Armored Warfare’s “American Dream” is Now LIVE

Fourth Season Brings the Fight to American Soil with New Tanks, Campaigns, and More!

Armored Warfare’s fourth season has been deployed, and the US-themed “American Dream“ is now live. Armored Warfare is an action MMO focused on modern tank combat, featuring furious online multiplayer battles and immersive story campaigns. The new season introduces Douglas O’Reilly, an American hellraiser turned resistance fighter who faces a desperate fight for what remains of his country, and a race to discover the truth behind the deadly Enigma organization. “American Dream” features an all-new story arc, new Special Ops missions, and even more epic achievements for players to unlock, and customization options to add to their vehicles.

Watch the Armored Warfare – American Dream Trailer HERE.

Season Four also brings a host of new vehicles and quality of life improvements to Armored Warfare! Players can add an explosive selection of new high-level vehicles to their hangar, from the M113 armed with its famous Hellfire missiles, to a M48 GAU-8 equipped with a rotating multi-barrel cannon that can deliver up to 4200 rounds per minute. The extra firepower should help the resistance forces stand a fighting chance against one of their deadliest and most nefarious opponents yet!

“American Dream“ features:


With Europe nearly lost to the technological and military clout of the mysterious new ‘Enigma’ organization, which made itself known during the ill-fated Moscow summit, the resistance forces head to American soil for help. Players take on the role of resistance fighter Douglas O’Reilly as he fights back against the evil of Enigma, and discovers the truth behind their origins.


A new arsenal of tanks and equipment are available, providing new and destructive ways to destroy your enemies, including:

  • Griffin 50mm Tier 8 AFV: This Griffin packs a tremendously powerful and accurate automatic cannon, making long-distance sniping a cinch.
  • M113 Hellfire Tier 9 TD: A fragile yet potent vehicle, this tank features multiple Hellfire ATGM launchers, allowing it to devastate targets from long distances.
  • TTB Tier 9 MBT: With its unmanned turret and a plethora of upgrades (including a hydraulic suspension), this vehicle is an American vision of the future from the 1980s!
  • M48 GAU-8 Tier 10 TD: This vehicle feature a mechanic that’s brand-new to Armored Warfare – a rotary cannon! Spin those barrels to dish out several dozen rounds per second.


“American Dream” brings exciting new tweaks to gameplay mechanics, plus quality of life improvements. From the way consumables are used, to the mechanics of ramming damage, the power of thermobaric missiles, and even HE shell explosions, these changes are designed to boost player satisfaction. More detailed information about “American Dream“ can be found here.

With an unstoppable force of the world’s most powerful armored combat vehicles available, players can take to the battlefield to wage war online in the hit action MMO, Armored Warfare. Engage in furious PvP tank combat with over 100 vehicles, complete co-op missions, and dominate global war theaters ranging from scorching African deserts to neon-drenched urban jungles.

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