Classified: France ‘44 “Talon Pack” DLC Released

classified-france-44The third DLC for Absolutely Games’ strategic epic launches today with a new map, weapon and weapon variant, clothing set, and two new special ops missions.

Absolutely Games and Team17 Digital have today launched the Talon Pack for WWII-based strategy epic Classified: France ‘44. Available for PC, PlayStation®5, and Xbox Series X|S, the Talon Pack grants players new gear to aid them in their fight for victory, including a new map, ‘Manor’; two new Special Ops missions, ‘Foul Manors’ and ‘Hostage Negotiation’; new weapon ‘Mosin-Nagant M1891’; new weapon variant, ‘Trench Gun ‘Bear’’; and a new clothing set, ‘US Airborne ‘Talon’ Set’.

An original take on the turn-based tactics genre, Classified: France ’44 authentically captures the challenges of World War II firefights, shining a light on a lesser-known story. Players will take charge of the Jedburghs: a group of special forces dropped deep in the heart of Nazi-occupied France, working with the Resistance to disrupt and sabotage enemy forces in the lead up to D-Day.

James Brooksby, CEO, Absolutely Games, said: “Today, on the 80th anniversary of the D-Day landings we want to remember these momentous events which inspired the creation of Classified: France ’44. We pay tribute to the heroic men and women who took part in the run-up to and during Operation Overlord – the largest amphibious invasion in history. We will not forget the many lives lost in the campaign to liberate Europe.

The season pass for Classified: France ’44 can be purchased for £19.99/$19.99/€19.99, granting access to all four DLC packs, with the individual DLC packs 1-4 available for £5.99/$5.99/€5.99 each.

For more information on Classified: France ’44, visit the official website. PC users can purchase the game via Steam.