Month: January 2018

call-of-duty-wwiiSource: Blue’s News

A new live-action trailer for Official Call of Duty: WWII celebrates tomorrow’s PlayStation 4 release of The Resistance, the DLC pack that will come to other platforms in about a month. The clip surrounds 17 seconds of gameplay footage with a couple of minutes of sketch comedy that seems to clunk along aimlessly. Word is: “Hide in plain sight. Operate under the cover of darkness. It’s time to live the spirit of The Resistance.

Call of Duty: WWII is available on disc at a number of retailers, digital download via Steam, or at the Call of Duty: WWII official website.

wolfenstein2-the-new-colossusSource: Blue’s News

Wolfenstein II: The Freedom Chronicles – Episode 2 is now available on Steam, offering more DLC for the alternate-history World War II shooter sequel. Here’s word on The Diaries of Agent Silent Death, which is the second of three planned DLCs for the game:

Your mission to liberate America from the Nazis has only just begun. Continue the fight in The Diaries of Agent Silent Death, the second in a series of three DLC packs available as part of the Wolfenstein® II: The Freedom Chronicles.

Play as former OSS agent and assassin, Jessica Valiant, AKA Agent Silent Death! Hot on the trail of a sinister plot, Valiant finds herself in the offices of Paragon Pictures, Tinseltown film studio turned Nazi propaganda machine. Stalk, shoot and stab from the shadows in pursuit of your prey in the Diaries of Agent Silent Death!

Only you can overcome the Nazi threat in…The Freedom Chronicles!

Watch the Wolfenstein II: The Diaries of Agent Silent Death trailer here.

hearts-of-iron-iv-waking-the-tigerEighty years ago, the people of China rallied together to fight a ruthless invader – another in a long line of invaders. For a brief moment, the post-revolutionary squabbles that followed the end of the imperial line were put aside to defend the nation. But that is just one possible timeline. History is not fixed, and Paradox offers you the chance to change it once again with the release of Hearts of Iron IV: Waking the Tiger on March 8.

Waking the Tiger is the next expansion for Hearts of Iron IV, Paradox Development Studio’s best-selling World War II grand strategy wargame. With new focus trees, revised battle systems and new alternate historical paths for the major Axis powers, Waking the Tiger will shake idle generals from their slumber.

Click here to watch Game Director Dan Lind and friends explain what’s coming in Waking the Tiger!

Hearts of Iron IV: Waking the Tiger includes:

  • Chinese National Focuses: Divided and under threat, China has great reserves of manpower and diplomatic flexibility.
  • Chain of Command: Unite your armies under a field marshal who can take advantage of the many skills of the generals under his direction.
  • Decisions and Missions: Historical decisions and national missions give you new places to spend Political Power, as you deal with domestic politics or start special projects.
  • General Traits and Abilities: Generals’ traits can now unlock powerful Command Power abilities, allowing great flexibility and creativity.
  • Updated Axis Focus Trees: Alternate historical paths for the German Reich and Imperial Japan, including parliamentary rule in Japan and the return of the Kaiser to Germany.
  • Acclimatization: Over time, troops will learn how to survive in the desert or harsh winters, giving these veterans an edge on the battlefield.
  • And More: Capturing battlefield equipment, and a revitalized air war system that has room for Volunteer air wings.

Hearts of Iron IV: Waking the Tiger will be available on March 8, 2018, and, as usual, the release will be accompanied by a free major update for all Hearts of Iron players.

Click here to pre-order Hearts of Iron IV: Waking the Tiger and gather up more game information!

command-the-silent-serviceAs unique as the people who crew, run and command them, submarines have served their naval arms for over a hundred years in times of peace and in times of war, in one of the most hostile environments on earth: the deep seas.

In wartime actions such as fleet battles, convoy interdiction or commerce raiding, or in peace- or crisis-time “black operations” like covert intelligence or insertion & extraction of special forces, spies and other individuals, submarines have been always seen as the tip of the naval spear and an incomparably flexible asset in modern operations.

Alone or in wolf-packs, armed with conventional or nuclear weapons and packed with the most sophisticated surveillance systems, these massive steel sharks incarnate the ancestral fear of the peril coming unseen from the depths.
Will you step down the hatch ladder and join the Silent Service?

WarfareSims and MatrixGames are proud to announce The Silent Service, the fourth DLC/Standalone to be released under the Command label!

In this new thrilling installment we turn our attention from the air- and surface/ground-centric conflicts of Shifting Sands to the depths of the high seas, as you’ll explore the progression of submarine operations from the Korean War right up to today’s headlines. Witness first-hand how technological advances like the snorkel, nuclear power, cruise and ballistic missiles, silencing measures and advanced sensors, computers and weapons have radically expanded both the remit and capabilities of the submarine platform – and how its hunters above and below the waves improved their own gear and tactics to keep up in the race.

Eighteen standalone scenarios (six of them in a WW3 mini-campaign), played either in ascending difficulty or chronological order, walk you through the nuances of modern submarine operations, in control of a wide range of submarine classes from both the East and West, in conditions ranging from peacetime to crisis to all-out war.

  • 18 intense standalone scenarios (six of them part of a WW3 mini-campaign) written by Rory Noonan, CMANO community veteran: each scenario is accompanied by era-authentic mission briefings placing you into the scene of action
  • A wide range of introductory tutorials, designed to teach you how to get into the game in an approachable and accessible way
  • Underwater warfare utilizing CMANO’s award-winning simulation engine – with new wrinkles specific to the submarine domain

Get more information about Command: The Silent Service from its official Product Page!

Command: The Silent Service can be played as a separate game (with the possibility to upgrade it to the base game with all the available database and scenarios at any point in time). Alternatively, it can be integrated as a new set of scenarios for owners of the original Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations Game of Year Edition!

check-your-6Matrix Games are pleased to announce Slitherine’s first tactical air-combat game, based on the tabletop masterpiece and Origins Awards Winner created by Scott Fisher: Check Your 6!

While staying true to its physical counterpart, the game has slightly adapted its mechanics to enhance the digital experience and deliver a game with incredible replay value.

Developed by The Lordz Games Studio and Moonlit Studio, Check Your 6! will take you right at the heart of World War II.

With 14 aircraft, 8 for the Axis and 6 for the Allies, fighting over 18 different missions that are playable from both sides, the game gives you the opportunity to be replayed multiple times. The WEGO turn-based gameplay makes every game of Check Your 6! different as each move has a dramatic impact on the final battle results.

Check Your 6! also features hotseat and real-time online multiplayer mode, where you’ll be able to fight against your friends and foes.

To watch the announcement trailer, view screenshots and find out more about Check Your 6!, please visit the games official webpage.

Check Your 6! will be out on our site and Steam on March 15th, so stay tuned!

ekwb-m.2-nvme-heatsinkBy Sean Sinha @ Legit Reviews

EKWB is a Slovenian manufacturer of high performance water cooling parts and accessories designed to meet the needs of the most discerning PC enthusiasts. EK gets their name from the initials of their founder, Edvard Konig, who began designing and manufacturing water blocks back in the late 1990’s, eventually producing and manufacturing his first line of waterblocks in 2003. Since their inception, EKWB has built a reputation for making some of the best water cooling components in the industry and they also have a lineup of AIO cooling solutions for users who don’t want to get involved with full loop water cooling. Today, I am looking at the EKWB M.2 NVMe Heatsink, a product designed to reduce temperatures of M.2 storage devices while also giving a unique aesthetic to a typically green or black sticker-covered M.2 drive.

Read The Review Here

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nvidia-geforce-logoSource: TechPowerUp!

NVIDIA has released the latest update to its GeForce software. Version 390.77 WHQL drivers come game-ready for four of the week’s hottest game releases, including “Metal Gear Survive,” “Black Desert Online,” “Kingdom Come: Deliverance,” and “War Thunder.” It adds or updates SLI profiles for “DiRT 4,” “Hot Lava,” “Metal Gear Survive,” and ” Ode.” The drivers address several issues specific to Windows 10, such as display corruption/blanking when, for example, multiple displays are connected to a GTX 780 Ti SLI setup; G-Sync displays connected to TITAN V with its memory being overclocked; or a BSOD crash when “Gears of War 4″ on GeForce 10-series GPUs.

You can download the new GeForce 390.77 WHQL Game Ready Graphics Drivers from GeForce Experience and

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meltdown-and-spectre-exploitsWe’ve gathered a bit more info regarding the Meltdown security exploit, which primarily affects Intel’s CPUs, but also has been confirmed to affect some ARM CPU designs. Also the Spectre exploit that every high-performance processor ever made – Intel, AMD, ARM, and POWER – is thought to be vulnerable to. Check out the links below for the latest news pertaining to the Meltdown and Spectre exploits.

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call-of-duty-wwiiCall of Duty: WWII  The Resistance arrives 30th January. Fight to liberate three new MP maps set in iconic locations, a new war mission, and the latest terrifying chapter of Nazi Zombies. Battle your way through the Paris streets in Occupation, the Wolf’s Lair in Valkyrie, and the torn city of Prague in Anthropoid. Free your fellow resistance fighters on Operation Intercept. Then try to survive the zombie infested island on The Darkest Shore.

Watch the official Call of Duty WWII The Resistance DLC trailer HERE.

Call of Duty: WWII is available on disc at a number of retailers, digital download via Steam, or at the Call of Duty: WWII  official website.