War the Game

war-the-gameSource: Blue’s News

GabberGames announces the release of War, the Game on Steam, calling this “PC strategy gaming for the masses.” That said, they also call this one of those games that’s difficult to master in spite of its simplicity, though one element that sets it apart from a typical RTS game is a spherical map, making for a more global version of a global conflict. This carries a 10% launch discount, and here’s word on gameplay:

War, the Game is a global Real Time Strategy game. Take the role of a supreme commander directing your armies across the globe. Use your strategic wit to battle AI and other players in realistic scenarios.
Conquer the world, city by city.

Easy to learn, difficult to master. War, the Game only has 7 army types. The game rules are simple and transparent. The first few scenarios teach you all you need to know. After that it is down to your braininess.

Variety is the spice of life. Take command of the armed forced of a large variety of nations. Scenarios require wildly different strategies to win that are not obvious as you start out. The AI is expanding so there is little time to decide. The network scenarios are also varied. 25 players in a big scrum or 1 on 1. With or without alliances.

Get more information via the official War, the Game website.