Order of Battle: Winter War

order-of-battle-winter-warBy Jeff Renaud @ The Wargamer

Order of Battle: World War II recently added its Winter War (WW) DLC alongside Morning Sun and U.S. Marines. The latest expansion inaugurates the series’ foray into the greater realm of WWII, the foregoing installments having all been set in the Pacific theatre.

Beginning with the defence of the Mannerheim Line, the DLC’s 13 scenarios also cover the so-called Continuation War, when the Finns allied with Nazi Germany in order to recoup territory lost in the Winter War. Following a separate peace the Finns made with the USSR, German forces sought to evacuate northern Finland and Norway; the Lapland War was the result, concluding OoB: WW.

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order-of-battle-winter-warWinter War, the latest DLC for the highly praised Order of Battle: World War II, is now OUT for PC and Mac!

Never before have the Winter War and the Continuation War been recreated in such detail. Developer studio The Artistocrats brings these under represented conflicts to your screens.

With a radically different terrain and tactics, gameplay has been greatly altered. Employ ski troops to outmaneuver the enemy on snowy fields! Cross frozen lakes to catch the enemy unaware! Launch ambushes in deep forests! Use mud and frost to slow down the enemy advance then lure them into huge pockets, cutting them off from supply routes, then eliminate them and capture their vehicles!

Take command of the Finnish army and resist the red tide as the Soviet Union assaults you in the Winter War, then take the initiative and launch an offensive to regain lost ground in the Continuation War.

A new campaign with 13 new scenarios, 90 new units, a whole new environment: Winter War revolutionizes the Order of Battle formula. Will you be up to the task?

Grab Winter War now!

And if you’re interested in Winter War, don’t miss tonight’s Twitch live stream on our Twitch Channel at CEST 8 PM / UTC 6 PM / EDT 2 PM!

Remember: you can try the first scenario for free by installing Order of Battle: World War II and launching the Winter War campaign! Give it a try, it’s free!


order-of-battle-winter-warWinter (War) is coming!

The news many of you were waiting for: are you ready to brave the frozen lakes of Finland and the thick snow of Karelia? Order of Battle: Winter War is going to be released this summer (ironic, isn’t it?) on July 21st!

Order of Battle: Winter War brings the highly praised and extremely successful Order of Battle formula to a conflict never covered before by any other game in such detail.

Will you manage to lead the outnumbered Finnish forces and stop the red tide in the Winter War? Will you regain ground in the Continuation War? Will you master arctic warfare in the unique Finnish landscape? Will you be able to make the best out of the many new units at your disposal?

A campaign of 13 new linked scenarios, more than 90 new units and a new way to wage war: Winter War will be available on our store and on Steam on July 21st.

Me taistelemme kodin, uskonnon ja isänmaan puolesta! (We are fighting for home, religion and on behalf of the motherland!)

It’s time to take your skis out.

Find out more at the official Order of Battle: Winter War webpage.