Conflict of Heroes

conflict-of-heroes“The vastness of Russia devours us” – Gerd von Rundstedt

Conflict of Heroes: Awakening the Bear, the adaptation of the famous tabletop wargame, is finally available on Steam!

Since its original release in 2012, the game has seen major updates and expansions, including a full implementation of the classic board game action system and a high resolution 2D maps and counters mode to complement the default 3D mode for the full board game experience.

Today Steam players will be pleased to find this masterpiece available integrating all the improvements made so far! In addition, existing owners will be pleased to find a new update to bring them up to the same level as the Steam release!
Ghost Divisions and Storms of Steel have been updated in the same way and you will find these great additions now available as DLCs which add a great deal of new content and gameplay to the original!

The cold embrace of Mother Russia is waiting for you!

In addition, we’ve released a new v1.42 update for our existing customers to bring you up to the same level as the Steam release. That is available here.