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The new update bring tons of new content, including Hungarian tanks and helicopters

Gaijin Entertainment announces the release of the major update “Sons of Attila” for the online military action game War Thunder. In addition to the Hungarian ground vehicles line-up, dozens of other combat vehicles have been added to the game – for example, Leclerc AZUR and Leopard 2 PSO tanks, Super Etendard carrier-based attack aircraft, MiG-29SMT multi-role fighter, Improved Chaparral SAM system, Arkansas battleship and Norwegian VIDAR SPG. New visual effects and game features include wind-bending trees and the ability to shoot off external ammunition from enemy vehicles. A new “Rocky Pillars” map based on the landscapes of Southeast Asia have also been added to the game.

Watch the ‘Sons of Attila’ Update trailer HERE.

There is something special about each of the new vehicles in the game. Leopard 2 PSO and Leclerc AZUR are versions of the famous modern tanks, created specifically for urban warfare. French Super Etendard attack aircraft became famous during the Falklands War – it was these machines in the service of the Argentine Air Force that sank the British destroyer Sheffield. The VIDAR SPG is an export version of the modern South Korean K9 Thunder, which in recent years has been in great demand on the arms market.

“Sons of Attila” brings seven new helicopters for various game nations: OH-58D for the U.S. and China, Mi-8TV for the USSR and Germany and a line-up of Hungarian helicopters (three modifications of the Mi-24, including premium Mi-24P). The Mi-8TV is especially interesting as it’s an assault version of the popular transport helicopter that carries the largest payload in the game.

Finally, authentic voice informant warnings appear on modern airplanes and helicopters. “Rita” or “Bitchin’ Betty”, as they are usually called by Russian and American pilots respectively, will warn of dangerous altitude, critical overload, duplicate the signal of the irradiation warning station, and inform about the readiness of guided weapons. “Rita” will be received by the Ka-50, Ka-52, Mi-28N, Mi-28NM, Mi-24V, Mi-24P and MiG-29, while “Betty” will be available on the F-16 and AH-64D.

You can read more about the new Sons of Attila content on the game’s official website.

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victory-at-sea-atlanticAs the highly-anticipated release of Victory At Sea Atlantic approaches, Evil Twin Artworks is thrilled to unveil a groundbreaking feature that promises to revolutionize the gaming experience: the dynamic weather system. Set against the backdrop of World War II’s Atlantic theater, this system introduces a level of realism and strategy never before seen in naval warfare games.

The Unpredictable Elements of War

During World War II, the Atlantic Ocean was infamous for its unpredictable and unforgiving weather conditions. In Victory At Sea Atlantic, players will experience firsthand that the elements are not merely a backdrop but a formidable force that can shape the outcome of battles.

Real-Time Weather Dynamics

The Evil Twin Artworks development team has dedicated extensive effort to create a dynamic weather system that authentically mirrors the unpredictable nature of the Atlantic. Weather patterns evolve in real-time, affecting every aspect of gameplay, from visibility to ship handling and combat tactics.

The Fury of the Seas

Imagine the scenario: You’re on the brink of a crucial naval battle, and reports indicate a ferocious storm approaching. Massive waves relentlessly pound against your ships, causing them to pitch and roll dramatically. Water splashes dynamically interact with your vessels, immersing you in the chaos of battle. The sensation of saltwater spray hitting your face is palpable as you navigate through the tempest.

Night Battles Ignite the Darkness

Night battles take on a new level of intensity as ships set ablaze emit a fiery glow that not only adds visual drama but also impacts visibility. Players will face the challenging task of spotting enemy vessels through the darkness and smoke, making split-second decisions that can tip the balance of power.

Depth Charges and Explosive Water Plumes

Submarine warfare becomes even more thrilling with the introduction of depth charges. When detonated, these charges send massive plumes of water spray into the air, obscuring vision and introducing an element of danger to underwater combat.

Environmental Challenges

In Victory At Sea Atlantic, the weather itself becomes a formidable adversary. Navigating through heavy rain, dense fog, and treacherous storms presents constant challenges. Visibility can change from combat to combat, making surprise attacks and ambushes a constant threat.

Strategic Adaptation

Adapting to these ever-changing weather conditions becomes essential for victory. Players must make crucial decisions, such as risking a night engagement with reduced visibility to take advantage of cover or waiting for clearer weather, even if it means allowing the enemy to slip away. Submarines are especially elusive in adverse weather, requiring players to exercise caution when deploying sonar.

Community Collaboration

Evil Twin Artworks has always valued the input of its dedicated community, and the dynamic weather system in Victory At Sea Atlantic is no exception. Player feedback has been instrumental in shaping this feature, ensuring that it aligns with the expectations and preferences of our players.

A Game-Changer in Naval Warfare

The dynamic weather system in Victory At Sea Atlantic goes beyond mere visual aesthetics; it fundamentally changes how players experience naval warfare. It immerses them in the harsh conditions faced by sailors during World War II, adding an exciting layer of realism and strategy to the game.

Evil Twin Artworks invites players to embark on this thrilling journey when Victory At Sea Atlantic sets sail in Early Access on Steam. Stay tuned for more updates and insights as we continue to explore the intricate mechanics and features of the game.

Wargaming, publisher and developer of top naval combat game World of Warships, is celebrating 8 years on the high seas! To mark the occasion, a vibrant wash of anniversary content and bonuses has made landfall, and the advancements delivered with the new update are taking things up another notch in the game. Since Update 12.7 World of Warships delivers major improvements to the in-game graphics and audio, the addition of the Airship Escort mode to Random Battles, and a fleet of Spanish cruisers leaving Early Access. The update also welcomes “Arpeggio of Blue Steel -Ars Nova-” back to the game, brings four new Brawls to get in on, and continues the construction of a Tier X destroyer in the Dockyard.

All aboard for the 8th anniversary of Warships!
Celebrating 8 years since the launch of World of Warships, Update 12.8 is ready to get the party started. Kicking off on September 14, players can unlock various rewards in the form of battle performance bonuses and Festive Tokens. These Tokens can be redeemed for each player’s choice of reward, with camouflages, discounts for Tier VIII ships, French Tier VIII cruiser Bayard, containers, and Supercontainers up for grabs, as well as a host of common, special, and rare economic bonuses. To crank the birthday celebrations up another gear, World of Warships is welcoming European Tier IX battleship Karl XIV Johan to the game, along with a special permanent camouflage, three Commanders with individual voiceovers, and a very special flag and patch!

Airship Escort makes its way into Random Battles
After two previous iterations as a distinct battle mode, a new-and-improved Airship Escort drops into Random Battles to switch up the combat situation. With a 12 vs. 12 format that’s open to ships of all classes, spanning Tier VII to superships, players will escort their allied airship along a fixed route to beat the rival team to the destination. Alternatively, a team can destroy their convoy to claim the win. This overhauled version of the mode sees updated routes and changed spawn points across a number of maps, a number of new indicators for airship speed and location, and fresh rewards for the Random Battle economy.

Graphics enhancements
Since Update 12.7, World of Warships has received major improvements to graphics and audio. High-detail textures have been incorporated into several maps, including New Dawn, Polar, and Islands. This hyperrealism extends to the water, which welcomes improved animations for waves that splash onto ships, as well as better general splash quality. The local fauna for the maps are also getting improvements, as well as increased numbers—more fish, birds, dolphins, and sharks will make an appearance. Several islands have also benefitted from improved collision models to accurately prevent passing ships from coming into contact with their perimeters. Beyond these environmental updates are improved audio-visual combat effects. Shots fired from main, secondary, and AA batteries, as well as explosions, now have improved effects that vary according to the target ship’s speed and the shell’s caliber. Impacts are also accompanied by improved audio to mimic the effects of hearing the sounds of battle from a distance. On top of this, the soundscape of Warships adapts to the battle situation, moving from battle sounds during combat with enemy ships to ambient sounds during calmer moments of combat.

Spanish cruisers and the return of “Arpeggio of Blue Steel -Ars Nova-”
Closing out this update’s brand-new content, Spanish cruisers are leaving Early Access to become available for all players, and “Arpeggio of Blue Steel -Ars Nova-” is returning to World of Warships’ waters to face off against the Fleet of Fog once more. Update 12.8 also welcomes four fresh Brawls that will take place with their own unique Division formats, and it also sees the continued construction of Pan-Asian Tier X destroyer Lüshun in the Dockyard. Players can also expect a number of bug fixes, upgrades, and balance changes across the game.

Watch the 12.8 video update HERE.

You can find the full patch notes HERE.

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six-days-in-fallujahVictura and Highwire’s first-person tactical shooter Six Days in Fallujah received its first new content today, with the release of the Wargame update.

With an all-new new game mode: Wargame, as well as weather and time-of-day cycles, night-time flares, sandstorms, FUBAR (Hard) Mode and more control over every mission through procedural sliders, Six Days in Fallujah is the ultimate simulation of the uncertainty of combat.

The latest update features some game-changing additions, including:

New Mode: Wargame
Wargame gives players extensive control over mission parameters before loading into the AO. Not only can players now choose specific missions and roles, they can also customize a multitude of battlefield conditions, like time of day, weather, building density, AI posture, and more.
A new rhythmic cycle of darkness and light during missions as bundles of flares are launched into the sky and illuminate the area of operations before slowly fizzling away. Be careful! Flashlights and muzzle flashes alert insurgents to maneuver against you in the darkness.
Your biggest threat is no longer enemy AI, but reduced visibility that comes with sand particles, dust and debris, and heavy wind – all of which also messes with your comms. The Intensity of the sandstorm depends on the procedural roll, and it may even roll through the AO halfway through the mission. Just like Flares, the next mission is unlike any other.
Hard Difficulty (FUBAR)
The most adverse conditions are now available as an option for each mission, dialing up the intensity of the battle. AI enemies implement complex strategies and behaviors. ‘Survival Rules’ mean no re-spawning from the AAV and ‘No KIA Allowed’ ends the mission when any of your fireteam is killed.
Procedural Sliders
Players can now control timer length, or remove it entirely, as well as increase or decrease building population both internally and externally, change the dynamic of missions from an internal hunt to a sparsely populated shoot-out.

Check out the Wargame Update Trailer HERE.

More information about Six Days in Fallujah is available at

victory-at-sea-atlanticEvil Twin Artworks is thrilled to announce a significant expansion of naval firepower in our upcoming release, Victory At Sea Atlantic. In this highly-anticipated World War II naval warfare game, players will have the opportunity to command some of the most iconic and historically significant British ship classes from the era.

The Powerhouses of the Royal Navy

Victory At Sea Atlantic brings to life the naval theater of World War II, and at the heart of the action are the mighty British ship classes that played pivotal roles during this historic period.

County Class: The County-class heavy cruisers, known for their versatility and powerful armament, will be at your disposal. These ships served with distinction, and players will have the chance to command vessels like HMS London.

Queen Elizabeth Class: The Queen Elizabeth-class battleships, armed with formidable 15-inch guns, will be a cornerstone of your fleet. These battleships, including HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Warspite.

Ark Royal Class: The Ark Royal-class aircraft carriers, including the iconic HMS Ark Royal, provided crucial air support during key naval battles. Players will have the opportunity to utilize these carriers for air operations, much like the Ark Royal’s involvement in the hunt for the German battleship Bismarck.

Flower Class: Small yet vital, the Flower-class corvettes escorted convoys across the Atlantic, protecting them from U-boat attacks. These nimble vessels, with their distinctive “flower” names, played a significant role in safeguarding vital supplies.

Hood Class: The Hood-class battlecruisers, epitomized by the renowned HMS Hood, were symbols of British naval might. Players will relive the history of these mighty vessels and perhaps even the fateful encounter with the German battleship Bismarck.

Hunt Class: The Hunt-class destroyers, known for their speed and maneuverability, served as effective escorts for convoys and played a significant role in the Battle of the Atlantic.

J Class: The J-class destroyers, like the HMS Javelin, were versatile vessels serving in various roles, including anti-submarine warfare and escort duties.

King George V Class: The King George V-class battleships, featuring the impressive 14-inch guns, were among the most potent battleships in the Royal Navy. Players will have the honor of commanding vessels like HMS King George V, instrumental in the sinking of the German battleship Bismarck.

Town Class: Town-class light cruisers, such as the HMS Belfast, were known for their speed and firepower. These cruisers served in various theaters, earning a reputation for their versatility.

Ruler Class: The Ruler-class escort carriers, exemplified by the HMS Activity, were essential in providing air cover for convoys, countering U-boat threats, and protecting vital supply lines.

York Class: The York-class heavy cruisers, typified by the HMS York, were formidable vessels with powerful armaments. Their service spanned various theaters, including the Mediterranean and the Atlantic.

Victory At Sea Atlantic offers players an immersive experience where they can command these iconic British ship classes, each with its own rich history. The game faithfully recreates the challenges and triumphs of naval warfare during World War II, allowing players to make history on the high seas.

Visit the Victory at Sea Atlantic Website for more information.

Arma 3, Bohemia Interactive’s widely acclaimed military simulator with over 10 million copies sold and hundreds of thousands of players monthly, turns ten on September 12, 2023. To celebrate, Bohemia Interactive is planning an anniversary live stream, a two-week long Steam sale, and a free platform update. After a decade of virtual operations, Bohemia Interactive continues to support Arma 3 and its exceptional community of millions that make it the influential military sim-game that it is.

Celebrating Ten Years of Virtual Military Operations

The Alpha version of Arma 3 was first released in March 2013. It was one of the first titles to enter Steam Early Access and became the first to successfully graduate from the program when version 1.00 was released on September 12, 2013. Since then, the Arma 3 base game has sold over 10 million copies, received over 50+ free platform updates, and has been reinforced by 10 DLC packs and 2 expansions selling over 11 million times combined. Five Creator DLCs, developed by third-party studios as part of Bohemia Interactive’s Creator DLC initiative, have also been released. Aside from its wide variety of official content, Arma 3 has also become an immensely popular platform for user-generated content with over 300,000 items shared by players on the Steam Workshop, adding tons of free community-made scenarios, assets, sounds, gameplay features, and total conversions to the game.

Arma 3 continues to thrive to this day, with a 91% positive user rating on Steam (based on 154,000+ reviews), 148,000+ registered community groups (units), hundreds of thousands of active players per month, and an average playtime per user of 194+ hours.

Looking Back on a Decade of Arma 3 with an Anniversary Live Stream

Bohemia Interactive will have a 10th Anniversary Live Stream, hosted by Senior Arma Community Manager Nillers. Featuring some of the key minds behind Arma 3, the stream will look back on the past ten years of Arma 3 and reflect on its history and impact. The stream will go live at September 12 at 16:00 UTC (12:00 EDT) on our Twitch and YouTube channels.

Expand your Armaverse with the Anniversary Steam Sale

Bohemia Interactive will also be celebrating ten years of Arma 3 with a two week long Steam Sale featuring discounts of up to 80% off Arma 3, its DLC, and Creator DLC. The sale will run from 10:00am PDT, September 12, 2023 to 10:00am PDT, September 25, 2023.

New Features and Assets Have Been Deployed to the Battlefield with Update 2.14

On September 5, 2023, Bohemia Interactive released Arma 3 Update 2.14. This free platform update features many fixes and improvements, as well as new game assets. Along with new “extreme” graphics preset options and two new Steam Achievements, Update 2.14 introduces the T-100X “Futura“ Railgun Tank to the front lines, a Battlefield Memorial prop, and a number of clothing items and props from Bohemia Incubator title Project Argo.

You can watch a trailer for the update (which the keen observer will notice is an homage to an earlier Arma 3 teaser trailer) here. The complete changelog for update 2.14 can be found on the Arma 3 website.

For more information about Arma 3, please visit

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men-of-war-2Fulqrum Publishing and Ukrainian studio Best Way announce today that the highly-anticipated next instalment in the beloved strategy franchise, Men of War II will see its full release next year, in 2024 via Steam, Epic Games Store and other digital store fronts. The decision to postpone its originally planned September 2023 release date was made after a careful analysis of the large amount of data and feedback gathered through a series of public playtests running through March to August, as well as issues found in the final rounds of internal testing.

The game is already content and feature complete and the public playtests confirmed the high quality of the core gameplay. However, the sheer scope of the title, which contains 3 narrative and 2 historical campaigns, Conquest and Raid dynamic campaigns, each playable in 4 variations of competing nations, 15 PvP and 8 PvE multiplayer modes with over 20 maps and more, means that the developers were not yet able to bring Men of War II to the state of technical perfection they strive towards for its release – especially when faced with the continuously difficult conditions in their home country of Ukraine.

Maxim Kamensky, Producer of Men of War II at Best Way, explains:

We loved working with our dedicated community of fans during multiple Playtests and we gathered immense amounts of data and feedback. In fact, we received so many great suggestions we decided to implement, that the original schedule did not allow us to iron out all the bugs and issues in time for the September release. We feel that our fans deserve to receive a game in a completely polished and bug-free state and ask them for just a little more patience to allow us to deliver such a high quality product.

Men of War is a franchise that helped define the WWII Strategy genre, and players rightfully have extremely high expectations of Men of War II,” said Nikolay Baryshnikov, CEO of Fulqrum Games, “Best Way is as passionate about the game as its fans and we are happy to support them in their endeavour to create the best game in the series to date. Delaying the launch is never pleasant, but it is always the preferred option to releasing a product that might not meet the players’ expectations.

More game information is available on the Men of War II webpage.

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supersonic-fightFly into the danger zone in the cockpit of an F/A-18 Hornet, defend the San Francisco skies, and let the death-defying flights take your breath away in stunning optional VR.

Red Chain Games are delighted to announce that Supersonic Fight will be landing on Steam and Steam VR in 2024.

The announcement comes with an all-new action-packed trailer, which showcases the fast-paced, death-defying flights that await pilots in the new combat flight simulator. Hop into the cockpit, choose and customise your aircraft, from the F/A-18C Hornet to Air Force One, and take to the skies with your squadron to defend the San Francisco Bay area.

When the game launches next year, players will be able to put their piloting and combat skills to the test with challenging story missions in single player, survive deadly dogfights and scenarios in multiplayer or immerse themselves in thrilling combat missions in optional VR – all to an electrifying Top Gun-inspired soundtrack from talented artist D4XX.

I wanted to recreate the feeling that I remember when I first played Bob Dinnerman’s “F/A-18 Interceptor” on the Amiga, and after decades of experience and the power of modern gaming PCs, I believe I can do it justice and, hopefully, give others the same experience I had,” said Richard Smith, co-founder of Red Chain Games.

Supersonic Fight will be available on Steam and Steam VR in 2024.

More game information is available on the Supersonic Fight Steam Page.

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The new update will feature dozens of new tanks, jets and ships

Gaijin Entertainment announces that the next major update of the online military action game War Thunder“Sons of Attila” – will be released in September. A line-up of Hungarian armored vehicles will be added to the game, representing all stages of the country’s military history – from the 39.M Csaba armored vehicles of World War II to the modern Lynx KF41 BMPs, which began entering service last October. Dozens of other types of ground, naval and air military vehicles will be added to War Thunder, as well as new maps, improved visuals and more.

Watch the War Thunder ‘Sons of Attila’ trailer HERE.

Hungarian designers have created quite a few interesting vehicles that will expand the range of possible setups for players,” explains Vyacheslav Bulannikov, War Thunder game director. “At the same time, their characteristics will correspond to the available documents, so we hope that players will not see any Hungarian bias in the new vehicles“.

The first version of the armored car, the Csaba (named after the youngest son of Attila, leader of the Huns), was developed by Hungarian engineer Nicholas Straussler in 1932, and in 1939 the mass production for the Hungarian army began. The machines were actively used in World War II battles in Yugoslavia, the USSR and Poland, and eventually in Hungary itself. High speed, independent suspension and 20mm cannon make the 39.M Csaba a good scout at the initial ranks of War Thunder.

Lynx KF41 is an infantry fighting vehicle developed by Rheinmetall AG, currently in service only in Hungary and produced at a joint venture plant in the Hungarian city of Zalaegerszeg. BMP is equipped with the latest ADS hard kill active protection system, which detects enemy missiles, determines the trajectory of flight, calculates the approximate location of the hit, fires a counter munition that destroys the enemy shell a moment before it touches the armor. Also Lynx KF41 is equipped with the Lance 2.0 weapon module with Rheinmetall Wotan 35 mm autocannon and Spike ATGMs, operating on the “fire and forget” principle.

The line-up of armored vehicles of Hungary will be implemented as part of the Italian ground vehicles research tree.

Other new additions to the update include, for example, the first American superdreadnought “Texas”, the Soviet flamethrower tank TO-55, the American fighter jet F-16C version Block 50, the Chinese-Pakistani tank MBT-2000 & more.

You can learn more about new vehicles, maps and other Sons of Attila content from the development diaries on the game’s official website.

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