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heritage-valor-collectionMicroProse, the legendary game developer renowned for classics like Falcon and B-17 The Mighty Eighth, is thrilled to announce the development of the Heritage Valor Collection, a series of high-quality add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS) 2020 and the upcoming Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024.

The Heritage Valor Collection is meticulously crafted around a WWII theme, offering virtual pilots an immersive experience with historically accurate aircraft. The inaugural product in this exciting new collection will be the B-17 Flying Fortress – The Queen.

The B-17 Flying Fortress – The Queen will feature a late-1942 B-17G model, one of the most advanced iterations of the iconic Flying Fortress, which played a crucial role in the European theater. Enthusiasts and virtual aviators alike will have the opportunity to pilot this legendary aircraft across the virtual skies.

The B-17G is being developed by a committed team, focused on bringing this venerable aircraft to Microsoft Flight Simulator with exceptional detail and historical accuracy, offering virtual pilots a fully immersive experience.

We are incredibly proud to bring the Heritage Valor Collection to the flight simulation community,” said David Lagettie, CEO of MicroProse. “Our goal is to deliver an unparalleled level of authenticity and detail, allowing users to experience the greatness and power of these historic aircraft.”

Watch the new trailer HERE.

Early list of features

  • Meticulously accurate model and textures, both interior and exterior, representing a late-1942 B-17G
  • Authentic sound effects recorded from a real B-17
  • Multiple liveries available
  • Realistic flight model developed based on aircraft manuals and extensive documentation
  • The pursue for realism

    Developing these aircraft is a challenging endeavor due to the numerous variations, even within the same block or sub-version of the aircraft. Accurate references are often difficult to find, as even museum-preserved aircraft don’t fully capture their historical authenticity,” said Sérgio Costa, Project Development Manager at MicroProse and head of the Heritage Valor Collection line of products.

    Sérgio added, “We have been collaborating closely with consultants to enhance visual realism and access various resources that aid in fine-tuning the flight model and systems.”

    For more information about the Heritage Valor Collection and the B-17 Flying Fortress – The Queen, visit

    New update brings a new missile class, dozens of vehicles and damage model upgrades

    Gaijin Entertainment announces the release of the “Seek & Destroy” update for the online military shooter War Thunder. The update brings dozens of new military vehicles, including the British battlecruiser Queen Mary, the French VLT-2 torpedo boat, the German F-4F KWS LV (ICE) fighter jet and the Kuwaiti Desert Warrior infantry fighting vehicle. The central theme of “Seek & Destroy” is FOX-3 missiles, but there are numerous other updates, i.e. new models of modern aircraft pilots, detailed helicopter cockpits, improved damage mechanics for modern armored vehicles and much more.

    Watch the Seek & Destroy Update Trailer HERE.

    The damage model for modern tanks and anti-aircraft systems in War Thunder has become even more accurate. Now enemy shells can damage modules such as the autoloader, fire control system, driver controls and electronic equipment, immediately affecting relevant vehicle capabilities. Luckily, the crew can fix it all on site using the tools at hand to get the modules working again. In addition, a direct hit from shells or a near explosion of a bomb can now lead to damage to the chassis of wheeled vehicles with an animation of one or more wheels being torn off.

    The game now features detailed cockpits for a dozen and a half helicopters. Models of crews of German armored vehicles from the WW2 era, tank crews of Soviet equipment of the post-war period and pilots of modern combat aviation such as A-10 attack aircraft, as well as fighters of the F-14, F-16, F-15, J-11, MiG-29, Su-27 and Yak-141 have also been updated for all gaming nations.

    VLT-2 is a rare French torpedo boat that saw limited use at the end of World War II. In War Thunder, it has become the first representative of the French coastal fleet, which will be added to the game in one of the next major updates. Those who purchase the VLT-2 pack will be the first to have access to the CBT for the entire tech tree. The boat is armed with two 40-mm Bofors cannons and two quick-firing 20-mm Oerlikon autocannons, plus 550-mm torpedoes in two torpedo tubes will send even the largest ships to the bottom if successfully hit.

    You can learn more about the new vehicles and other update content on the official War Thunder website.

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    combat-air-patrol-2-logoMicroProse is proud to announce that it has secured a publishing partnership with Combat Air Patrol 2, the early access flight and surface combat simulator with a mission planner from Sim155.

    For the occasion, a big patch has been released with a lot of improvements, together with a precise ROADMAP for the upcoming updates. Early access is available on the games Steam page.

    Watch the MicroProse Announcement Trailer HERE.

    Feel the power of flying the AV8B Harrier II. A flight and naval combat simulator with mission planner and fully dynamic open ended campaign. CAP2 is a middle ground simulator, you won’t need to read a 300 page manual to get off the ground, nor will you be carrying dozens of missiles when you fire it up.

    enlistedNew update brings visual updates, new weapons, gear and maps

    Darkflow Software and Gaijin Entertainment announce the release of a major update “Rzhev” for the online military shooter Enlisted. It brings significantly improved graphics, new missions dedicated to the famous Battle of Rzhev, as well as new squads, weapons, and military vehicles.

    The Battle of Rzhev is a series of operations in 1942-1943, during which the Red Army eliminated the Rzhev-Vyazma ledge, from which German troops threatened Moscow. Eyewitnesses recalled this battle as a crazy meat grinder, and in terms of the significance and fierceness of the battles it was comparable to Stalingrad. Players in Enlisted will visit several iconic points of Rzhev, i.e. the Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ, the city hall, the central market, the shopping area and steep cliffs to the left bank of the Volga river. On the approaches to the city, battles will take place in industrial zones with a grain elevator and in the ruins of the suburban village of Teterino, of which mostly only the outlines of houses remain.

    The Rzhev update features dozens of brand new or improved weapons and military vehicles – for example, the American T20 rifle, the Japanese KE-7 machine gun, the Soviet KV-2 tank (1940) with a powerful 152-mm howitzer and the German 8.8 cm Flak 37 Sfl. tank destroyer that can shoot down aircraft and tear armored vehicles to shreds with equal ease. Squads of radio operators can now call in rocket artillery strikes – the first to receive this opportunity are the 26th Guards Signal Battalion of the USSR and the 332nd Infantry Regiment of Germany.

    Finally, Enlisted has improved the operation of Global Illumination technology on PC and PlayStation 5, which has made the game much more beautiful without sacrificing performance. The propagation of light has become even more realistic, and the game is visually richer: the developers have added specular lighting, increased its display distance, and also added detailed reflections.

    Watch the Rzhev Update trailer HERE.

    You can read more about the contents of the Rzhev update on the official Enlisted website.

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    call-of-duty-black-ops-6Black Ops Returns: Following the Xbox Games Showcase and Black Ops 6 Direct, learn all the initial details across all facets of the game, releasing on October 25. Gain insight into the signature Black Ops Campaign, the massive Multiplayer offering with the return of Classic Prestige, global innovations like Omnimovement, and the return of Round-Based Zombies.

    Developed by Treyarch and Raven Software, Call of Duty®: Black Ops 6 is a spy action thriller set in the early 1990s, a period of transition and upheaval in global politics, characterized by the end of the Cold War and the rise of the United States as a single superpower. With a mind-bending narrative, and unbound by the rules of engagement, this is signature Black Ops.

    Watch the Black Ops 6 – Gameplay Reveal Trailer HERE.

    Visit the Call of Duty Blog for more details.

    microsoft-flight-simulator-2024Take to the Skies on November 19th with the All-New Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024!

    Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 is the next installment in the Microsoft Flight Simulator franchise. It is the most ambitious consumer flight simulator ever undertaken. It features the largest, most diverse and detailed fleet of aircraft, the most complete representation of airports and air traffic, and the most visually stunning rendition of Earth ever created. This brand-new simulator is designed to take advantage of the latest technologies in simulation, cloud, machine learning, graphics and gaming. Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 goes beyond merely operating the aircraft; it will allow simmers to pursue their dream of an aviation career.

    With features like aerial firefighting, search and rescue, commercial flights, remote cargo ops, VIP charter service, air racing, and more, simmers will not only be experiencing the joy of flight, but also dive into the pilot career they always dreamed of. The sky is calling! Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 takes off on PC and Xbox Series X|S on November 19, and will be available with Game Pass on console, PC, and cloud on day one.

    Watch the Xbox Games Showcase 2024 Trailer HERE.

    In honor of the 80th anniversary of the Allied landings in Normandy on June 6, 1944, one of the most pivotal moments in World War II, World of Tanks is introducing a series of commemorative in-game events. These include a brand-new PvE mode called Operation Overlord, a themed Battle Pass Season, a special historical livestream directly from LCT 7074, the only known surviving Landing Craft Tank in the U.K. that participated in D-Day, and more.

    From June 6, tankers can play a brand-new solo PvE mode inspired by Operation Overlord, which offers the chance to experience the combat of the Normandy landings. Participants will command the iconic M4A3E8 Sherman tank with the primary objective of breaching through the fortified enemy defenses. By destroying coastal bunkers that protect anti-aircraft batteries, players will activate extra AI-powered support from Allied forces recon planes and battleship artillery that will inflict colossal damage on targets.

    Tankers will also face additional challenges, as the map is filled with deadly mines. To secure successful advancement, commanders will have a secret weapon on their side: the Sherman Crab—a specially designed mine-detecting tank that saw active service during WWII. During the historical landings, the Sherman Crab helped troops safely navigate the battlefield by deliberately detonating land mines, and it will be critical on the path to victory in the game mode.

    In a special D-Day Battle Pass Season running from June until September, players will progress through three Chapters, unlocking three new Tier VI Premium tanks with Normandy-inspired 3D styles and three unique crew members. The Season offers extensive rewards that include bonds, credits, Premium Account, equipment, and other in-game goodies.

    Tankers will also find a special interactive D-Day Events Map to help them learn about the events surrounding the anniversary. By progressing through a sequence of themed missions, players will get special Tokens that they can exchange for Premium vehicles, unique customizations, and days of Premium Account.

    Click here for all the details on these special events.

    The World of Tanks team has prepared a surprise, as it will be live-streaming on the official Twitch channel——on June 8 at 17:00 UTC+1 / 18:00 CEST from the LCT 7074, the only known surviving Landing Craft Tank in the U.K. that participated in D-Day.

    And that’s not all, as a special D-Day collection will be available in the World of Tanks official licensed stores: and It features a range of commemorative products, including apparel (T-shirts and hoodies), mugs and tumblers, mousepads, puzzles, and Zippo lighters.

    For more information on World of Tanks, visit the games official website.

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    over-the-top-wwiFlying Squirrel, the developer behind the innovative multiplayer shooter title “Battle Cry of Freedom,” is thrilled to announce its participation in the upcoming Steam Next Fest, set to take place from June 10 to June 17. Ahead of this exciting event, Flying Squirrel has unleashed today an exclusive demo for their highly anticipated title, “Over the Top: WWI,” inviting players to experience and re-enact the brutal and historically detailed battles of World War I in real-time.

    Building upon “Battle Cry of Freedom”, “Over the Top: WWI” represents Flying Squirrel’s commitment to delivering innovative gameplay blending various game modes to offer a slew of possibilities for fans of shooter and war games alike. The sequel expands upon the studio’s first foray into the PC gaming market, promising even more intense action, strategic depth, historical accuracy and a brand new single player mode. In the game, everything is destructible, even the terrain, leading to intense and dynamic battles.

    Step onto the front lines and claim every weapon and vehicle in sight as your own. Whether you choose to confront the Germans head-on or overpower the British resistance, the choice is yours. Arm yourself with a diverse arsenal, including rifles, artillery, and even tanks, as you navigate the mud-soaked battlefields of the Great War. Will you face the enemy alone in singleplayer or lead a powerful army into the fray in the included multiplayer mode? Switch between first and third person perspective on the fly. The decision is yours to make on these historic battlegrounds.

    The demo will offer players a gripping snapshot into the heart-pounding gameplay and innovative features that define “Over the Top WWI.” Players will have the opportunity to engage in visceral combat, command troops, and witness the true horrors and heroism of World War I.

    In conjunction with the demo release, Flying Squirrel Entertainment is also unveiling an exhilarating gameplay trailer, showcasing intense and brutal encounters that await players in the demo. This trailer promises to provide a captivating preview of the immersive experience that “Over the Top: WWI” has in store.

    Watch “Over the Top: WWI” Steam Next Fest Trailer HERE.

    Prepare to dive into the trenches and feel the intensity of warfare like never before. Don’t miss your chance to be among the first to experience the demo of “Over the Top: WWI” now and during Steam Next Fest until June 17.

    Over the Top: WWI is scheduled for release in 2024 for PC on Steam.

    classified-france-44The third DLC for Absolutely Games’ strategic epic launches today with a new map, weapon and weapon variant, clothing set, and two new special ops missions.

    Absolutely Games and Team17 Digital have today launched the Talon Pack for WWII-based strategy epic Classified: France ‘44. Available for PC, PlayStation®5, and Xbox Series X|S, the Talon Pack grants players new gear to aid them in their fight for victory, including a new map, ‘Manor’; two new Special Ops missions, ‘Foul Manors’ and ‘Hostage Negotiation’; new weapon ‘Mosin-Nagant M1891’; new weapon variant, ‘Trench Gun ‘Bear’’; and a new clothing set, ‘US Airborne ‘Talon’ Set’.

    An original take on the turn-based tactics genre, Classified: France ’44 authentically captures the challenges of World War II firefights, shining a light on a lesser-known story. Players will take charge of the Jedburghs: a group of special forces dropped deep in the heart of Nazi-occupied France, working with the Resistance to disrupt and sabotage enemy forces in the lead up to D-Day.

    James Brooksby, CEO, Absolutely Games, said: “Today, on the 80th anniversary of the D-Day landings we want to remember these momentous events which inspired the creation of Classified: France ’44. We pay tribute to the heroic men and women who took part in the run-up to and during Operation Overlord – the largest amphibious invasion in history. We will not forget the many lives lost in the campaign to liberate Europe.

    The season pass for Classified: France ’44 can be purchased for £19.99/$19.99/€19.99, granting access to all four DLC packs, with the individual DLC packs 1-4 available for £5.99/$5.99/€5.99 each.

    For more information on Classified: France ’44, visit the official website. PC users can purchase the game via Steam.

    scramble-battle-of-britainAttention, pilots and flight captains!

    Prepare for takeoff with Scramble: Battle of Britain.

    We’re thrilled to announce that a demo of our exhilarating aerial combat game will be available during the Steam Next Fest from June 10th to17th. This is your chance to experience intense dogfights and intricate mechanics firsthand.

    Here’s what you can look forward to in the demo:


  • An Instant Action Skirmish Generator
  • Single-player missions featuring Spitfires, 109s, and Stuka bombers
  • Simulation

  • A dynamic 3D airspace hosting a Six Degree-of-Freedom dogfighting simulation
  • A turn-based match structure that transitions from planning, through simulation, and into review of each turn
  • Damage modeling that includes leaks, explosions, smoke, and lost components
  • Aircraft aerodynamics that mimic the unique performance envelopes and failure modes of each airframe
  • Pilot physiology that models blackouts and injury
  • Control

  • Scramble’s state-of-the-art Turn/Climb Flight Assist for intuitive, analog piloting of aircraft
  • Mechanics for escaping and bailing to salvage pilot lives and aircraft
  • Cinematic Tools

  • Cinematic tools for directing camera movement, reference points, and target tracking
  • Hideable UI layers appropriate to your content
  • Saveable match replays. Return later to capture and share video and still images
  • Don’t miss out on this thrilling opportunity to immerse yourself in the skies of WWII. Get ready to Scramble! Click here for more game information.