Tannenberg 1914-1918

tannenberg-1914-1918New Film Memoir mode in Tannenberg and Verdun on Steam

Experience the authentic WW1 shooters like in the movie reels that were made during and after the war!

Inspired by Peter Jackson’s They Shall Not Grow Old, where historical footage of the Great War was colorized, the developers of the WW1 Game Series now introduce the reverse: a black and white movie reel like experience for the squad-based first person shooter in both Tannenberg and Verdun. See the First World War as civilian audiences of the time would have done, and experience firsthand the challenges reporters would have faced in capturing powerful images in only black and white. This feature is available for all players from April 16 – 26. After that it will become a feature of the Supporter Editions.

Check out the Film Memoir mode trailer HERE.

Both Verdun and Tannenberg have a 55% discount on Steam during the event! Verdun Steam page. Tannenberg Steam page.

Capturing World War One

During 1914-1915 the equipment and use of military photographers varied widely, with countries like Germany embracing the relatively new technology while the British only employed a handful of official war photographers. However, personal cameras were beginning to become more widely available, so the official photographs didn’t have a monopoly on documenting the war – many soldiers smuggled cameras to the frontlines. From 1916 onwards, professional war photography expanded greatly, including filming for documentary or propaganda purposes.

When we think of WW1, we tend to think of it as monochrome because of the black and white images. Peter Jackson’s movie They Shall Not Grow Old served as a welcome corrective to this thanks to extensively and diligently colorized movie reels and photographs. The film offers a real insight into how the scale and human suffering of this often forgotten war would have appeared to those fighting it. Our games Tannenberg and Verdun are already in color, which gave us the opportunity to do something a little different… 

Film Memoir Mode

As an homage to the priceless original photo and movie material created by those documenting the First World War as professionals or amateurs, we’ve developed a new mode for Tannenberg and Verdun that changes the visuals and experience of the game to match what a movie of those times looked like. The Film Memoir mode is intended to be another authentic detail like those seen throughout the games, where a lot of time has been spent to ensure that weapons, uniforms and equipment are as accurate as possible. More than that, it was an opportunity to shine some light on the talent of the photographers and filmmakers who worked to document the events of 1914-1918

With Film Memoir enabled, players will see the world in high contrast black and white, with an old movie filter and sound effects layered on top to make the experience complete. The challenges of getting good photographs or film footage in black and white shouldn’t be underestimated, and now players can experience a little of that themselves. Playing the game with this authentic old movie experience activated will also give players quite a challenge – or it can be activated while observing a battle, so the perfect (camera) shots can be lined up without any worries about getting sniped.

All Verdun and Tannenberg players can enjoy this mode from April 16th until April 26th. After that it will become a feature of the Supporter Editions. Additionally, a small competition will be held during this period with prizes for the Best Short Film, Best Photograph and Best Story. All aspiring military photographers and filmmakers are encouraged to enlist today!

tannenberg-1914-1918The Wolf Truce is back – beware the fang and bullet

March 19, 2020 – This thrilling historical event for the WW1 shooter Tannenberg lets loose a hungry pack of wolves on the battlefield!

The wolves are on the hunt, causing mayhem on the battlefield. Will you call a truce with your enemy to fend them off, or will you use the ensuing chaos to your advantage? Inspired by historical records, this event will allow players to decide how to deal with this third party on the battlefield.

Check out the Wolf Truce trailer HERE.

The Wolf Truce – The wolves are more hungry then ever

From today until March the 29th the wolves are on the prowl, searching for prey on the battlefield. Beware during the regular Maneuver battles, as there is a chance that the wolves will appear, causing all kinds of havoc on the frontlines. When this happens, the players can call upon a temporary truce in order to frantically fend off these hungry beasts together. If the truce is upheld, all surviving players can earn a special in-game medal! The truce however is not enforced by the game which means that a careless shot or a gung-ho soldier that sees an opportunity for glory can break it, with all the chaotic consequences!

This event is inspired upon historical texts that detail the dangers wolves posed on the long Eastern Front. In that time Russia had a huge population of wolves, which were displaced by the World War, causing all kinds of dangers for the soldiers and civilians. In this truce the wolves are more hungry than ever killing you in 2 bites! Furthermore the communication around the truce in-game as well as the grace period have been made more clear.

Fact or Fiction?

Soldiers of the Great War have fought against the unbearable, whether it’s the enemy, weather, nature, diseases or animals.. There are several historical records that report upon the dangers and actions soldiers took against the large number of displaced wolves in Russia who posed a threat mainly to civilians. There are even stories of soldiers trying to fend off roving packs of wolves with machine guns and poison gas. Whether fact or fiction, the Wolf Truce event has been inspired by these stories and gives players a unique battlefield dilemma; do you cease fire and fight the canine threat together, or do you use the chaos to press on?

Find out more about Tannenberg on Steam or on the games official website.

tannenberg-1914-1918The Wolf Truce returns – will you call a truce, or revel in the chaos?

A special historical event for WW1 shooter Tannenberg sees wolf packs join the fray!

When packs of hungry wolves invade your battlefield, how do you react? That’s the question Tannenberg’s limited time Wolf Truce event poses to players. Inspired by historical reports, the event will run until December 3rd. If wolves attack, players will be able to call a temporary truce to deal with them, or try and take advantage of the chaos as a third party joins the fray.

Check out the Wolf Truce trailer HERE.

Tannenberg Wolf Truce
Wolves are hunting human prey in the Wolf Truce event, which will run from November 26 until December 3. During regular Maneuver battles, players must be prepared for the chance of a pack of wolves invading their battlefield and throwing the frontlines into chaos. When this happens, players will have the chance to call a temporary truce and work together to fight off the wolves… if they can restrain themselves from attacking the enemy. The truce is not enforced by the game, and one careless shot or gung-ho soldier can break the fragile ceasefire.

Players who do manage to survive a wolf attack while maintaining the truce will get a special in-game medal! The event is inspired by historical texts which describe the dangers wolves could pose on the enormous Eastern Front. Russia had a substantial wolf population which was displaced by fighting, with consequences for soldiers and civilians alike. This is the second time the Wolf Truce is running, and a number of tweaks have improved how wolves enter the battlefield and track players, as well as making the UI more clear.

Historical Wolf Truce
It might seem outlandish, but the event is based on historical records. The report which has generated most attention and which comes up most often on the internet is this New York Times article, which describes an extraordinary truce to fight wolves – wolves so numerous and fearsome that machine guns and poison gas barely phased them! Of course wolves also appear in more local records – one Russian book (roughly translated as The History of Russia in Faces: Book Two) mentions a ceasefire to exterminate wolves, and talks about how dangerous displaced wolves could be to civilians. The presence of wolves during the Wolf Truce gives players a chance to make their own decision about whether to pause the battle to fight the wolves, or to press on with the threat of canine ambush all around.

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tannenberg-1914-1918New map for Tannenberg features the ‘breadbasket of the empire’!

A new map is live now for WW1 Eastern Front shooter Tannenberg!

Join the battle across the border in the Ukraine!

Ukraine was not yet an independent nation at the time of the First World War. Instead the territory was split between the Russian Empire and the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Ukrainians fought on both sides in the conflict, with 3,500,000 fighting for Russia and 250,000 for Austria-Hungary. A great cost was paid by the civilian population, who were distrusted by both Russia and Austria-Hungary and often became victims of harsh reprisals for opposition real or imagined.

M2H co-founder Matt Hergaarden said: “We’re pleased to release a free new battlefield for all Tannenberg players today! The Ukraine map is inspired by a key section of the Eastern Front which saw heavy fighting during the Brusilov Offensive, Kerensky Offensive, and major counter-attacks by the Central Powers. Our mappers did a great job turning the reference material into a playable map while keeping the authentic historical feel of the location.

In Tannenberg, Ukraine is an open map, with good sight lines for heavy machine guns. Between the lines of trenches and barbed wire are areas of limited cover. NCO smoke barrages and the recently added smoke grenades are highly recommended when assaulting across such exposed terrain!

Watch the trailer and get a look at the trenches and gun pits of the new Ukraine map!

Tannenberg is available on Steam!

tannenberg-1914-1918Free expansion for Tannenberg – new squad, weapons and Baltic map!

Blackmill Games and M2H announce that a new free expansion for their WW1 Eastern Front shooter Tannenberg has been released. Join the Latvian Riflemen in their battle against German invaders on a swampy new map set along the Baltic coast, wielding new weapons including smoke and gas grenades!

Watch the trailer and get a look at the marshes and dunes of the new Baltic region.

Players can buy Tannenberg now on Steam for 50% off!

Free expansion introduces Latvia
The latest free expansion for Tannenberg introduces the Latvian Riflemen, a marshy Baltic map, and new weapons for Russian and German forces – including special grenades which will allow players to deploy smoke and gas without waiting for an artillery barrage for the first time in the WW1 Game Series.

In 1915, as the Germans advanced into Latvian territory, the Russian Tsar gave his approval for the creation of Latvian Riflemen units. Despite Russian efforts, there was still a strong nationalist streak in the Latvian people, and Latvian politicians argued that all-Latvian formations would fight hard to push back the Germans. They were proved right – due to the high number of volunteers, three battalions were formed rather than two as had been originally planned.

Meet the Latvian Riflemen
In Tannenberg, the Latvian Riflemen are a support squad equipped primarily with Japanese import rifles and older Winchesters. They are renowned for their composure under fire, and their NCO ability can remove weapon sway at key moments in battle, allowing perfect shots by skilled marksmen. For trench assaults they carry plenty of grenades and a few squad members carry the iconic US M1911 pistol.
Several weapons have been added to the game – Latvian troops will be able to use the newly added Japanese Arisaka Type 38 and Colt 1911 pistol, while Russian squads get the Vetterli M1870/87 and chemical gas grenades. German troops gain access to the Type N Nebelbombe smoke grenade. These last two special gas grenades are a first for the WW1 Game Series, and will give players new tactical options for attack and defense.

Brave the new Baltic map
Arriving along with the Latvian Riflemen is a new map set in their home region! The Baltic map features distinctive wooden fortifications built on and around the lakes and swamps. Lead assaults across pontoon bridges, or scramble for cover amidst the sand dunes and pine forests surrounding the marshes. The variety in terrain will challenge even the most seasoned Tannenberg players!

Lead Developer Jos Hoebe said: ‘Creating a map for the Baltic regions was especially interesting due to the swampy terrain, which isn’t something we’ve represented in the WW1 Game Series so far – the Flanders map in our earlier game Verdun probably comes closest. Combining the different landscapes found in the Baltic region into a single map was challenging, but we’re very happy with the result, bringing a novel battlefield to the game.

Find out more about Tannenberg on Steam or on the games official website.

tannenberg-1914-1918Will you call a truce to deal with the pack, or try to take advantage of the chaos?

Blackmill Games and M2H announce a special historical event for WW1 shooter ​Tannenberg on April 12 2019, and ​a 60% s​ale the following day!

Ravenous wolves are on the hunt in this limited time historical event for ​Tannenberg. In the same vein as the Christmas Truce events held in ​Verdun in the past, the Wolf Truce will offer a new experience for players until April 21.

Watch the Wolf Truce trailer HERE.

Players can buy ​Tannenberg​ on Steam for 60% off on April 13.

Tannenberg Wolf Truce

The Wolf Truce is a limited time special event which will run from April 12 until April 21. To take part in the event no extra steps have to be taken, players just need to play ​Tannenberg​ as usual. In any battle over the weekend, and every battle on Winter maps while the event is live there will be a pack of wolves descending on the battlefield, forced by hunger and the chaos of the war to seek human prey. Players on both teams will have to decide amongst themselves whether or not to call a truce to deal with the new threat – but the battle clock will continue ticking, and should one team be in a weaker position they may decide to try and take advantage of the unexpected attack…

Players will be able to earn a special medal if they and every other player can survive a wolf attack without attacking anyone on the opposing team, and ​Tannenberg will be on sale with a 60% discount on April Saturday 13th – the perfect opportunity for new players to grab the game and join the event!

Historical Wolf Truce

The event is based on historical records – hungry wolves attacking people was a real threat in many areas of Russia during the war, and there are newspaper reports of soldiers from different sides calling a temporary ceasefire to deal with wolf attacks. A Russian book roughly translated as ​The History of Russia in Faces: Book Two ​describes a ceasefire to exterminate wolves, while the ​New York Times​ went into more detail on an extraordinary truce in 1917 between German and Russian forces. In Tannenberg we tried to reenact this remarkable event, where players can choose to hold a truce or fight the wolves alone…

Find out more about Tannenberg on the games official website.

tannenberg-1914-1918Bulgarian troops join the fray, and wolves are at the door…

Blackmill Games and M2H have just released their WW1 shooter Tannenberg on Steam. The second entry in the WW1 Game Series surprises the community with new content and reveals a historical event in early Spring!

Bulgarian forces join the Central Powers in the authentic WW1 FPS, bringing a new map and new weapons to the Eastern Front. Watch the Tannenberg feature trailer HERE.

Players can get Tannenberg now on Steam with a 15% discount – or a 25% loyalty discount if they already own Verdun, the first game in the series.

Bulgaria enters the battle for Dobrudja!

The trailer shows Bulgaria joining the fight, and they bring a batch of new equipment with them! New firearms include the Berdan II rifle – a Russian designed weapon that the Bulgarians would use against them in WW1. Not all new weapons added with the release are in Bulgarian hands – for instance Russian and German troops see new grenades, while the Roumanians gain access to the British designed Martini-Henry rifle. Although it first saw action in 1871, it was still effective enough to be used when supplies of other weapons were short.

The new Dobrudja map will see players do battle with a view of the Danube river, as they attempt to seize control of key hilltop fortifications while holding off flanking attacks through the valley trenches below! Combined with the other maps already in the game, it means that players can now fight over territory representing battlefields from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea!

Co-founder Mike Hergaarden says: “Inspired by the Dobrudja region, the new map showcases our commitment to creating authentic locations. We’ve done careful research to create something which reflects the challenges that soldiers on the Eastern Front would have faced.” Other battlefields in Tannenberg include a small village on the flat plains of Poland, a damaged armoured train in a hilly region of Galicia, a church at the centre of a valley in the Carpathians, and fortified Mount Cosna in Roumania.

This last iconic battlefield was added alongside a Roumanian squad following a vote asking players if they wanted to see Roumanian or Bulgarian troops added to the game. However the result was a close one… so the developers decided to add Bulgaria as well! The community has been great during Early Access, and in addition to the two new factions, recent months leading up the release have seen a flurry of other updates in response to their feedback. In particular the sectors, squads and roles within them are now even more distinctive. Pick the Austro-Hungarian K.u.K. or Russian Frontovik squads for long range rifles and heavy artillery support, Cossacks or German Infanterie for melee assaults and taking ground, or the Roumanian and Bulgarians to hold key sectors against enemy counter-attacks. Support call-ins have been further balanced, with options including gas, artillery, smoke, and recon planes.

Wolves at the door…

There has been a range of historical events hosted in Tannenberg and predecessor Verdun, from the Christmas Truce and Remembrance Day to player organized reenactments. The developers have announced a new event for Spring, based on a lesser known truce reported by an American newspaper… the ‘wolf truce’. The paper described Russian and German soldiers forced to hold a temporary ceasefire by huge packs of ravenous, starving wolves. Although there may be more than a little exaggeration in the story, it makes for an interesting what-if scenario, and during the upcoming event when the wolves start howling, players will need to decide whether or not to hold a ceasefire of their own…

Find out more about Tannenberg on the games official website.


tannenberg-1914-1918Source: Blue’s News

M2H and Blackmill Games announce Tannenberg 1914-1918, another game set during World War I from the team behind WWI shooter Verdun. The Battle of Tannenberg pit the German and Russian armies against each other in what is now Poland, and true to that, the new game will center on the eastern front. This post says to expect this to come to early access on November 16, and offers an announcement trailer with a look. Here’s word on the game, which will carry a discount for Verdun owners:

This will be your chance to experience Tannenberg’s new Maneuver game mode, which sees up to 64 players engage in an unpredictable battle to outflank and encircle enemy positions. Bigger maps, more players and multiple objectives create deep and engaging matches where the tide of battle can turn quickly thanks to smart infiltrations, tenacious defenses, and the occasional last-ditch assault!

Tannenberg is expected to be in Early Access from November 16 until sometime in Q1 2018, and the focus will be on polishing and balance. The price will be $17.99, with a discount for Verdun owners.

Until then, watch this space for more previews and informative Frontline News posts! You can expect a more detailed post on the mechanics of the Maneuver game mode quite soon. If you have other questions, check out the FAQ.