Order of Battle: World War II

order-of-battle-ww22017 is gone. It was a great year for Order of Battle with many new expansions being released, greatly expanding the list of available campaigns, scenarios, factions and units, as well as adding plenty of amazing new features.

But let’s look forward, to 2018: there is much more coming your way. Work continues relentlessly and without pause. The goal is to bring the beloved Order of Battle formula to new battlefields and adapt it to represent the various types of warfare waged in WWII.

Next week we will also announce something community related… if you’re a fan of Order of Battle you don’t want to miss this, so stay tuned!

And now something which all players will find extremely useful. We would like to show you an amazing tool developed by a very talented fan, Mojko.

It’s the Unit Navigator, an online tool through which you can browse and compare all the units included in the game! Making the right strategical choice has never been easier. You can read more detailed information here. Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication Mojko!

Order of Battle: World War II is completely free to try. Download it for free and try it immediately for an authentic and challenging World War II strategic experience.

order-of-battle-ww2Last week we spoke of the specialization system coming with next patch, but today we’re going to talk of something different, something new.

Order of Battle: World War II will have a Import core army tool, allowing linked campaigns in which players can carry over their core armies. The idea is to link together campaigns which will form a larger mega campaign. At first it’ll be only Morning Sun linked with Rising Sun, but we plan to make use of this future as we release more campaigns (for instance, we’ll certainly link the upcoming Blitzkrieg with any future-and-yet-unannounced-but-certainly-coming campaign featuring the Wehrmacht).

How does it work? It’s quite simple. At any point during a campaign (although it’s best if you do it once the campaign has been completed) you’ll be able to select the button Export core from your campaign -> Core army screen. You can then save your Core army.

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order-of-battle-ww2By Matrix Games

Matrix Games has published an interview with Lukas Nijsten, game designer behind the Order of Battle series. He speaks at length of the upcoming expansion, Winter War, as well as the saga in general, and gives us a hint on what we can expect next.

“The Winter War turned out to be an ideal step toward the European theatre of WW2. Because the Chinese forces in Morning Sun use a lot of Soviet aircraft and vehicles from the 1930′s, a substantial number of required unit models were already available. In addition, it allowed us to create a small subset of German and Soviet WW2 units, as well as the new winter climate, as a stepping stone toward future Eastern and Western Front campaigns.”

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order-of-battle-ww2You fought on the shores of the Pacific Ocean in Order of Battle: Pacific, but now the war is global!

Order of Battle: World War II, formerly known as Order of Battle: Pacific, is a bigger project with a wider scope and the goal of featuring multiple fronts of World War II, and it is OUT NOW!

It is available to everyone for free: it contains the initial bootcamp missions plus the first scenario of every DLC Campaign, and they are completely free. Players will be able to try the game, play several scenarios and decide if they’d like to get the DLC Campaign.

The original campaigns of Order of Battle: Pacific are now split into two different DLCs:

  • The Order of Battle: U.S. Pacific DLC, featuring the American campaign.
  • The Order of Battle: Rising Sun DLC, featuring the Japanese campaign.

Important: if you already own Order of Battle: Pacific you will be given these two DLCs, Rising Sun and U.S. Pacific, and retain any other DLC you already own!

Stay tuned for more news in the future: the expansion Winter War is in development, and there are plans for more amazing content…

Grab Order of Battle: WW II via the Matrix Games webstore, or on Steam.