Battle of the Bulge

battle-of-the-bulge-boxMatrix Games has announced that Battle of the Bulge, the fast paced wargame simulating the tough battle fought between the Allied and the German forces on the Western Front, has been updated to Version 1.16!

This update greatly improves the multiplayer experience introducing a Real Time System, allowing the players to receive live updates in multiplayer sessions without waiting for a notification to return to the fight!

Together with this feature this version fixes some bugs (like the AI stuck on replacements phase bug) and improves the gameplay in many ways!

As always you can download the patch for the PC version here.

The game is also available on Steam.

Find out more about Battle of the Bulge here.

battle-of-the-bulge-box16 December 1944 – The once quiet Ardennes forest erupts with the shells of thousands artillery guns. Under the snow lie the bodies of the first American soldiers caught by a completely unexpected large-scale German offensive.

The Allies have underestimated the Reich’s ability to mobilize its resources, and now they are facing the OberkommandoWest’s charge towards the river Meuse. They race forwards, aiming to gain the banks of the Meuse before the allied air forces can react to stop the panzer march.

Who will win this race against time?

Battle of the Bulge is releasing today for Pc, Mac and iOS platforms, and is putting you in charge of the German or Allied forces during one of the toughest battle fought on the Western Front!

Directly from the product description:

“Command infantry, mechanized and armoured units in hard fights through the various phases of the offensive, taking into account the nature of the terrain and its effects on the assailants and defenders”

The game features an updated AI opponent, a new multiplayer system supporting cross platform battles, private and paired matches plus access to a new tournament system!

Grab the game now!

Do you want to see some action? Join us today on our Twitch Channel as we stream the game at 20:00 CEST / 18:00 UTC / 2:00 PM EDT!

Find out more about Battle of the Bulge and view the release trailer here.