Armored Warfare

New cataclysmic Battle Path brings landmark campaign, tanks, camouflage, and more!

A new era of devastation has arrived in modern tank shooter Armored Warfare! The Enigma’s Legacy Battle Path is now live, bringing a campaign that promises to give tank commanders their greatest battle to date. Following the defeat of the powerful and mysterious Enigma Corporation, victory celebrations have been cut short by the sudden eruption of a massive supervolcano! In this latest Battle Path, Commanders will have to rekindle old alliances and race to find shelter if they want to survive this global disaster.

Enigma’s Legacy sees players facing the eve of a ‘volcanic winter.’ They will have to fight to prove their strength, negotiate with former enemies to capture as many resources as possible, and obtain the coordinates of the fallen Enigma Corporation’s last shelter as the end of the world looms. The three-month event is packed with earnable rewards including gold, accelerators, premium time, unique camouflage and equipment and, top of the line Asian-manufactured tanks for commanders to collect and deploy in a new theatre of war!

The Enigma’s Legacy Battle Path features:

New Asian Tanks and Equipment
The Enigma’s Legacy Battle Path features an impressive number of high-end, Asian-manufactured tanks and armored fighting vehicles for Commanders to unlock, customize, and deploy:

  • Type 74: A testament to Japanese design and ingenuity, the Type 74 provides good firepower and mobility, making it the perfect entry level addition to the Enigma’s Legacy campaign.
  • Seon’gun – 915 MBT: Unlocked at Level 10, this North Korean powerhouse is a practical, universal MBT with adequate armor and good mobility that will get players where they need to be, and strike the most effective blows on the battlefield.
  • SBS Pindad: Unlocked at level 30, this Indonesian medium-range fire support vehicle that will require very careful gameplay and planning. In certain situations, it has the potential to be absolutely brutal, but playing it in the ‘traditional’ AFV manner, or even rushing to meet the enemy head on, will lead to its quick demise.
  • Type 10 Hitomaru: Unlocked at level 40, this tank is suitable for skilled players who enjoy aggressive, fast gameplay and strive to quickly achieve battlefield dominance. As matches drag on the vehicle will lose its protection, but skilled players who can effectively balance risk and situational awareness will be able to deliver devastating punches with this little devil.
  • Hunter AFV: A pinnacle of bleeding edge technology with good protection and excellent firepower, this tank is equipped with NERA (Non-Explosive Reactive Armor) type armor, with its extra layer of spaced armor offering superior protection. Its Bushmaster Mk. 44 autocannon fires 500 rounds per minute, and it also has a dual rocket launcher.

Exclusive Skins, Decals, Avatars, and More Rewards!
Alongside new Premium vehicles, players can unlock even more Battle Path rewards like Battle Coin boosters, gold, accelerators, and Enigma’s Legacy exclusive camouflages, decals, and avatars to help players’ armories evolve into massive tank battalions.

New Upgrades Available
The Workshop is making a comeback, allowing players to further improve their prize vehicles by completing Battle Path missions and challenges. The Workshop can also be used to upgrade older vehicles from the Last Patriot Battle Path.

To find out more about Armored Warfare and download the game for free, visit the games official website.

Join the fight and advance on a special event map towards spectacular rewards!

Armored Warfare proudly announces the release of “Raid” during its on-going “Spirithaven” season. Taking place mid-season, commanders of the vehicular combat MMO are invited to a unique event battlefield, available from April 14 to May 14. Players that have followed the narrative missions of Armored Warfare’s seasons into the harsh realities of the near future have found themselves in a cut-throat world where resources have become increasingly scarce. The new month-long “Raid” event will put players into the role of raiders, conquering the territory of the event map to claim what is theirs. Four main rewards in the form of spectacular vehicle skins await succeeding commanders, along with a very special bonus skin as reward for players that complete all the challenges!

Players will move along the lines representing roads and other paths forming a grid. Each grid intersection has a point that is either a mission that they must complete (Mission Points), or a reward that they may claim (Reward Points). Completing the mission or claiming the reward unlocks another portion of the grid. Each of the four main prizes await them placed at the far corners of the territory map. Players can get access to the event by completing the fourth Spirithaven Special Operation on the Extreme difficulty or purchasing access for 499 Gold.

Stake your claim and battle it out to all four corners of the map for honor and glory in Spirithaven’s latest special event. Additional information on the Raid event can be found at the official Armored Warfare community site.

All-New Season Expands to the Orient with New Vehicles, Special Operations, and More!

Armored Warfare’s Asian-themed fifth season “Spirithaven” is now live for PC. The action MMO, featuring modern tank battles and immersive story campaigns, has deployed to the East for an all-new narrative. The core of the “Spirithaven” season will be a new set of Asian vehicles as well as the continuation of the Special Operations storyline. The new storyline will task the Resistance with traversing throughout Eastern Asia to capture key intel on Enigma in hopes of ending them for good.

Watch the Armored Warfare – “Spirithaven” Season Trailer HERE.

Players can expand their hangar with some of Asia’s deadliest Light Tanks, from the Japan’s agile and accurate Type 16 MCV, to the South Korean speedy powerhouse K21 Tier 8 AFV. Their superior mobility will be an effective addition as the resistance forces brave this vast new terrain. In addition to the new setting and new vehicles, players can look forward to a new commander, new battle UI and further technical and graphical improvements to Armored Warfare!


Almost a year has passed since Hana Buric and Austin Harper helped Magnus Holter to escape Enigma’s Moscow prison. The Resistance has grown stronger, but it’s still not powerful enough to wage a large scale war. Forced to find other options to take down Enigma, the Resistance has landed in Japan in hopes of capturing a key asset of the enemy — James Todd Litteral, the leader of the National Patriot Activist Army and extracting from him Enigma’s command center coordinates, allowing them to take out Enigma and its leader, Victor Blaze, in one fell swoop.


A new Contract Mission campaign awaits with similar mechanics to those used during the American Dream one. This time though, victorious commanders can look forward to a nice prize – the Type 89 Tier 7 AFV. With excellent mobility and firepower, this vehicle will make for a wonderful addition to aide in bring down Enigma.


A new arsenal of tanks and equipment are available, providing new and destructive ways to destroy your enemies, including:

  • Type 16 MCV Tier 7 TD – This wheeled Tank Destroyer features a unique ability called AI Target Assistant, allowing you to aim more precisely at moving targets for deadly accurate shots.
  • Harimau Tier 8 LT – Perfect for aggressive gameplay, this Indonesian Light Tank is the embodiment of what makes the Light Tank class so fun to play – fast and well-armed!
  • K21 Tier 8 AFV – this fast Korean IFV combines powerful armament and excellent mobility, to provide the perfect tool for delivering infantry right where it needs to be.

In addition to this, three more vehicles will be arriving later this season to provide players with a steady stream of new additions to their collections as they track down Enigma.


“Spirithaven” brings new technical improvements, gameplay mechanics and more. The combat interface has been redesigned to provide an easier view to essential battle info such as damage, module damage, and weapons status from the central panel. Most commanders have received new skills and combinations that open them up for different play styles options. Lastly, vehicles have received graphical improvements for all models and a dynamic dirt system has been added which shows them becoming dirtier when driving over rough terrain providing an all-new level of realism as they battle over snow, sand or mud!

To find out more about Armored Warfare and download the game for free, visit the games official website.

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Fourth Season Brings the Fight to American Soil with New Tanks, Campaigns, and More!

Armored Warfare’s fourth season has been deployed, and the US-themed “American Dream“ is now live. Armored Warfare is an action MMO focused on modern tank combat, featuring furious online multiplayer battles and immersive story campaigns. The new season introduces Douglas O’Reilly, an American hellraiser turned resistance fighter who faces a desperate fight for what remains of his country, and a race to discover the truth behind the deadly Enigma organization. “American Dream” features an all-new story arc, new Special Ops missions, and even more epic achievements for players to unlock, and customization options to add to their vehicles.

Watch the Armored Warfare – American Dream Trailer HERE.

Season Four also brings a host of new vehicles and quality of life improvements to Armored Warfare! Players can add an explosive selection of new high-level vehicles to their hangar, from the M113 armed with its famous Hellfire missiles, to a M48 GAU-8 equipped with a rotating multi-barrel cannon that can deliver up to 4200 rounds per minute. The extra firepower should help the resistance forces stand a fighting chance against one of their deadliest and most nefarious opponents yet!

“American Dream“ features:


With Europe nearly lost to the technological and military clout of the mysterious new ‘Enigma’ organization, which made itself known during the ill-fated Moscow summit, the resistance forces head to American soil for help. Players take on the role of resistance fighter Douglas O’Reilly as he fights back against the evil of Enigma, and discovers the truth behind their origins.


A new arsenal of tanks and equipment are available, providing new and destructive ways to destroy your enemies, including:

  • Griffin 50mm Tier 8 AFV: This Griffin packs a tremendously powerful and accurate automatic cannon, making long-distance sniping a cinch.
  • M113 Hellfire Tier 9 TD: A fragile yet potent vehicle, this tank features multiple Hellfire ATGM launchers, allowing it to devastate targets from long distances.
  • TTB Tier 9 MBT: With its unmanned turret and a plethora of upgrades (including a hydraulic suspension), this vehicle is an American vision of the future from the 1980s!
  • M48 GAU-8 Tier 10 TD: This vehicle feature a mechanic that’s brand-new to Armored Warfare – a rotary cannon! Spin those barrels to dish out several dozen rounds per second.


“American Dream” brings exciting new tweaks to gameplay mechanics, plus quality of life improvements. From the way consumables are used, to the mechanics of ramming damage, the power of thermobaric missiles, and even HE shell explosions, these changes are designed to boost player satisfaction. More detailed information about “American Dream“ can be found here.

With an unstoppable force of the world’s most powerful armored combat vehicles available, players can take to the battlefield to wage war online in the hit action MMO, Armored Warfare. Engage in furious PvP tank combat with over 100 vehicles, complete co-op missions, and dominate global war theaters ranging from scorching African deserts to neon-drenched urban jungles.

To find out more about Armored Warfare and download the game for free, visit the games official website.

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New Chapters Advancing the Epic Narrative, New Game Modes and Anticipated Moscow Map

In the modern tank shooter Armored Warfare, a new season is ready to unfold as commanders follow war-hardened Magnus Holter, the former mercenary of a military corporation, betrayed and seeking revenge on the nefarious Clayburn Industries. Global publisher and developer proudly announces the third entry to Armored Warfare’s seasonal content, the European-themed “Moscow Calling“. Unlike previous seasons, which split the story into two parts, players will be treated to its full story arc and be introduced to four new missions as well as a number of epic achievements, customization options, and a special co-operative gameplay mode that is sure to challenge commanders of all skill levels! For players willing to embark on this exciting new addition, Moscow Calling will present the most thrilling Armored Warfare missions to date!

Season Three “Moscow Calling“ features:

An All-New Special Operation

During players’ previous adventures in the desert and in the far north, they have dealt a crippling blow to Clayburn Industries. With the main driving force behind its expansion, CEO Sebastian Grimm, out of the picture, its resistance crumbles everywhere as, all around the world, its assets are being seized by the ISD. A great summit is called to Moscow to make peace with the largest corporations on the planet once and for all and the players, as a key actor of the events of the last two years, are invited…

Moscow PvP Map

A new large urban PvP map awaits all tank commanders, based on one of the largest boulevards in Moscow. No one sleeps on this rainy night as various armored vehicles slug it out in the pale streetlights under the gaze of the rich and privileged watching the action from their high-rise apartments surrounding the area.

Despite its city setting, the map will be fairly open with wide streets offering a lot of room to maneuver. Some areas such as tunnels and various construction sites, will, however, offer a lot of cover, making the map suitable for all kinds of vehicles.


One of the main focuses for this season is giving the players more things to do after they have expanded their vehicle collection. Apart from the upcoming Battle Path campaign, a number of activities and improvements, such as a new war games mode, additional vehicle progression and improved contact mission rewards have been added to ensure plenty of spoils and awards for even AW most seasoned players to achieve.

Gameplay Mechanics Improvements

And last but most definitely not least, season three will be introducing several bug fixes and mechanics enhancements including commander progression systems, daily bonuses, smoke visuals and the armor viewer. For more details on the changes please read more about them here via the Armored Warfare website.

Finalize the Caribbean Crisis with a new special operation, new vehicles, map and more calls all tank commanders of Armored Warfare to a vicious fight for survival in the tropics. With the final mission available in the ‘Caribbean Crisis – Part II’ update for PC, players can now conclude the first Special Operations story arc. Changing allegiances, explosive action and all new unlockable achievements await those engaging in the final story mission. The update introduces a range of lethal vehicles capable of taking out targets quick and silently which are sold to players by a brand-new dealer in the game.

The introduction of dealer Oscar Faraday, a gentlemanly yet dangerous former special agent, brings a new commander and a host of new finesse-based light tanks. From the Rooikat, a potent and deadly scout, to the Sprut-SD, an agile, if thinly armored, tracked vehicle with a powerful gun, players will be able to earn a new stable of tanks through achievement-focused tasks. Beyond this, the new update includes the addition of the VT-4, a powerful modern Chinese export MBT. Armed with a 125mm smoothbore gun, the might of this Tier-8 vehicle makes it a must have for veteran collectors.

In addition to the new vehicles in Armored Warfare, the update brings a brand-new map for Global Operations. Set in the narrow gorges of Switzerland surrounded by titanic mountains, the Alpine Valley provides a challenging terrain for armored vehicle operations, but nothing too difficult our battle-hardened commanders. War has come to this valley and players must root out the enemy and control this strategic location for their client.

Click here for the list of features, new vehicles and view the Update 0.24 “Caribbean Crisis – Part II” Trailer!

The expansion brings new Game Mode “Special Operations”, Grassy Fields PvP map, Night Battles and more, developer and global publisher of Armored Warfare is thrilled to release its new expansion – Caribbean Crisis which adds a new game mode called ‘Special Operations’. This mode consists of a series challenging PvE missions which connect to an engaging overarching narrative. The first of these challenges will feature three new co-operative missions, set around the Panama Channel. The special operation will introduce a brand-new antagonist and enemy faction to the lore of Armored Warfare. By actively taking part, players will be able to shape the future of the story and lore of the game. Find out more about the new Armored Warfare – “Caribbean Crisis” expansion, check out some screenshots and watch the new announcement trailer HERE.

Other features introduced with Armored Warfare – Caribbean Crisis:

  • Grassy Fields PvP Map: The new PvP Map Grassy Fields, is set in the open countryside of eastern Croatia and is ideal for armored vehicle operations. It offers numerous flanking opportunities as well as positions from which accurate fire can be delivered upon the opponent. Don’t admire the beauty and serenity of the environment for too long – the enemy might be lurking behind every tree.
  • Night Battles: Introduced as an exclusive feature for the new Grassy Fields map are Night Battles! The new night fighting game mode will be available to both PvP and PvE versions of the map. Players can use their vehicle’s night vision devices and thermal optics to master the art of warfare in the darkness of moonless nights. Limited visibility will make spotting difficult, improving the importance of reconnaissance and battlefield awareness.
  • Epic Medals: Among further additions and improvements, all new ‘Epic Medals’ will be introduced in this update. Epic Medals are awarded for truly notable achievements such as scoring a certain number of kills in a single match or spotting more than nine enemy vehicles to name but a few.
  • AI in Low-Tier PvP: To improve the gameplay experience of Armored Warfare on the lower tiers and help new players learn the basics of PvP combat, AI controlled opponents will be available on Tier 1 and Tier 2 battles. The AI opponents will join and complement each team and will behave like actual players, trying to not only kill the enemy, but also to capture bases.
  • New Dossier UI: The Dossier has been overhauled to match the new User Interface visual design of Armored Warfare.

About Armored Warfare

Armored Warfare is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online tactical military game that puts the player into the world of modern warfare. In Armored Warfare, players get a chance to try the most powerful tools of destruction invented by mankind – from modern main battle tanks to scouts and wheeled vehicles. Using modern defense systems like anti-missile protection and smoke grenades, along with various types of armor and ammunition, players can jump into fast paced battles both in PvP mode and a vast amount of PvE missions.

Find out more about Armored Warfare and download the game for free, visit the games official website.

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Armored Warfare Treats Players to First Look at Upcoming Expansion; Also Announces Title Availability on Steam Marketplace Beginning Nov. 10, developer and global publisher of Armored Warfare revealed today a first look at its next great expansion – Art of War which release later this year. Featuring a brand-new map set in the rural parts of South China, the update introduces new Chinese vehicles, improved graphics and community requested enhancements. In addition of the update, is proud to announce that the popular tank combat MMO will roll out onto the Steam marketplace on Nov. 10; allowing the Steam community the opportunity to download and experience its intense brand of tank action firsthand!

Art of War will also include exciting new enhancements designed to challenge even the most seasoned commander. The new update will include an overhaul to the Commander System, replacing the simple commander progression with a complex, sophisticated system, allowing the players to customize their commanders to best suit their gameplay style. Art of War further includes a new Global Operations version of the Waterway map for players ready for a second tour of Panama! Commanders will have the opportunity to conquer the modern battlefield when the expansion launches on the servers of Armored Warfare later this year.

Highlighted features introduced with Armored Warfare – Art of War:

  • New Vehicles
  • Chinese-themed Maps – PvP and PvE
  • Commander System Overhaul
  • New Global Operations for Waterway Map
  • Improved Vehicle Graphic

New Vehicles

The Art of War expansion introduces a large portion of new vehicles – both progression and premium. The majority of the vehicles are Chinese – such as the Zhang Feng Main Battle Tank (with two new MBTs), the Tier 9 Type 99A1 and the Tier 10 Type 99A2. The new expansion will also introduce two new low-tier Czechoslovak AFVs for the Czechoslovak and Polish branch.

Chinese-themed Maps – PvP and PvE

The brand new Seven Steps map will take players to South China. The rural area of the Baise region became a battlefield between mercenaries hired to protect civilians and ruthless corporate forces. Local triads have hidden a cache of valuable intelligence along with their ill-gotten fortune somewhere in a local village. Although they were soundly defeated, their secret remains buried in the general area. Commander, take the area and destroy your opponents to begin the search for what might set your forces up for life!

To watch the Armored Warfare – Update 0.22 “Art of War” announcement trailer, and for in-depth information on the further features of Art of War, please click here.

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Upcoming expansion will bring new progression vehicles, Waterway PvP map and game system enhancements, Developer and Global Publisher of Armored Warfare is proud to announce its next expansion – Eye of the Storm. This major update will bring new content including five, long-awaited, new progression vehicles, the new Waterway PvP map and existing map overhauls to enable them to be played in Global Operations mode.

Next to brand-new content Eye of the Storm will also address community feedback to two backbone systems in the game. Enhancements will be introduced to the way shell damage works across the various ammo types as well as Economy changes that rebalance the rewards and their relation to in-game prices and costs. Eye of the Storm will make its appearance on the servers of Armored Warfare this summer!

Watch the new Armored Warfare – Waterway Map Trailer on Youtube.

Full set of features introduced with Eye of the Storm:

  • New Progression Vehicles
  • Waterway PvP Map
  • PvP Map Overhauls
  • Ammunition Changes
  • Economy Changes
  • Garage UI Improvements
  • Visual Enhancement Program

Progression Vehicles:
In the expansion, are introducing a series of Czechoslovak and Polish vehicles. It consists of Tier 6 to Tier 10 vehicles of various classes that are bringing new mechanics currently unique to their branch, such as the Spike-LR fire-and-forget guided missile system. The branch consists of both tracked and wheeled vehicles, which all have excellent firepower (often with very high rate of fire) and mobility for their respective tiers. Vehicles: BVP Šakal, KTO Rosomak, KTO Rosomak M1M, WPB Anders and Wilk XC-8

Waterway PvP map:
The next map called Waterway will take tank commanders to one of the biggest feats of engineering the world has ever seen – the Panama Channel! Recently, several rogue corporations hired an unscrupulous band of mercenaries to take over the channel to attack and pillage the ships passing through Panama’s massive waterway to drive the already exorbitant commodity prices even higher. The player’s task is to put an end to this and deal with the raiders once and for all.

For in-dept information on the further features of Eye of the Storm, please read more about them HERE.

Overhauled version of Ghost Field features new Global Operations version

Developer and global publisher are proud to announce an overhauled PvP and Global Operations version of the Ghost Field map. The new version of the map takes tank commanders back to Bulgaria to battle it out with enemy factions over the remains of the old Bezmer air-base. The overhauled PvP version of the Ghost Field map introduces a number of changes to the terrain itself as well as to the cover and foliage layout. These enhancements were made with the spotting system changes from recent updates to Armored Warfare – Tanks Reloaded in mind and enhance the gameplay experience significantly.

The map is now available for the Global Operations mode as well. In this mode, players can fight over neutral points on the map to deploy AI controlled help for their team, including Airstrikes and Recon UAV’s. Players going into Global Operations will notice another significant change to the explosive hybrid of PvP and PvE. The mode no longer requires tank commanders to pay for ammunition and repair costs, making the mode more profitable to participate in for all.

Armored Warfare – Tanks Reloaded is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online tactical military game that puts the player into the world of modern warfare. In Armored Warfare – Tanks Reloaded, players get a chance to try the most powerful tools of destruction invented by mankind – from modern main battle tanks to scouts and wheeled vehicles. Using modern defense systems like anti-missile protection and smoke grenades, along with various types of armor and ammunition, players can jump into fast paced battles both in PvP mode and a vast amount of PvE missions.

More information about the Ghost Field map, along with a new trailer, can be found on the Armored Warfare news page.