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arozzi-verona-v2-pro-gaming-chairBy crmaris @ TechPowerUp!

I have reviewed several Arozzi products so far, including gaming chairs and some peripherals, like its large, impressive gaming desk and one of their desktop microphones. With that having been said, I am well aware of Arozzi’s modern design lines, ergonomics, and usability when it comes to gaming furniture. Even though the company and product names sound Italian, Arozzi originates from Sweden and is relatively new to the market since it was founded in 2013. Even so, Arozzi has an abundance of gaming peripherals, and its chair category is brimming with different designs and colors to suit every user’s liking, with prices beginning at €189, which puts them in the medium-priced category and has their products address entry-level and mainstream users.

The early Vernazza gaming chair uses PU synthetic pleather, and it was one of Arozzi’s biggest gaming chairs at the time. It has been a while since I last reviewed a chair made out of fabric or something other than PU pleather, and it was as such a pleasant surprise when Arozzi sent me their latest gaming chair with a soft, durable fabric cover. The sturdy metal frame, aluminium wheelbase, and large dimensions are meant to cater to users of up to 145 kg (320 lbs), and the 70 kg/m³ foam density and ergonomic design of the neck cushion promise to provide a comfortable user experience to as many different users as possible. At €359 (including VAT) from the official company web shop, the new Vernazza with a fabric upholstery might just be the right chair for you.

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arozzi-arena-deskBy crmaris @ TechPowerUp!

During CES 2019, we had the opportunity to take a good look at Arozzi’s products. We were aware of the company’s product variety, which had us look forward to seeing product types from the company we had not reviewed yet, including their gaming desks, something we have had an interest in lately as well. The Arena gaming desk caught our attention almost instantly as it was standing imperiously among the rest. It is a huge desk covering an impressive 14 sq. ft. and comes in six different color combinations, so there is a color option to suit everyone’s tastes. The frame and legs are made out of steel to ensure it can deal with a load of up to 80 kg (176 lb). As it stands, it currently comes in at €299 (incl. VAT) in the EU and is sold for $399 (excl. VAT) in the States.

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nitro-concepts-s300-gaming-chairBy Kyle Bennett @ HardOCP

Nitro Concepts is a new name in gaming chairs here in North America, but the company does have a somewhat of a good pedigree. Today we are reviewing the first Nitro Concepts chair available in USA, the S300. The S300 is a more cost conscious chair, but still carries with it a German engineered design.

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vertagear-triigger-350-se-gaming-chairBy Kyle Bennett @ HardOCP

What happens when you rope yourself in to doing a gaming chair review? You take your time, do it right, and make sure your butt spends at least a few months in the chair before you write your review. My butt has been in the VertaGear Triigger 350 Gaming Chair for over 3 months, and here are my thoughts.

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cougar-armor-gaming-chairBy Mario Campos @ PureOC

A gamer who doesn’t sit on their butt for hours at a time is scarcely a gamer at all. It’s at least true today, as the arcades have gone the way of… I don’t know, MySpace? They exist, but not like they did in their prime. If you want to play a game, you’ll likely want to sit. If you want to sit for hours without those post-game pains, you’re going to want a better than average chair. You might even want the Cougar Armor Gaming Chair. Let’s find out.

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