Total War: Rome 2

total-war-rome-2-desert-kingdomsNew DLC pack joined by a free content update featuring fully playable female faction leaders

The harsh environments of Africa and Arabia’s deserts forged hardy warriors and cunning leaders who used the shifting sands to their advantage. These are the factions of the Desert Kingdoms, coming to Total War: Rome II on 8th March.

The Desert Kingdoms Culture Pack introduces four new playable factions: The Kingdoms of Kush, Saba and Nabatea of the African/Arabian subculture, and the Masaesyli of Numidia. Each faction boasts unique new rosters of differing military strength, new building chains, and new technology trees.

A closer look at these four factions can be seen in the Desert Kingdoms Announcement Trailer HERE.

As well as the Desert Kingdoms Culture Pack, a free update to the base Total War: Rome II game will provide players with new playable female leaders and generals such as Cleopatra and Teuta. As well as these leaders, important female characters have been added to all campaigns and factions.

Full details on both this free update and the Desert Kingdoms Culture Pack can be found in the patch notes blog, HERE.

Desert Kingdoms is available for 10% off until its release day on 8th of March on Steam.

Total War: Rome II can be purchased via Steam HERE.

If you’ve not dived in to 2013’s massive strategy game yet, now’s the time with a collected edition of Total War: Rome II featuring a selection of additional content and expansions available now from selected retailers.

Collecting together a wealth of content from the Rome II opus, players will discover the best of the Ancient Greek and Roman worlds. Thousands of hours of challenging conquest await across a massive main game, two epic campaign expansions and dramatic extra content that introduces additional playable factions and ferocious elite warriors.

The unique mix of real-time massive battles and turn-based campaign map strategy, Total War offers conflict and empire-building on an unparalleled scale, with jaw-dropping attention to detail.

Check out the Total War: Rome II – Spartan Edition release trailer here.

The Total War: Rome II – Spartan Edition contains the following premium content:

  • Total War: Rome II
  • Imperator Augustus – Campaign Pack
  • Wrath of Sparta – Campaign Pack
  • Greek States – Culture Pack
  • Daughters of Mars – Unit Pack

The Total War: Rome II – Spartan Edition is available from selected retailers, for more information please read our wiki.

This year Total War becomes one of the longest-running series in gaming with 11 titles spanning over 2000 years of historical warfare.

Empires have risen, and many a brave warrior has fallen with an estimated 4.8 billion battles waged in the last 15 years.

Over 1 million people play Total War every month now, spending an average of 104 hours apiece in each game. 2015 will be our biggest year yet, and this latest trailer will give you a hint of what’s to come. Digital and tablet title Total War Battles: KINGDOM, 10v10 team strategy in Total War: ARENA, and more.

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View the “15 Years of Total War” Video HERE.

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Set in 432 BC at the outset of the Peloponnesian War, Wrath of Sparta is an entirely new campaign expansion for Total War: Rome II and the earliest period that Total War has ever attempted.

As the legendary warriors of Sparta are called into open conflict against an arrogant Athens by scheming Korinthos and Boiotia, Wrath of Sparta challenges you to dominate the Hellenic world. However, while the City States vie for control of their homelands, across the Aegean sea the vengeful Persian Empire watches its old foe closely…

Across a bespoke campaign map focussing on a highly-detailed ancient Greece, the Greek Islands and the Ionian Coast, this campaign pack features all new tech-trees, battlefield and naval units, great wonders and famous Greek heroes. In addition, a flavour-packed focus on ancient Greek culture is delivered through many iconic athletic competitions and festivals.

Wrath of Sparta is a campaign pack like no other, and brings this desperate conflict to life in thrilling detail across hundreds of hours of gameplay.

For more information, catch the latest episode of community show Rally Point or the store page HERE.

Marking the 12th piece of additional free content released for Rome II since launch, players will find their game updated via Steam today with the new, free playable faction of Massilia. A wealthy trading-state of Greek colonists situated on the north-western coast of the Mediterranean, Massilia has embraced Gallic culture and military techniques to form a unique and fascinating independent faction.

Also available for purchase today on Steam, the Black Sea Colonies Culture Pack brings three further hybrid factions to Rome II’s Grand Campaign, custom battles and multiplayer. Cimmeria, Colchis and Pergamom all claim Greek heritage, but their settlement away from their homelands has wrought subtle changes to their culture. Each faction enjoys unique traits, strengths and hybrid unit Rosters that reflect their culturally diverse civic and military aspects.

Additionally, the latest patch will drop at the same time, consisting of further balancing changes to unit strengths based on community feedback.

You can find full details of Massilia and the Black Sea Colonies Culture Pack here.

Live now, the latest free update for Rome II adds the festival of Lemuria to the game and a new seasonal challenge, Nightmare Mode!

Lemuria was an ancient feast during which restless spirits were exorcised from the home with the alternate offering of beans and then clashing of cooking pots. Perhaps an early Roman version of Trick or Treat?

Nightmare Mode can be toggled on from the game options menu, causing your troops to suffer horrifying visions in battle. Harpies descend from the skies as a terrifying atmosphere envelopes your forces. Assailed by such apparitions it is no surprise that your soldiers will find the enemy extremely frightening!

Any generals skilled enough to complete a Campaign battle in Nightmare Mode will earn a new Steam achievement and the adoration of their peers. May the gods help you if you try to complete a whole campaign…

More details on this update and exclusive new detail about the recently announced Total War: ATTILA can be found in this month’s Rally point.

Total War: Rome II Emperor Edition is Available Now, see for details.

All standard edition owners to be upgraded to latest expansion

Source: CVG

The upcoming Emperor Edition of Total War: Rome 2 will be given to all existing owners of the game free of charge. Due for release on September 16, Rome II: Emperor Edition will include numerous improvements and downloadable content. Sega announced that all owners of the standard edition of the game will be automatically upgraded to the Emperor Edition come September 16 and receive everything that comes with it.

The main addition is the new Imperator Augustus Campaign Pack DLC. This covers the events of the 2nd Triumvirate War, which led to the end of the republic and the beginning of the Roman Empire. Gameplay changes in the Emperor Edition include “overhauled building chains, a redeveloped and more impactful politics system, improved campaign and battle lighting”. All free downloadable content updates released since the game’s original launch in September 2013 will also be included, however the paid DLC – including the Hannibal at the Gates campaign and the Caesar In Gaul campaign – will not.

SEGA of America, Inc. and SEGA Europe, Ltd. today announced Total War: Rome 2 – Emperor Edition, the definitive edition of the best-selling game in the Total War series from Creative Assembly. Emperor Edition collects together all free content to date, which includes wide-ranging revisions, additions to game features and adds a brand new Campaign Pack expansion, ‘Imperator Augustus’.

Most importantly, existing Rome 2 players will receive all of the above content via automatic update on the day of launch, upgrading them to Emperor Edition at no cost.

The new ‘Imperator Augustus’ Campaign Pack adds hundreds of hours of sandbox gameplay across a new campaign map reflecting the geopolitical boundaries of the Second Triumvirate War. Players will determine the outcome of a vast civil war, which saw Octavian, Marc Antony and Lepidus vying to become the very first Emperor of Rome.

Alongside all feature updates from launch (including integration, touch controls, new factions, new units and now the Mac version), Emperor Edition also features an improved politics system, overhauled building chains, rebalanced battles, and improved visuals in both campaign and battle.

For more information about Emperor Edition and the’ Imperator Augustus’ Campaign Pack, please tune in to the latest episode of community show Rally Point which aired today.

Rome 2 players will find their game updated via Steam today with a new, free content pack. The August Warriors Update adds unique units such as the Hex-Bearers, Amazonian Riders and Scythian Noblewomen to several playable factions, and includes a significant upgrade to the Suebi roster.

Also available for purchase today, the Daughters of Mars Unit Pack brings fearsome new warriors to Rome 2. Whether in defence of their homelands or called upon to fulfil their part in glorious conquest, female combatants featured throughout the ancient world. Adding a swift and deadly mix of fighting styles and abilities to the fray, generals will wisely place value on those who aspire to be the avatars of the war gods themselves!

Daughters of Mars expands the faction rosters of Rome, the Lusitani, the Suebi and Sparta. These new units can also be hired as mercenaries from specific provinces, whichever faction you play as.

Find out more at the official Total War: Rome 2 website.