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Join the Worldwide Event to Compete for Loot and Premium Levels

Developer Obsidian Entertainment and publisher are proud to announce that the newest update is now available on Armored Warfare. This update includes new Asian machines of destruction that will battle in close quarter combat in the coastal urban areas of the newest map for PvP. Zhang Feng, Armored Warfare’s latest Arms Dealer, will update player garages with Main Battle Tanks to change military conflict zones across the globe. There has not been a better time for players to engage in the challenging, fast-paced action of Armored Warfare.

View the video here.

Features introduced with update 0.13:

  • Originating from China, a rising new arms dealer named Zhang Feng and his roster of dangerous Main Battle Tanks are available for all Commanders.
  • Developed as a brand new indigenous tank that would be different from anything previously built in China, the WZ-1224 is a Tier 5 Premium MBT.
  • Changes will be made so rewards in PvE function more similarly to PvP in order for the systems to be equitable and beneficial.
  • Updates to the matchmaking system will provide an overall better experience and more balanced matches.
  • further enhancements and changes to in-game systems to streamline player experience.
  • This 1200×1200 meter map consists of several regions that offer plenty of space to flank your opponents – the southern bay area and the north offer wide arcs of fire, while the city can be used by heavier and slower vehicles to advance under cover.

Along with the newest update, both the European and the North American server Tank Commanders will be able to join one of the mercenary teams and seek glory and profit until March 6, 2016. Side with the White Lancers, led by cunning, former Colonel Jacek Kowalski, or show your allegiance to the Hellhounds mercenaries, led by ruthless Colonel Hans Krieger. Players fight for the cause and help their favorite leader rise to swift military domination! Support the Polish led or the German led mercenaries, and fight for a share of the profit. After the registration your choice cannot be changed! Register here.

The event will be split into three rounds (lasting roughly a week each) in a best-of-three playoff format. During each round, both teams will accumulate reputation, the sum of which will be displayed on the Armored Warfare website. Please note that only raw reputation counts, Premium Time does not affect the results. At the end of Round 1 and Round 2, the winner for the round will be announced and the overall score will be tracked, but the reputation gained will be reset for the following round. The mercenary team that manages to first win two full rounds will be declared the overall winners.

Check out the mercenary video here.

You can download the game for free and get more information at the official Armored Warfare website.

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Steam Workshop included!

Since its first release, Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations (CMANO) has redefined the expectations of the modern combat wargaming community. Thanks to its immensely powerful built-in scenario editor, a huge collection of community scenarios have been made available and enjoyed by the legions of CMANO players.

Today, developers Warfare Sims are proud to present their next step: version 1.10, a huge update which includes, among other features, Steam Workshop integration: players can now upload, browse and download content directly via Steam!

Steam integration is but one of the major new features requested by the players and implemented by Warfare Sims. Other hallmarks include:

  • Waypoints for cruise missile attacks: Plan and execute complex, multi-leg cruise missile strikes just like on real-life ops in Syria, Afghanistan and elsewhere!
  • Cooperative Engagement Capability (CEC/NIFC-CA): “Blind” cooperative missile shots and other abilities that will show you exactly why the US Navy and other armed forces are spending billions on this technology.
  • Electronic warfare modelling improvements: The giant chess game of electronic sensors, countermeasures and counter-countermeasures gets knocked up another notch!
  • Improved ABM modelling: The new theatre ballistic missiles and ABMs are not your father’s Scuds and Patriots – see first-hand how modern ABM systems engage more capable ballistic missile threats more effectively.
  • One-click EMP strikes: Now even aunt May can shut down your country with a well-placed high altitude flash. And you thought GoldenEye was just a James Bond gimmick.
  • Aircraft kinematics improvements: Heavy loadouts now don’t just increase drag, fuel consumption and radar return, they also directly drag down your aircraft’s kinematic performance. So go easy on the heavy bomb racks, ace.
  • New Scenario Editor and Lua features: Even more power and flexibility to transform your ideas into scenarios and share them with CMANO’s global user community – from armchair hobbyists all the way to defence professionals.

To see how to use Steam Workshop and to check the full list of changes, you can follow this link!

Get more information about Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations from its official product page.

battalion-1944Stretch Goals are now LIVE!

Developer Bulkhead Interactive have announced the eagerly awaited Stretch Goals for the successfully funded World War 2 shooter ‘Battalion 1944’ including responding the community requested British and Russian forces as well as new competitive maps based on the events of D-day. At the time of writing the game is currently 247% funded on Kickstarter with 6 days left to go and Bulkhead have just released a new stretch goal reveal trailer.

For £325,000 the British forces will join the fight with full character sets, animations and cosmetic variation alongside iconic British weapons such as the Lee-Enfeild bolt action rifle and the Sten sub-machine gun. For a further £400,000 the Eastern front will be added to the game, with entire character sets for the The Red Army and German Wehrmacht of the eastern front and will include gritty Soviet favourites such as the PPSh-41, all the way to the Mosin-Nagant used by the famous female Russian snipers of WW2, raising the bar of authenticity and acknowledging the role that women played in the defence of cities like Stalingrad and Moscow and in the destruction of The Nazi Regime in Europe.

If both British and Russian stretch goals are hit, Battalion 1944 will allow players to fight in maps based on both the British and Russian campaigns, expanding Battalion’s competitive map pool to include historical battlegrounds from around the world.

Bulkhead Interactive are also planning on implementing an offline ‘Behind Enemy Lines’ mode, in which players can play competitive maps offline against AI bots and compete for high scores against their friends.

Other interesting stretch goals include; a ‘Currahee Bootcamp’ training map where players can practice or learn the weapon mechanics and movement in an offline environment. A competitive map focused on the events of D-Day, as well as even more cosmetic unlocks and character variation for the main game. For £600,000 the team even aim to add The Pacific Theatre to the game, giving Battalion a breadth of environments to choose from when it comes to competitive map design. The entire list of stretch goals can be seen on the Battalion 1944 Kickstarter page.

Finally, one of Battalion 1944’s most requested features was a single player campaign, which would require a significantly larger development budget. For £1.2 million players will be able to experience events from the allied campaign from the eyes of the soldiers themselves in a fully-fledged single player mode.

“We’ve been closely listening to all the comments we’ve received from the Battalion community, and we’re responding directly through our stretch goals. This was the reasoning behind waiting so long for stretch goals, to give us a chance to listen to our community. We’ve taken the most requested community features and added them to our development checklist with realistic funding goals. This is the sort of money that can help us challenge the modern shooters.” – Joe Brammer, Executive Producer at Bulkhead Interactive.

All the funding received through Kickstarter will be put directly into overall budget of the game. Battalion 1944 was also recently Greenlit on Steam, receiving 18,417 votes from the community to become officially greenlit in just over 1 week.

Watch the Battalion 1944 Final Sprint Trailer here.

More game info available at the Battalion 1944 website.

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tigers-on-the-huntIt is when everything falls apart that the true nature of leadership is revealed. The ability to consistently take care of your men and make the right tactical decision at the right time is a rare commodity, found in only the best commanders.

Will you be one of them?

Tigers on the Hunt is now released, which means it is time to step up!

Discover an extraordinary computer wargame inspired by the best classic wargames, simulating tactical battles in the Western, Eastern and Mediterranean Fronts of World War II, with over 200 Infantry units, 100 Support Weapons, 100 Ordnance pieces and 50 Vehicles per side and an unforgiving AI!

This game recreates with stunning precision tactical confrontations between American, British, German and Soviet forces, each of them with their proper historically-accurate equipment thanks to an immense library of units!

Tigers on the Hunt also employs a very versatile editor, allowing you to easily craft your own scenario for an unmatched level of replayability!

Fog of War, Off-board Artillery, Support weapons, Line of Sight, all of this – and more –make this title one of the most realistic and detailed ww2 tactical simulations around!

Fight on the beaches of Normandy, in the cold Russian steppes or in the Mediterranean and test your mettle as a true wargamer!

Get more information about Tigers on the Hunt from its official product page.

tom-clancys-the-divisionUbisoft has released “Collapse”, a realistic simulator that shows how quickly a weaponized virus can spread, leading to the collapse of society, as depicted in the upcoming online open-world action RPG Tom Clancy’s The Division.

Collapse is an online interactive experience that uses real data to create an immersive and personalised projection of the end of society. The user is patient zero of this highly infectious virus and has to make several choices that will have consequences on the spread of the pandemic.

Based on Open Street Map, NASA open source data and IATA Flight routes, with input from emergency risk specialists and public service employees, Collapse features more than 3800 cities worldwide, home of 95% of the population. The user can compare different scenarios by choosing another epicenter or by making different choices in the simulator, and find the most vulnerable and the safest cities.

This simulator is based on the storyline of Tom Clancy’s The Division, which takes place in a mid-crisis New York that has been devastated by a deadly fictional virus named Variola Chimera. The Division, a secret unit of self-supported tactical agents, is activated to restore order in the city and take back New York.

Collapse is a powerful reminder of the fragility and complexity of our interdependent systems on which we rely daily – power, transport, communications, banking and hospitals. When one of them collapses, the other ones fail in a matter of days. Collapse shows how fast our world would fall down in case of a pandemic similar to what happens in Tom Clancy’s The Division and help players understanding the context of the game.

To try Collapse and see how quickly your own city would fall, visit here.

View the Tom Clancy’s The Division – Start The Collapse Trailer here.

View the Tom Clancy’s The Division – 60FPS PC Gameplay Trailer here.

Tom Clancy’s The Division will be available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on March 8.

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total-war-attila-boxA new patch and access to the new Garamantes faction for free!

Out now, the Slavic Nations Culture Pack brings three new playable factions to Total War: Attila. The Anteans, Sclavenians and Venedians may be used in Single or Multiplayer Campaign modes and Custom and Multiplayer battles.

A hardy and mobile people, often seen as the last defence against the Huns, the Slavs range far and wide across the blasted Steppe to recolonise and bring new life to the abandoned earth. When conflict occurs, they release withering hails of poison arrows on their foes. Whether through diplomacy or conflict, they offer the perfect counter to the Hunnic threat, and introduce a number of unique ways to play Total War: Attila in both Campaign and Battle.

To mark the release, along with a new patch, all Total War: Attila owners will get access to the new Garamantes faction for free. In the dying light of the 4th century, the Garamantians occupy a unique position. From their north African strongholds, they can attack the now-troubled Roman Empire, forging their own path in the west, or strike out into the seas to explore the unknown. The world is changing, yet the Garamantians are poised to seize greatness no matter what!

Total War: Attila – Slavic Nations Culture Pack is out today and available to download from 5pm GMT/6pm CET via Steam.

For more information on the Slavic Nations Culture Pack, check out the latest feature spotlight video.

For more information about the Garamantes and to read our patch notes, click here.

victory-and-glory-napoleonBattles play an essential part in Victory and Glory. As Napoleon, you will have to fight countless of enemies, isolated or allied in Coalitions against you. Use your military genius and entrust your experienced generals and veterans to overcame!

In this video tutorial, Glenn Drover from the developer’s Studio Electric Games will show you the tactical phase in Victory and Glory: Napoleon, giving you an extraordinary overview of this crucial element!

Stay tuned! The game will be released on March 17th!

For more game information, please visit the official Victory and Glory: Napoleon product page.

tom-clancys-the-divisionUbisoft announced that 6.4 million players participated in the Beta for Tom Clancy’s The Division, making it the biggest beta ever for a new IP on current generation platforms. The Division launches for PlayStation 4 computer entertainment system, and Xbox One and Windows PC on March 8th.

On average, players spent 4 hours and 52 minutes as an activated sleeper agent, journeying through The Division’s pandemic-stricken New York City. More than one third of that time was spent in The Division’s unique and challenging player-versus-player (PVP) environment, the Dark Zone, with more than 2.5 million players going rogue.

The Beta was an opportunity for Ubisoft to test its online infrastructure as well as changes and updates made to the game. It also served as a chance for millions of players to try the game for the first time and provide their feedback to Ubisoft. With record breaking participation and engagement, Ubisoft is now looking ahead to The Division’s official release next month.

“We want to thank the millions of people who joined in on The Division’s Open Beta,” said, Magnus Jansen, creative director. “We hope everybody enjoyed playing, and we think the beta is going to help ensure a great launch for the game. We’re looking forward to everyone getting their hands on the full game when The Division is released on March 8th.”

The Division team thanked fans and offered more details here.

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riotoro-prism-cr1280-caseBy Brian Nyhuis @ Legit Review

What do you get when you combine a few former Corsair and Nvidia employees? A new company called RIOTORO. RIOTORO is a few-month-old California based company that’s dedicated to building innovative PC components with leading-edge features and performance. Currently they produce PC cases, keyboards, and mice, though one does wonder if that’s where they’ll draw the line – doubtful. Initially their products were available to Latin America, but they’re now broadening their offerings to the US market and are launching the Prism CR1280 Full-Tower chassis with integrated RGB lighting.

Read The Review Here

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