Month: November 2019

tannenberg-1914-1918The Wolf Truce returns – will you call a truce, or revel in the chaos?

A special historical event for WW1 shooter Tannenberg sees wolf packs join the fray!

When packs of hungry wolves invade your battlefield, how do you react? That’s the question Tannenberg’s limited time Wolf Truce event poses to players. Inspired by historical reports, the event will run until December 3rd. If wolves attack, players will be able to call a temporary truce to deal with them, or try and take advantage of the chaos as a third party joins the fray.

Check out the Wolf Truce trailer HERE.

Tannenberg Wolf Truce
Wolves are hunting human prey in the Wolf Truce event, which will run from November 26 until December 3. During regular Maneuver battles, players must be prepared for the chance of a pack of wolves invading their battlefield and throwing the frontlines into chaos. When this happens, players will have the chance to call a temporary truce and work together to fight off the wolves… if they can restrain themselves from attacking the enemy. The truce is not enforced by the game, and one careless shot or gung-ho soldier can break the fragile ceasefire.

Players who do manage to survive a wolf attack while maintaining the truce will get a special in-game medal! The event is inspired by historical texts which describe the dangers wolves could pose on the enormous Eastern Front. Russia had a substantial wolf population which was displaced by fighting, with consequences for soldiers and civilians alike. This is the second time the Wolf Truce is running, and a number of tweaks have improved how wolves enter the battlefield and track players, as well as making the UI more clear.

Historical Wolf Truce
It might seem outlandish, but the event is based on historical records. The report which has generated most attention and which comes up most often on the internet is this New York Times article, which describes an extraordinary truce to fight wolves – wolves so numerous and fearsome that machine guns and poison gas barely phased them! Of course wolves also appear in more local records – one Russian book (roughly translated as The History of Russia in Faces: Book Two) mentions a ceasefire to exterminate wolves, and talks about how dangerous displaced wolves could be to civilians. The presence of wolves during the Wolf Truce gives players a chance to make their own decision about whether to pause the battle to fight the wolves, or to press on with the threat of canine ambush all around.

Find out more about Tannenberg on Steam or on the games official website.

nvidia-geforce-logoSource: TechPowerUp!

NVIDIA today released the latest version of GeForce software. Version 441.41 WHQL comes game-ready for “Halo: Reach,” which includes performance optimization and bug fixes specific to the game. The drivers also include optimization for “Quake II RTX v1.2″ update, which includes higher-resolution textures and more lighting content. With GeForce 441.41, NVIDIA has also added OpenGL and Vulkan API support for Image Sharpening. With this, NVIDIA’s implementation of Image Sharpening beats AMD’s by supporting two APIs AMD doesn’t yet: DirectX 11 and OpenGL. Both AMD and NVIDIA support DirectX 9, DirectX 12, and Vulkan.

GeForce 441.41 also address a handful bugs, beginning with “Red Dead Redemption 2.” A bug has been fixed, which was causing RDR2 benchmark to crash on systems with SLI playing the game with its Vulkan renderer. Another bug that caused stalling on machines with certain 4-core and 6-core CPUs has been fixed. A “Shadow of the Tomb Raider” game crash at startup in DirectX 12 mode has been fixed. Also fixed is a “low streaming bandwidth” error in “Forza Horizon 4″ after extended periods of gameplay.

You can download the GeForce Software 441.41 WHQL drivers via

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intel-core-i9-10980xe-cascade-lake-cpuIntel has released its new 10th generation 18-core Core i9 10980XE processor. The latest reviews are now available on this latest Cascade Lake-X processor.  We have gathered a number of reviews on the new Core i9 10980XE CPU, which you can check from the links provided below.


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amd-ryzen-threadripperAMD has released their 3rd Generation Ryzen Threadripper 3960X and 3970X  processors. AMD has also lifted the review embargo, so a number of websites have released their reviews of these two latest CPUs from AMD. We have gathered a number of reviews on the new 3rd Generation Ryzen Threadripper 3960X and 3970X processors, which you can check from the links provided below.

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sniper-ghost-warrior-contractsStare down your scope and plan your approach, Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts is out on PS4, Xbox and PC today

CI Games is thrilled to announce the launch of the eagerly anticipated Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts, which promises to deliver in-depth play elevating the series to new heights.

Focusing on top new features – including an all-new Dynamic Reticle System which offers intense sniping experience, dramatic dismemberment mode and upgradeable AR mask – and pure sniper fun gameplay set in the unforgiving Siberian wilderness, the open sandbox game allows players to enjoy Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts on their terms, picking their own route and playing how they want to.

The game comprises 25 unique and challenging contracts across five considerably-sized maps; each one there to be explored extensively. Players are challenged to eliminate targets using new precision sniping mechanics, while choosing from an arsenal of new weapons and gadgets.

Gamers will need to carefully plan out and execute the perfect kill and exfiltration from a given encounter: no two missions are the same.

From its in-depth single-player campaign, to its return-to-form, intense mission-based contracts system, Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts seeks to perfect the feeling of staring down a scope and planning your approach. Get ready to tackle the Siberian wilderness and all the unique environmental obstacles it brings with it, because Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts is taking aim.

For more information about the Sniper Ghost Warrior series, head to

rainbowsix-siege-logoSource: Blue’s News

The promised Free Weekend is now underway for Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege, offering the promised celebration of the new limited-time Money Heist event in the tactical shooter. Here’s a FAQ on the free weekend. Word is:

The free version of Rainbow Six Siege offers access to all of the maps, modes and Operators present in the full version, giving you the full Siege experience over the Free Weekend.

zotac-geforce-gtx-1650-superNVIDIA today announced the release of the GeForce GTX 1650 SUPER graphics card. The $159 MSRP GeForce GTX 1650 SUPER is available today from a number of NVIDIAs add-in-board (AIB) partners. We have gathered a number of reviews on the new GeForce GTX 1650 SUPER, which you can check from the links provided below.

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rising-storm2-vietnam-logoTripwire Interactive Sets the Table with New Update, Full of Stuffing, Including New Map, Weapons, and More

Tripwire Interactive and the Green Army Men Team released Rising Storm 2: Vietnam – Green Army Men Thanksgiving today. This content update has more guns, a delicious new map, and closely follows key gameplay updates. Available now on Steam, players can look forward to taking part in the gritty and strategic 64-player matches Rising Storm 2: Vietnam is famous for with a twist in the fan-favorite Green Army Men DLC, which includes all the Christmas, Summer, and Back-to-School content—as well as the new Thanksgiving update.

Now there are even more ways to carve the turkey, with three brand new weapons, including the bazooka, ready to splatter plastic on the carpet. Also, toy soldiers can jump on the table, explore the yard, and snipe from the counter in a new Thanksgiving-themed map. This map has players compete for a piece of the pie inside and outside a home dressed and prepped for Thanksgiving dinner. And to top it off, Tripwire Interactive and the Green Army Men team are committed to keeping playing with toys fun, having recently adjusted the time-to-kill and damage models for the Green Army Men DLC, based on community feedback.

To celebrate the Thanksgiving update, Tripwire Interactive has kicked off a franchise sale on Steam for Red Orchestra and Rising Storm titles and DLC items! For more information on the discounts, please visit the Tripwire Interactive Publisher page on Steam HERE.

All Rising Storm 2: Vietnam players can play the Green Army Men DLC for free as the Rifleman class. If players want to unlock more classes and support the development team, there is the option to buy the Green Army Men Upgrade, which unlocks all the other classes for Rising Storm 2: Vietnam – Green Army Men.

Available now on PC, Rising Storm 2: Vietnam is the sequel to Rising Storm, PC Gamer magazine’s 2013 ‘Multiplayer Game of the Year,’ published by Tripwire Interactive and developed by Antimatter Games. Command your team to victory in massive 64-player battles with authentic weapons, aircraft, and maps that pit conventional military forces against guerrilla forces.

To stay up-to-date on the latest for Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, please visit the games official website.