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field-of-glory-ii-medieval-swords-and-scimitarsMatrix Games is pleased to announce the release of Field of Glory II: Medieval – Swords and Scimitars.

The second DLC for Field of Glory II: Medieval takes you into conflicts that have inflamed South-Eastern Europe and the Middle East from 1040 AD to 1270 AD.

Play some of the bloodiest battles of the Crusades. Relive the final flowering and the decline of the Byzantine empire as well as the Mongol invasion of the middle east, which was only halted by the Mamluk Egyptians.

Swords and Scimitars comes with 20 more nations and factions and 35 more units.

Brand new units include: early and later Templar and Hospitaller knights, Turcopoles, Turcoman cavalry, Indian horse archers, Axe-armed Varangian guards, and more.

Relive 8 more historical scenarios covering key engagements of the period as well as 4 more historically-based campaigns covering major leaders and conflicts of the era: Alexios Komnenos, The First Crusade, Manuel Komnenos, Saladin.

Moreover, the DLC will be added to the Field of Glory II: Medieval – Complete Bundle, already containing Field of Glory II: Medieval and Reconquista with an additional 20% discount for a week.

Answer the call to arms, the battle never stops in Field of Glory II: Medieval – Swords and Scimitars.

Find out more about Field of Glory II: Medieval – Swords and Scimitars on the DLC’s official webpage.

broken-arrowMatrix Games is pleased to announce the release of a new Developers Diary for the upcoming game Broken Arrow.

We have previously discussed vehicles and helicopters, and it’s now time to shed some light on the oldest weapon platform of them all: the infantryman.

Infantry has a very important role in Broken Arrow because it has the upper hand over vehicles and helicopters in entire sections of the battlefield.

Infantry is inherently a very defensive type of unit: it moves slowly, it is difficult to detect and hard to dislodge from urban, wooded or mountainous terrain. Attacking infantry with vehicles in these types of terrain is like asking for a beating. It requires intensive indirect fire support for suppression and your own infantry to progress. If enemy artillery starts sticking its nose into this already messy situation it can lead to a long and costly stalemate. So it’s generally advised to move around that kind of defensive position if possible.

The basic infantry squads generally come with a set of rifles, light machine guns and grenade launchers to fight against other infantry squads and they usually carry short range anti tank weapons.

Check out the full diary HERE.

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command-modern-operationsA new DLC from Command Modern Operations, recreates a “what if” conflict between NATO and Communism powers, a follow on from ” Northern Inferno 1975″, twelve scenarios across all areas of the World including the Pacific, North Atlantic, South China Sea.

Tension Explode in the Norwegian Sea when a standoff takes place between NATO Destroyer and a Soviet Submarine, which drew both Powers into a rapidly escalating war that draws in Neighbours and super power alike.

Watch the Command: Red Tide Announcement Trailer HERE.

Get more information from the DLC’s Product Page.

unity-of-command-iiSource: Blue’s News

2×2 Games and Croteam announce Moscow 41, new DLC coming to Steam on August 31st for Unity of Command II, the Windows and macOS World War II strategy game. Here’s more on this chance to relive Germany’s ill-fated effort to conquer the Soviet Union:

In Moscow ’41 you take control of Soviet forces as they deliver blow after blow to an overextended Wehrmacht during their winter counteroffensives of 1941/42. Though battered and bruised, German armies will prove mighty opponents for the less experienced Red Army, which must also contend with overly ambitious objectives set forth by the Soviet leader Joseph Stalin.

order-of-battle-allies-resurgentOrder of Battle: Allies Resurgent, the second chapter of a trilogy of DLCs featuring World War II from the Allied perspective, is coming soon. The new campaign depicts battles in North Africa, the Mediterranean, and finally in Europe from late 1942 to early 1944.

At the start of the campaign, you lead US forces in Operation Torch, which marks the beginning of US involvement in the fighting in North Africa. After the first battle against Vichy-French units, the player has to prevail against veteran Axis forces in Tunisia.

Afterwards, the campaigns shift focus to the advances of the British Eighth Army into southern Tunisia. Following a successful breakthrough at the Mareth Line, the British push north: they aim to form a continuous front with Allied forces which participated in Operation Torch, and advance into Tunisia from the west.

In spring 1943 you take command of both the US and British forces in a combined offensive to retake Tunis, and to end the Axis presence in North Africa for good.

The last stage of Allies Resurgent shows the return of Allied ground forces to Europe, beginning with the amphibious invasion of Sicily. Finally, the player has to invade mainland Italy at Salerno, defeat German defences at the Volturno Line, and ultimately needs to take back Rome.

Allies Resurgent also adds 12 new scenarios, a number of new units for both Allied and Axis countries, two new specializations, and five new Allied commanders. Check out the product page for the full list.

Order of Battle: Allies Resurgent is looking for beta testers. Apply HERE.

combat-mission-cold-warMatrix Games has announced that Combat Mission: Cold War has been officially postponed.

We apologize for announcing late that we had to move the release date due to issues that prevent us from properly implementing the PBEM system for multiplayer. The new release date should be in September.

Battlefront is doing a great job trying to implement our PBEM system in the game, but obviously it’s not that simple. We were convinced that we would be able to release by the end of July but we noticed that there were some problems in the build. Therefore we decided to give the developers a few more weeks to work on it.

It wasn’t an easy decision, but it was a necessary one, to provide you with the best experience with Combat Mission: Cold War.

We’ll keep you updated as soon as we have more detailed information on the new date.

broken-arrowMatrix Games is pleased to announce the release of a new Developers Diary for the upcoming game Broken Arrow.

In our previous dev diary we introduced some of the mechanics related to ground combat vehicles. Let’s rise above all this fighting in the mud and focus on a more elevated subject: helicopters.

Helicopters are like cavalry units, they are fast, can pack a lot of punch but are not very resilient. They can have very different profiles depending on their armaments and sensors, which can be customized.

For each pylon you can choose what kind of weapon you want to attach, or simply leave it empty to deploy the helicopter more cheaply.

Check out the diary HERE.

company-of-heroes-3Join the fight on and play the Pre-Alpha Preview today!

The legendary strategy franchise is back, combining heart-pounding combat with new layers of strategy in a breathtaking Mediterranean setting. Relic Entertainment™ and SEGA® Europe Ltd. are thrilled to reveal that Company of Heroes™ 3, the latest instalment in the critically acclaimed strategy franchise, is coming to PC in 2022! Those eager to get their hands on the game won’t have to wait until then – visit to join CoH-Development and get access to the Pre-Alpha Preview for Company of Heroes 3 via Steam right now!

Watch the announcement trailer HERE.

Watch the gameplay reveal trailer HERE.

Mediterranean Theatre & New Features

Company of Heroes 3 is bringing the series’ intimate boots-on-the-ground storytelling to a brand-new theatre of war, unlocking authentic new tactics, factions, and a wealth of untold stories from World War II. The Mediterranean is a place of immense variety, from windswept Italian mountain passes to harsh North African deserts and coastal vistas. On this new frontline, intelligence trumps speed.

In Company of Heroes 3, the critically acclaimed Company of Heroes gameplay has been enhanced with authentic new features, making for the deepest tactical experience to date – all powered by the Essence Engine 5, the latest evolution of Relic’s proprietary real-time strategy technology. On the Dynamic Campaign Map, players command ground, air and naval forces and build supply lines as they lead the Allies’ campaign to retake mainland Italy from the entrenched Axis forces. The long-term choices you make here will affect not only the battles you fight, but the story of the war itself.

In single-player modes, Full Tactical Pause gives players a new level of tactical control over the pacing on the battlefield. By freezing the action, players who choose to employ Full Tactical Pause will be able to coordinate all their actions at once, thinking through every move in detail without the pressure of doing it all in real-time.

We’re really excited for players to experience Company of Heroes 3 right from the pre-alpha stage and to receive their valuable feedback,” said Justin Dowdeswell, General Manager at Relic Entertainment. “We’ve been co-developing the game with some of our fantastic community members for years now, and they have been instrumental in providing consistent and meaningful feedback at every step of the development process. We are ready to expand that program in a massive way with our fans around the world via our CoH-Development program, which has been made possible by Amplitude Studios™’ superb Games2Gether platform.

attack-at-dawn-north-africaThe Strategy Wargamer has interviewed Tomislav Čipčić, the lead designer of the game. In this episode of the Jean’s podcast you can find more details about: map design, hex-and-counter games, turn-based and real-time systems, AI programming and more.

You can listen to this interview HERE

New Gameplay Video
Panzer Division Games has released a second part of their gameplay video for Attack at Dawn: North Africa. In this video, the designer plays a game scenario “Battle of Alam el Halfa”, trying to win the day. The video shows new, illustrated unit counters, fast switching between Turn-Based and Real-Time modes of play, reworked AI and more.

You can watch the gameplay video HERE.

Map Series
The gameplay is followed by the battle map series, exploring the battles and operations that took place during the WW2 North African Campaign. The scenario shown in this gameplay video is Battle of Alam el Halfa. It was the last big Axis offensive in the Western Desert Campaign, and it took place between 30 August and 5 September 1942, at the El Alamein line. It was an Allied victory, and a prelude to the Second battle of El Alamein.

For full article describing the battle – you can go to the game’s website.

About The Game
Attack at Dawn: North Africa is an operational level wargame set in WW2 North African theatre. It features 3 campaigns, and 15 scenarios which can be played in solo or multiplayer modes. It can be played as a real-time, or turn-based (WeGo) game. The game begins with the German troops probing into the Libyan region of Cyrenaica, and finishes either with the total defeat of German-Italian Panzer Armee, or with the British loss of Egypt and their retreat across the Suez Canal.

For Steam website and wishlist, visit HERE.

field-of-glory-ii-medieval-swords-and-scimitarsField of Glory II: Medieval returns with its second DLC “Swords and Scimitars“. Set in the 11th to 13th centuries AD, the game focuses on the Crusades and the Byzantine Empire’s decline from their previously strong 11th century position.

In 1071, the Empire suffered a catastrophic defeat at the hands of the Seljuq Turks at the Battle of Manzikert. These recently converted, islamic nomads took nearly all of Anatolia under Alp Arslan’s expert leadership.

As the Byzantine Emperor Alexios Komnenos struggled, an appeal to the west for mercenary support was seized upon by Pope Urban II. In 1095 he called for a Crusade both to recover holy land and to further his own ends at the Council of Clermont.

The timing was fortuitously right, as the mighty Seljuq Empire had begun to fragment, allowing the First Crusade to eventually capture Jerusalem in 1099. The creation of “Crusader States” following on from this success would lead to two centuries of bitter conflict.

Several major Crusades were to follow, as the Crusader states fought for their existence against a succession of resurgent Islamic states.

Meanwhile, further East, a far greater threat to Islamic civilisation was emerging. The rapidly expanding Mongols had destroyed the Khwarazmian Shahdom by 1231, the Christian kingdom of Georgia in 1239, and the Seljuqs were defeated and forced into vassaldom by 1243.

In 1258 the Assassins of Alamut, and the vestigial remains of the once great Abbasid Caliphate, had also been conquered. Only the Mamluks of Egypt were able to finally bring the Mongol advance to an end, with their victory at Ain Jalut in 1260.

In the Balkans the Byzantine Empire had retained some of its former glory until 1204, when the Fourth Crusade broke the back of the Empire, leaving them a minor state shattered into four fragments.

These are the backgrounds, stories and wars that lead to the new DLC, which will include:

  • 20 more nations and factions covering South Eastern Europe and the Middle East from 1040 AD to 1270 AD. These include Arabs (Syria/Iraq), Armenians (Cilician), Bulgarians, Byzantines (Main Empire, also Nikaia, Epiros and Trebizond), Crusaders, Cypriots (Lusignan Kingdom), Dailami, Fatimid Egyptians, Georgians, Ghaznavids, Ghurids, Indians (Rajput, other Hindu, Muslim), Khwarazmians, Latin States in Greece, Mamluk Egyptians, Mongols (Ilkhanids), Pechenegs, Seljuq Turks, Serbians and Syrian States.
  • 35 more units (11 brand new, 24 new to Medieval), allowing the troops of all of the new factions to be accurately represented.
  • 41 more army lists allowing historically realistic armies for each of the above factions and their allies at different dates during the period.
  • 8 more historical scenarios covering key engagements of the period on an epic scale. These include Manzikert 1071, Dorylaeum 1097, Ascalon 1099, Sirmium 1167, Arsuf 1191, La Forbie 1244, Homs 1281 and Kili 1299.
  • 4 more historically-based campaigns covering major leaders and conflicts of the era: Alexios Komnenos, The First Crusade, Manuel Komnenos, Saladin.
  • Sandbox campaign expanded to include all the new army lists.
  • Time Warp custom battles modules expanded to include all the new army lists.