Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy has released the 3.11 patch for Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy for both PC and Mac! The patch is NOT compatible with the 1.0 or 2.0 branches of the game. You need to have the 3.0 Upgrade installed in order to be able to use this patch. The patch updates the base game and any modules or packs you may have installed automatically.

Click here for patch features list and to download.

Lobsters of Doom!!!! Strike that. Crabs of Doom! has announced the release of the Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy Vehicle Pack for Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy.The Sherman Crab anti-mine tank is just one of a number of unusual and exciting vehicles included in the Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy Vehicle Pack (for PC and Mac OSX)! How about the Churchill VII Crocodile or the French Char B-2(f) flamethrower tanks? Or the Churchill AVRE with a massive 290mm “Petard” mortar! The CM:BN Vehicle Pack includes over a dozen oddball vehicles that were too fun to leave out of the game.

The Vehicle Pack requires the base game upgraded to v3.0 but no other modules (however, to access module specific vehicles, that module is required; for example, you can’t access the British vehicles if you only have the base game and no modules).

The Vehicle Pack doesn’t include any missions or campaigns. The vehicles can be used right away in any new QuickBattle or in the editor to make your own scenarios and campaigns.

The Vehicle Pack updates your game engine from v3.00 to v3.10. It includes a number of bug fixes and other improvements to the engine that will also be part of future free patches.

Click here for complete vehicle information and more details!

Gentlemen, upgrade your war! The 3.0 Upgrades for Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy and Combat Mission: Fortress Italy are finally here! The Upgrades convert and upgrade your existing games (and any installed modules) automagically to include most of the advanced new CMx2 v3.00 game features! (This includes features you may already know and enjoy in Combat Mission: Red Thunder and makes them available for Normandy and Italy!)

Visit the Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy news page at for more upgrade information!