kurskPolish developer Jujubee S.A. has just revealed that their documentary-adventure game Kursk has just been updated to version 3.0. This update comes with a new gameplay mechanic and improved optimization.
Players can now experience quite a challenge to hack into the submarine’s cabins and computers as sailors will now patrol their respective sections. Additionally, Kursk’s optimization has been drastically enhanced and players can now expect improvement when navigating the vessel.

With the current Steam Lunar Sale, players interested in the game are in luck as Kursk has got a 40% discount. The sale is available until February 11.

More information about Kursk can be found on the games official website.

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kurskJujubee’s Kursk Has Been Updated to Version 2.1.3 Improving the Game’s Performance!

Polish developer Jujubee S.A. has just updated their documentary-adventure game Kursk to version 2.1.3, adding automatic detection of graphics settings and significantly improving the game’s performance. Players can now expect better framerates on low and medium settings.

The new update improves the performance on systems that meet the minimum requirements of the game. The players’ request has been heard as the developers added automatic detection of graphics settings so that the system decides what settings are the best for optimal performance and for the player to fully enjoy the experience. The community can expect a couple of more updates incoming in the very near future.

Jujubee also wishes to inform that Kursk will soon appear on the Mac, enabling users of this system to get acquainted with the catastrophe that shook the world at that time. Worth noting is the fact that Kursk is currently discounted on Steam, creating a great opportunity for players who have not yet been tempted to experience the latest game from the studio.

More information about Kursk can be found on the games official website.

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kurskJujubee’s Kursk Has Been Improved to Version 2.1 Adding a New Free Roam Mode and Additional Side Quests!

Polish developer Jujubee S.A. has just recently updated their game to version 2.0 and today they have improved Kursk to version 2.1. The developers wanted to reach their goal of bringing the community’s feedback to life before the end of the year.

Upon completing the game, the player will have access to a new game mode called “Free Roam” in which the entire submarine will be available for exploration. This is a wonderful opportunity for people who have missed some of the collectibles to unlock an achievement or want to examine the vessel in peace. Furthermore, new side quests have been introduced that not only allow the player some more playing time, but they enhance the overall experience of the game as well.

Worth mentioning is the fact that Jujubee is offering a -35% discount on Kursk during the annual Steam Winter Sale. This is a great chance to unravel the mystery of the fateful voyage of K-141 Kursk that ended at the bottom of the Barents Sea.

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kurskJujubee S.A. has published a new official trailer for the first ever documentary-adventure game “Kursk”. It’s worth noting that it was rendered in real-time, using the game’s engine, and was not enhanced. As such, it showcases the actual current state of the game’s quality, which will only continue to be polished by the team responsible for this historic title until its official release.

Kursk is the first ever documentary-adventure game. It will focus on the tragedy of the Russian atomic submarine K-141 Kursk, which sank in the Barents Sea in August 2000. The game’s plot will be largely based on facts, making the player a witness to dramatic events that shook the world at the time. The game will be available for PC, Mac, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. More information about the game can be found at the games official website.

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