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corsair-one-pro-1080-ti-compact-gaming-pcBy Joe Evans @ Legit Reviews

Just scant days after the announcement that EagleTree Capital bought a majority share of the company, Corsair sent us over one of their new One Pro 1080 Ti gaming system to check out. Unfortunately, we had some delays in the process and were only able to spend a few days with it before the launch so no huge in depth analysis here, but we got enough hands-on time to give it a fair evaluation. It’s got some of the best parts available crammed into a relatively small package that’s visually dazzling. As a follow up to their original Corsair One that was well received in the industry, they’ve upped the ante a bit with some minor upgrades in this iteration. I’ll relieve any suspense up front by saying it’s a kick ass system but I’m pretty sure you could tell that just from the specs and pictures alone and if not, maybe this video will help.

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