available for HD resolutions and it doesn’t require to run in windowed mode in Win 8/10 anymore!

To celebrate this important event, we have created a Close Combat Collection Bundle (The Bloody First, Gateway to Caen, Panthers in the Fog, Last Stand Arnhem, Wacht am Rhen, Close Combat: The Longest Day) at 30% off! Check it out!

Important note for Matrix users. Close Combat: The Longest Day Matrix version will need to be uninstalled and installed again to get the improvements working.