Supreme Ruler Ultimate

supreme-ruler-ultimate-boxBattleGoat Studios has some big anniversaries to celebrate, and so we are excited to announce a major update to our Supreme Ruler Ultimate title as well as some limited time specials on all of our games!

Co-Founder of BattleGoat Studios, David Thompson, points out “This month marks 15 years since the release of our groundbreaking Geo-Political Real Time Strategy game, Supreme Ruler 2010. It’s also 12 years since the release of our follow up game, Supreme Ruler 2020, and of course it is the year that we set out to simulate with our ‘future crisis’ storyline!

Although it is clear that the world of 2020 is turning out much crazier than anything we had originally predicted, as discussed in our “Heading into Quarantine” studio video on YouTube.

As part of our Anniversary celebrations, we’re launching a special limited promotion for our titles – Supreme Ruler 2010, Supreme Ruler 2020, and the WW2-based Supreme Ruler 1936 are all on sale for only $0.99 cents each! Supreme Ruler Ultimate and the Century Bundle (with gameplay from 1914 to modern day) are also on sale for 60% off.

George Geczy, Co-Founder and Lead Programmer, adds “The major new Update just released for Supreme Ruler Ultimate also adds a lot of new features and content. We are particularly pleased with the addition of full Steam Workshop support, allowing our community to continue to expand and mod the game well into the future.” This free update is available to the public as of May 8th 2020.

The Supreme Ruler franchise continues to be the longest-running game franchise currently still in development, having started with the original text-based strategy game on the TRS-80 in 1982, and now continuing with the work on Supreme Ruler Next Generation (working title) to bring significant new updates and features to the series.

Progress also continues on our new space-based strategy title, Galactic Ruler, working towards an early access release in the next few months. We look forward to sharing a lot more information soon with our community on these exciting projects!

Find out more about Supreme Ruler at the BattleGoat Studios website, and to purchase visit the Supreme Ruler Steam Page.

supreme-ruler-ultimate-boxBattleGoat Studios has released a major update to its flagship strategy game title “Supreme Ruler Ultimate“, featuring new content, modern world updates, and a set of world-building and editing tools.

The original Trump Rising DLC brought the world a hypothetical future featuring President Donald Trump. Today’s Trump’s World update adds a new 2018 Sandbox featuring modern day tensions and relationships, plus new opportunities and threats. Commented Lead Programmer George Geczy, “Starting in the modern day, players can take on the provocations of Russia, Iran, North Korea, and much more. They can play as the US to Make America Great Again, or take on the challenge of other countries trying to make their way in a rapidly changing and unstable world.”

Existing Sandboxes and Campaigns have been updated with new leaders and relationships resulting from recent elections and geo-political changes. Gameplay has also been updated with a number of new features, AI improvements, and other additions, including regular tweets by President Trump to the rest of the world (some are real, some are not – will you be able to tell which are which?) Continue building a wall with Mexico if you desire, or else search for new ways to influence, or maybe alienate, the rest of the world!

The 2020 future scenarios have also been updated to reflect real world changes while presenting hypothetical situations including “Divided States” (the US has collapsed along political lines) and “Global Crisis”, a world where individual nations become increasingly isolationist and aggressive.

In addition, BattleGoat is pleased to release the Supreme Ruler Map Editor and Content Editor tools, for the first time allowing players to not only modify existing maps and sandboxes, but to create entirely new past, present and future scenarios, and even entirely new worlds.

Availability: The Supreme Ruler Trump’s World Update is available immediately as a FREE update to Supreme Ruler Ultimate. The Supreme Ruler Map Editor and Content Editor tools are also being released for free to all players.

You can purchase Supreme Ruler Ultimate via Steam.

supreme-ruler-ultimate-boxBattleGoat Studios has answered the call to make available new DLC, Trump Rising, for its Geopolitical Game Supreme Ruler Ultimate. Commented Lead Designer, David Thompson, “It is with incredible anguish that we feel obligated to provide our players with a new option to our game. We have prided ourselves with our games’ realistic approach to the world but absolutely nothing prepared us for this…” Lead Programmer, George Geczy added, “”Our games have always excelled at creating a real world simulation with a chaotic future storyline. Now the chaos can feel even more real!”

Availability: Supreme Ruler Trump Rising (FREE DLC for Supreme Ruler Ultimate) will be available for download from Steam on Tuesday July 26th.

“Make America Great Again!”

At first he was dismissed as comic relief and a game show host in a country whose election cycles were long, arduous, and boring. With his bombastic style, he brought entertainment to a process that had long since lost its lustre to a jaded population. However, as the election progressed from Party Primaries to National Conventions and into the General Election, the international community started to take notice, and in some cases, make plans.

“I, Donald J. Trump, do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

And with those words, the world changed…

Within the United States, civil unrest fueled by racial tensions reaches even higher than in the 1960′s. To China and Russia, the new US President seems so unpredictable and reckless that it seems logical to make a pre-emptive strike rather than wait for him to have a ‘bad hair day’ and launch a strike against them. In Western Europe, leaders are shaken by their new reality and realize they may have to make concessions to Russia now that America can no longer be relied upon. In Mexico, and even in Canada, militaries are brought to an unprecedented level of readiness over concern of Trump’s ambitions.

How will this play out? Will you assume Trump’s role as the new US leader and guide America to renewed Greatness? Or will you instead lead another nation and take advantage of a potentially dysfunctional America to further your own ambition? Supreme Ruler Ultimate: Trump Rising will allow you to take control of a nation in 2020 as the world is engulfed in chaos, or start on inauguration day in January 2017 as Donald Trump takes control of the most powerful nation on earth. Manage economic, diplomatic, and military policies, take on ISIS and North Korea, defend the South China Sea, or just build a wall instead.

Find out more about Supreme Ruler Ultimate at the BattleGoat Studios website.

supreme-ruler-ultimate-boxBattleGoat Studios is thrilled to announce the release of their latest Real Time Geopolitical Strategy / Wargame, Supreme Ruler Ultimate. Lead Designer and Co-Founder David Thompson commented, “This title represents fourteen years of what has been a labor of love. Supreme Ruler Ultimate is the culmination of all the design revisions and content we’ve created since forming the studio in 2000 and there should be something for everyone, whether they want to re-play WWII or take over the world from a near future Scotland or an independent Texas!”

Supreme Ruler Ultimate is available now for PC and Mac through Steam and other vendors.

supreme-ruler-ultimate-boxBattleGoat Studios is delighted to announce the Steam Early Access Beta launch of their upcoming Real Time Geopolitical Strategy/Wargame, Supreme Ruler Ultimate. Lead Designer and Co-Founder David Thompson commented, “We’ve been working towards this for fourteen years! Supreme Ruler Ultimate is the culmination of all the design revisions and content we’ve created since forming the studio in 2000. And it’s now time to involve our players in the final stage of development through Steam’s Early Access which will help provide the player testing and the feedback necessary to make sure Supreme Ruler Ultimate is everything that strategy gaming fans expect.”

Link to Steam Early Access:

BattleGoat’s Lead Programmer and Co-Founder George Geczy added, “Supreme Ruler Ultimate brings together our vision for a truly epic strategy game that encompasses some of the most turbulent times of human history – World War II, the Cold War, and the challenges we face in the near future. We’re proud to have made one of the most detailed and comprehensive series of strategy games ever created.” Previous BattleGoat titles in the Supreme Ruler series are Supreme Ruler 2010, Supreme Ruler 2020. Supreme Ruler Cold War, and Supreme Ruler 1936.

Thompson went on to explain how the new game follows up the successful release of Supreme Ruler 1936 earlier this year: “Supreme Ruler Ultimate incorporates the content from our recent World War II version as well as our other past releases while expanding and enhancing the game features previously released. Anyone who purchased Supreme Ruler 1936 has been provided a 33% discount coupon via Steam towards Ultimate.” Supreme Ruler Ultimate is expected to be released October 17, 2014, and will be available for PC and Mac through Steam and other vendors.

About Supreme Ruler Ultimate

The pinnacle of fourteen years of development on the Supreme Ruler series of Real Time Geo-Political Military Strategy Games for PC and Mac. Supreme Ruler Ultimate incorporates the stories, campaigns, scenarios, and features from our previous releases and expands on them in our improved game engine. Take control of any nation in the world from World War II through the Cold War and into the near future as our world lurches from one crisis to the next! Play historical or modern campaigns with specific objectives, attempt one of the many Set-Piece Scenarios for a shorter game, or customize your gaming experience by picking any nation in the various era sandboxes and choosing your own preferred Victory Condition. With so many options to choose from, Supreme Ruler Ultimate provides virtually unlimited replayability!

Find out more about Supreme Ruler Ultimate  at the games official webpage.

supreme-ruler-ultimate-boxBattleGoat Studios is proud today to announce Supreme Ruler Ultimate, the most ambitious and comprehensive title in our Supreme Ruler strategy game series. With the announcement of Supreme Ruler Ultimate David Thompson, Lead Designer and Co-Founder explained, “Our recent release of Supreme Ruler 1936 has proven to be very popular with our fans and strategy/wargame players as it revolves around World War II, but one of the biggest requests we’ve received has been to blend it with the near future game we released back in 2008, Supreme Ruler 2020. That game provided players with the opportunity to make anything they wanted of our modern world, from any starting nation, without any preconceived expectations.”

Supreme Ruler Ultimate will incorporate the content from all of BattleGoat’s Supreme Ruler series, letting players take control of a nation from the historic troubles of World War II, through the Cold War, and into the near future where established relations are undermined by disorder and turmoil. Thompson went on to comment, “With what is currently going on internationally and the intense domestic polarization forming within various countries, it certainly is not hard to imagine a spark spreading unparalleled chaos through our world.” Thompson indicated that BattleGoat will continue to add historic events and content to the game for players that want to start in the 20th century, as well as updating the near future storyline to incorporate new technology threads and to reflect the new international crises that have developed.

Supreme Ruler Ultimate will be released on October 17, 2014 at an SRP of $29.99, and an announcement regarding a Steam Early Access Beta is expected soon. BattleGoat have also announced that owners of Supreme Ruler 1936 will be given a special upgrade price to the new title.

Find out more about Supreme Ruler Ultimate at the games Steam Store Page.