Close Combat: The Bloody First

close-combat-the-bloody-firstThe first massive mod for Close Combat: The Bloody First is now available.

It is called Veteran and it was developed by a well-known modder in the community, Nomada_Firefox.

He took upon himself the task of converting maps from Close Combat: the Longest Journey, as well as adding a lot more content. We were so impressed with it that we have worked to bring this content into the game as an optional addition you can directly download from the games client.

Nomada_Firefox’s Veteran mod main features include:

  • New content that covers the whole of the Normandy landings.
  • Adds British and Commonwealth forces as well as many new units for US and German forces
  • Two new campaigns, one Allied and one Axis
  • Dozens of new battles and operations
  • 20 new maps converted from Close Combat The Longest Day

You can now download the Veteran mod directly from the game’s download system by doing the following:

1. Click the button ‘User Content’ which will appear on the game main screen next to the game title.
2. Select the ‘Veteran Normandy’ mod from the ‘User Content List’
3. Click ‘Download.’

Last but not least, Close Combat: The Bloody First is currently part of our Easter sale: If you don’t have it yet in your game library, you can acquire it at 30% off by entering the “happyeaster30″ coupon code. The offer is only valid on the Slitherine and Matrix Games stores.

Stop by the official Close Combat: The Bloody First webpage for more game information!

close-combat-the-bloody-firstClose Combat: The Bloody First has been updated to version 1.1.1! This is truly the Big 1 update and it is full of nice additions and improvements.

The most significative element in this update is the introduction of the Map Editor along with a full range of Modding Tools.

The new modding kit allows you to customize single battles, campaigns, scripting custom behaviours for a battle, adding new units and terrain models to the data set using the import tool, and many more additions!

The editor is accessible from the game launcher.

News is not over! To celebrate this important milestone, the whole Close Combat Franchise is on sale! The Bloody First is 35% off! The offer lasts until April 6th at 5 PM GMT (only for digital editions). Take a look at the offer HERE.

Get the update from HERE! Take a look at the full changelog HERE.

Stop by the official Close Combat: The Bloody First webpage for more game information!

close-combat-the-bloody-firstMatrix Games has announced that the recently released Close Combat: The Bloody First has been updated to Version 1.0.1. Version 1.0.1 fixes many bugs encountered, from fixing the crash/save file corruption, tanks accuracy in close range, the STEEP ANGLE ISSUE and more.

You can download the update from HERE.

Please check the full changelog below…

• Fix for crash / save file corruption that could occur after saving in a battle.
• Soldier name or portrait pic no longer changed incorrectly after saving in battle.
• Campaign no longer stops early when playing with a language other than English set.
• Fix for incorrect ‘STEEP ANGLE’ state with vehicles targeting another vehicle at very close range.
• German units no longer redeploy into original positions after first battle on Omaha Beach.
• Fixed missing string error when initiative changes during an Operation.
• Original order choice now shown correctly if you return to the Planning Screen.
• Original order choice now shown correctly if you return to the Planning Screen.
• Fixed Accuracy for tanks and guns in close range

Several issues related to saved games have been addressed in the 1.0.1 update. For best results it is recommend that you start new games after installing the update. The game will attempt to restore and continue saved games that were effected by the earlier problems but may not be able to do so in all cases.

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close-combat-the-bloody-firstLead the Big Red One on the road to victory

North Africa, Sicily, Normandy: Close Combat: The Bloody First is ready to storm over Axis’ positions. The new chapter that reinvents the classic series is now available on PC with three Campaigns divided into 11 Operations and 36 Battles. Players take the lead of the 1st US Infantry Division and fight their way through Tunisia, South Italy and the final assault on D-Day’s beaches.

The new 3D Archon engine powers Close Combat: The Bloody First battles with full three-dimensional maps where hills and woods can block the line of sight. Close Combat: The Bloody First, faithful to the heritage of the classic series, is a tactical RTS where strategy counts: players can’t blindly launch mindless attacks on enemy positions without losing their army in minutes.

Morale also plays a central part in battles: units under fire will be pinned, will panic and flee. Players need to carefully plan their attacks and use real-world infantry tactics as real commanding officers would do: flank enemy machine-guns nests, use smoke barrages to cover their advances, scout no man’s land to order artillery bombardments or air strikes on dug-in enemy positions.

Multiplayer: like in all previous Close Combat games, The Bloody First is a joy to play online. A serious simulation where players can fight with human opponents in real-time, or team up with them and play coop against the AI.

Close Combat: The Bloody First, the latest title in the famous Close Combat series, is now available for purchase on the Matrix Games Store, the Slitherine Store and on Steam.

Stop by the official Close Combat: The Bloody First webpage for more game information!

close-combat-the-bloody-firstLess than two weeks to wait! Matrix Games & Slitherine today announced Close Combat: The Bloody First, the new chapter in the epic WW2 tactical RTS saga is coming to PC on October 3rd. Lead the mighty Big Red One, the 1st US infantry division from North Africa to Sicily and then in its final assault on the beaches of Normandy. Three full campaigns, 11 operations, 36 battles, in a detailed 3D world rendered in a completely new real-time strategy engine.

No mission too difficult. No Sacrifice too great. Duty First!

Watch the “What is CLOSE COMBAT: THE BLOODY FIRST in 2 minutes!” Trailer HERE.

And that’s not all. Three new gameplay trailers have also been released:

Close Combat: The Bloody First is not an ordinary RTS: the action is fast, but you can always pause the game and issue new orders to your troops. This will allow you to recreate complex historical actions; pin down enemy nests with machine guns, flank them with fast infantry, cover your advance with smoke barrages, target the vulnerable side armour of the German Panzers with armour piercing weapons, scout enemy positions and unleash artillery or mortar fire before they see you.

Beware of enemy fire: your troops are heroic US infantrymen but they will panic under enemy fire if caught in the open with no cover. Morale and pressure are deadly weapons.

Multiplayer at its best: despite the Close Combat saga is a classic from the 90s, thousands of gamers still play it for its unparalleled realism in multiplayer battles roday. The Bloody First keeps up with the tradition and adds a wide variety of new options.

Close Combat: The Bloody First, the upcoming title in the famous Close Combat series, will be released on October 3rd, on the Matrix Games Store, the Slitherine Store and on Steam.

close-combat-the-bloody-first“No Mission Too Difficult. No Sacrifice Too Great. Duty First!”

Matrix Games has announced that, after several months of hard work, Close Combat: The Bloody First is ready to go officially in Beta!

Developers have put a lot of effort into creating one of the most realistic tactical wargames ever, improving and refining the overall gameplay experience.

Now it’s your turn to duty! If you think you have what it takes, enlist here and help us in giving the final touches to the game!


If you have applied in precedence for the Alpha, you don’t have to apply a second time as you have been automatically added to the Beta.

Close Combat: The Bloody First is the latest release in the critically-acclaimed Close Combat series, and the first using the new 3D Archon engine. With this Close Combat: The Bloody First combines classic Close Combat tactical gameplay with battles fought across a wide variety of diverse 3D landscapes including craggy ridgelines, narrow valleys and dense villages. The switch to 3D also allows an increase in the level of detail (e.g. the specific types of ammunition used by each weapon are now modeled) with more realistic movement and projectile physics.

Following the career of the famed US 1stInfantry Division (forever known as ‘The Big Red One’) Close Combat: The Bloody First visits the battlefields of Tunisia and Sicily for the first time, as well as covering the Normandy campaign. 

With 3 theatres to cover Close Combat: The Bloody First places the focus firmly on the tactical level putting you in command of a 1st Infantry Division company (sometimes reinforced … and sometimes not!), leading your men through a series of linked operations and battles from Longstop Hill in Tunisia to Mortain in Normandy. You’ll have to look after your men, work out the best combination of fire and movement, know when they need bolstering with armoured vehicles and decide when to call in support from artillery and aircraft.