Month: January 2024

headquarters-world-war-iiThe explosive new demo will see players dive into the heat of action during the game’s gripping German campaign

Slitherine Software and Starni Games are airdropping a free new demo for their much-anticipated turn-based strategy title, Headquarters: World War II during Steam Next Fest. Available 5th-12th February, the demo will offer the first glimpse of the game’s fast-paced turn-based gameplay across two playable missions.

The missions contained in the demo include a tutorial mission and the first battle to be featured within the game’s gripping German campaign. The tutorial represents the perfect training ground for new recruits to brush up on their skills before they reach the frontline. The demo’s second mission will see players relive one of the most iconic battles in history from the perspective of the Germans, as they wage war against the Allied on D-Day.

Planned to release in Q2 2024, Headquarters: World War II covers the Battle of Normandy in three plot-driven campaigns, (the USA, the UK, and Germany) that span nine missions each. Alongside these three campaigns, the game features a Skirmish Mode, a Map Editor tool, a random map generation tool, and a Multiplayer Mode for up to four players.

You can find out more details about Headquarters: World War II HERE.

b17-flying-fortress-the-mighty-8th-reduxMicroProse is happy to announce that B-17 Flying Fortress: The Mighty 8th Redux is out on Steam in Early Access.

Redux is the classic game remastered. Feel the power of flying a 10-men crew on a B-17 over occupied Europe in WWII. Plan the mission, choose your men and take action in every post onboard, from pilot to bombardier and machine gunners. Get ready for a high-flying adventure in this all-time classic remake.

Trial of Allegiance Brings the World War to a New Hemisphere

When a war goes global, no one is safe. The oceans and distance that once kept nations secure are now crossed by ships in days and ideology in minutes. The countries of South America have their internal problems, but face pressure to choose a side in the ongoing world war. Prepare a glorious new future for the continent in Hearts of Iron IV: Trial of Allegiance, coming March 07.

Trial of Allegiance is a new content pack for Paradox Interactive’s best-selling grand strategy wargame about the climactic years around World War II. In this add-on, the major nations of South America take centre stage as they ensure stability at home in an unstable world. Follow the historical course of action or explore dramatic new alternate histories in three new National Focus Trees.

Watch the Hearts of Iron IV: Trial of Allegiance Official Announcement Trailer HERE.

Features of Hearts of Iron IV: Trial of Allegiance include:

National Focus Tree for Brazil: Challenged by a decade of internal strife and constitutional crises, Brazil can follow the historical path as a late but valuable member of the Allied cause. Alternately, seek continental hegemony under a new government with new priorities.
National Focus Tree for Argentina: Rife with corruption, revolts and worker unrest, Argentina presents a difficult political challenge. Once you’ve settled the problems at home, you can contribute more on the world stage and help this nation reach its full potential.
National Focus Tree for Chile: Chile is a vigorous republic with a radical tradition that must face domestic fascist parties, the embers of ethnic unrest and the imposing influence of the United States. Chart a course of equality and renewal, pick up the banner of uniting the continent under one flag.
Paraguay and Uruguay: Minor content as well as several new releasable nations.
New Art: New 3D unit sprites for the Brazilian army, as well as new unique 2D art for National Focus trees and units
New Music: Six new songs, with two each for the major nations in the pack.
New Voiceovers: Voiceovers in Brazilian Portuguese, Argentinian Spanish and Chilean Spanish.

Hearts of Iron IV: Trial of Allegiance will be available on 07 March 2024 for the suggested retail price of $14.99/£12.79/€14.99 on Steam.

For more game information please visit the official Hearts of Iron IV website.

b17-flying-fortress-the-mighty-8th-reduxEarly Access starts on the 23rd of January

Feel the power of flying a 10-men crew on a B-17 over occupied Europe in WWII. Plan the mission, choose your men and take action in every post onboard, from pilot to bombardier and machine gunners. Get ready for a high-flying adventure in this all-time classic remake.

Watch the new trailer HERE.

How does it play?

Unleash the might of the B-17 Flying Fortress: Experience the adrenaline rush of flying through relentless anti-aircraft fire and engage in intense aerial combat against Nazi warplanes. Become part of the legendary crew and relive the challenges faced at 15,000 feet with only a thin layer of steel between life and death.

Take control of various roles, including Pilot, Co-Pilot, Navigator, Bombardier/Chin Turret Gunner, Radio Operator, Engineer/Top Turret Gunner, Port Waist Gunner, Starboard Waist Gunner, Ball Gunner, and Tail Gunner. From take-off to landing, from navigating across a realistically mapped Europe to operating the radio, experience the intensity of war from multiple perspectives.

Key Features

Take Control of Different Crew Roles aboard a B-17
Historical Campaigns
Quick Start Missions
Training Missions
Historical Missions
Updated visuals and interface

Redux: The same experience was remastered with the original engine upgraded to support the functionality present in Directx 12. Working on the redux will give the developers the opportunity to look back and learn in order to push forward with future Flying Fortress titles.

For more information about B-17 Flying Fortress: The Mighty 8th Redux, visit the games Steam Page.