Heroes of Normandie

heroes-of-normandieThe hit Heroes of Normandie gets richer with the release of its latest DLC, 21st Panzer Division.

This expansion adds 20 new units, a new hero, several new unit abilities, new mechanics such as the firing arc, and more, all for the mighty Wehrmacht!

Heroes of Normandie is an extremely fun game, a digital adaptation by the popular boardgame with the same name by Devil Pig Games. The developers Cat Rabbit are working hard to constantly improve the game and add more features: 21st Panzer Division is yet another step in that direction.

The expansion is now out on our store, and on Steam.

heroes-of-normandie“Rangers lead the way” – Rangers’ motto

All right gents! This no time for sitting back, and if you thought the fight was over, well, I tell you: you thought wrong. Heroes of Normandie: US Rangers – the first expansion of one of the most recent and innovative tactical wargames around has been released, featuring a precious addition for American Player: the US Rangers, the toughest among the toughest warriors!

From the Product Page:

”These tough soldiers are an invaluable asset and a sure threat to Jerry thanks to their love of the assault! Many of these brave soldiers have enhanced combat stats that reflect their harsh selection and training under Captain Pepper!”

Not even the panzers can save the Germans this time!

To better celebrate this milestone, a completely free new feature has been added, available both to the base game and the expansion, finally introducing for single player and multiplayer alike, the Editor!

You can download the update following this link. Watch the “Showcasing the Editor” trailer here.

Grab the game now!

Heroes of Normandie: US Rangers is a DLC for Heroes of Normandie and requires the Heroes of Normandie base game to play.

heroes-of-normandie“To a New Yorker like you, a Hero is some type of weird sandwich, not some nut who takes on 3 Tigers” – Oddball, in Kelly’s Heroes

Listen up soldiers! Let me refresh your empty brains on what is happening! A game like no other has been released today. It’s engaging, fast-paced, with big explosions, and it can provide you a real challenge with four gameplay modes. And, most important of all, the good guys and the bad guys are perfectly recognizable so you dunces don’t risk shooting each other!

The wait is finally over! The PC adaptation of the famous board game Heroes of Normandie is out and is ready to blow your mind!

In this stunning turn based strategy game you will command small group of gallant soldiers in tough fights through dense French countryside in six distinct campaigns against the AI or another human opponent in furious multiplayer battles! Heroes of Normandie comes with multiple game modes including campaign mode, rogue campaign, skirmish and multiplayer.

Customize your Army with a wide set of units with specific equipment , deploy powerful Heroes, give your orders on the battlefield and lead your men to victory!

Get more game information and view the release trailer on the games official webpage.