Battlefield 2018

battlefield-2018By Gaming Intel

During EA’s recent earnings call, the company announced new features and details on the upcoming Battlefield 2018 game. With BF1 now approaching it’s final DLC, Apocalypse, the EA CEO Andrew Wilson and CFO Blake Jorgensen revealed new details on the Battlefield 2018 Release Date.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Blake Jorgensen confirmed that BioWare’s Anthem will be coming in early 2019 instead of fall 2018 due to Battlefield 2018, however he stated that ‘it’s not a delay’. According to the Wall Street Journal EA are planning to release their next Battlefield title in October 2018. This comes as no surprise considering both BF1 and Battlefield 4 were released in October.

Potential Battlefield 2018 Battle Royale Mode?

Andrew Wilson also confirmed that he wants to innovate ideas from PUBG, having been a huge fan of the ‘core gameplay and map design’. This does not definitely confirm that there will be a Battlefield 2018 Battle Royale Mode like PUBG, however we could possibly see something along those lines.