Sherman Commander

sherman-commander“We’re going to rip out their living goddamned guts and use them to grease the treads of our tanks”

Sherman Commander lets you put general Patton’s words into action

Sherman Commander is the latest offering in the simulation genre that has just been announced by Iron Wolf Studio S.A. In this tactical tank simulation, the player will take the role of a Sherman tank platoon commander and lead his men across the most famous World War II theatres of operation.

Sherman Commander will bring a whole new perspective on realism in tactical armored warfare simulation, presenting the tank as a slow, lumbering war machine that required the effort of the entire crew to operate. The player will lead his forces from the commander’s seat, with a realistic first-person view through optical sights in the commander’s cupola, as well as from the tactical map.

Watch gameplay trailer for Sherman Commander

The game will put a lot of emphasis on the primary role of the Sherman tank, i.e. infantry support. Therefore, the player will often assist and cooperate with various infantry units to achieve tactical advantage in battle. Game mechanics will put emphasis on the most crucial aspects of fire and maneuver tactics, such as reconnaissance, suppression fire, soft and hard cover, morale, flanking, and more.

Sherman Commander will also feature tank duels against more heavily armored and harder-hitting enemy vehicles. Being the underdog in those match-ups will require a thoughtful approach, as each mistake may and will have dire consequences.

Sherman Commander will feature various battlefields and combat situations across many theatres, and will pit the player against a dynamic AI that will attempt to outmaneuver and put them on the defensive. A sweeping campaign mode will take the player from the sands of Africa to the cobblestones of German cities, forging and testing their commanding skills in the heat of battle.

More information about Sherman Commander is available on the games official Steam page.