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historical-when-hellcats-took-the-fight-to-the-luftwaffeBy Barrett Tillman @

Four Grumman F6F-5 Hellcats swept in from the sea, hunting enemy aircraft attempting to get out from under the U.S. Navy’s aerial umbrella. Heading inland, the fighter leader spotted two twin-engine bombers bearing enemy markings on their wings. The setup was nearly ideal: The leader and his wingman nosed down, lined up the nearest target in their reflector gunsights and pressed the triggers on their stick grips. Motes of light played over the camouflaged bomber, which absorbed the full impact of 12 .50-caliber machine guns. It gushed smoke, descending rapidly and smashed into the ground.

Another successful shootdown in the Pacific? No, a Heinkel He-111 had just become the first Ger­man victim of Navy Hellcats over Europe.

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Dozens of other famous vehicles will join the massive military online action game

Gaijin Entertainment announces that the Swedish ground vehicles will be the main theme of the next major Content Update “Viking Fury” for the the military online action game War Thunder, but there will be new ground, air and naval vehicles for other nations as well – more than 60 completely new war machines in total. For example, the Soviet navy will get the light cruiser Sverdlov commissioned right after World War II, while the US Air Force will get the Vietnam era Douglas A-4B Skyhawk jet.

Swedish tanks might not be as famous as the vehicles produced by the countries that actually participated in 20th century wars, but they have been developed with both neighbors’ combat experience and local landscape features in mind, leading to unique and very practical designs. With the next major update War Thunder players will be able to try out how these vehicles, ranging from the light pre-war models like Strv m/31 and Strv m/40L to the contemporary designs like Strf 90C, would manage against the ground vehicles of the larger tank-building powers. By the way, real Swedish tanks did have some combat experience. For example, the Santo Domingo rebels used the Strv m/40L tanks against US Army M48 Pattons, while various variants of the Strf 90 have been used by Sweden, Denmark and Norway in the ongoing Afghanistan war.

The Sverdlov was the first of the Soviet Project 68bis light cruisers that were built using all the accumulated World War II military experience gained. It boasted highly effective anti-air weapons, had good armor and great combat range. The Sverdlov was launched and carried out combat duties in the waters of the Baltic Sea and Atlantic Ocean until her lay-up in 1978. She never saw real action, but became famous when the Soviet delegation arrived in London aboard the Sverdlov for coronation of Elizabeth II amidst Cold War hostilities.

The Douglas A-4 Skyhawk was a very cost-effective and easy to operate ground attack and fighter jet developed right after the Korean war. The A-4B’s primary armament consists of two 20mm Colt Mk.12 cannons, while the secondary ordnance options range from unguided rockets, such as the Mighty Mouse or Zunis, through guided missiles such as the Bullpups and Sidewinder air-to-air missile to standard unguided bombs as well as additional 20mm gunpods. Skyhawks saw action even after Vietnam, most importantly in the Falklands war (used by the Argentinian Air Force), and were based on the Brazilian aircraft carrier Sao Paulo until her decommissioning in 2018.

Follow the news at the official War Thunder website to find out more about the next content update that is scheduled to arrive in mid-March.

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ComanchePilots, get ready for action! The Comanche Open Multiplayer Beta on Steam will lift-off February 28, 5 AM PST / 2 PM CET and last until March 2, 10 AM PST / 7 PM CET. This open beta will allow us to make our final preparations for the Early Access launch.

During the Comanche Open Multiplayer Beta, anyone can participate by downloading the game on Steam.

Watch the new Comanche – Open Multiplayer Beta Teaser HERE.

While the open beta will feature only multiplayer gameplay (besides the Flight School), we’ve heard the community loud and clear:

From the start of Early Access on, Comanche will receive a singleplayer mode with one mission. Our goal is to make updates on a regular basis. This will include additional and new content for the multiplayer. When Early Access begins, developer Nukklear will provide a roadmap, detailing what new content will be available in upcoming updates.

About Comanche

Comanche is a modern helicopter shooter set in the near future. You have the choice to either delve into the evolving single player, and make a difference in a conflict of global proportions or compete with other Comanche players from all around the world in the explosive team-based multiplayer modes. Choose from an array of Comanche and drone configurations, and utilize their strengths to your tactical advantage. Experience a new era of thrilling dog-fights and stealthy drone close quarters action.


  • Two in one: Control the classic Comanche itself or the technically advanced versions of this legendary helicopter in heated dogfights, and step into its accompanying drone for close-quarter combat.
  • Infiltration: Objective-based, asymmetrical multiplayer. Every mission has its own goal – play as a team, to achieve victory – either on the attacking or the defending side.
  • Blackbox: Team Deathmatch with kill confirmation. Fast paced multiplayer action. Coordinate with your team and find the fastest way to achieve the most takedowns.
  • Many strategic opportunities: Pick one of many Comanche/Drone combinations armed with varied weapons and unique gadgets that compliments your playing style.
  • You wanted it, we listened: Evolving singleplayer
  • Shape the game: pick up Comanche in Early Access and participate in the development with your feedback and input!
  • Constant content updates: To expand, modify and improve the game. THQ Nordic and Nukklear will continuously provide new exciting content for Comanche

Find out more about Comanche from the games official website.

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nvidia-geforce-logoSource: TechPowerUp!

NVIDIA has released the latest version of their GeForce graphics drivers for your stability and gaming pleasure. The latest 442.50 WHQL version comes Game Ready for a number of updates to popular games, such as Apex Legends: Season 4, The Division 2 – Warlords of New York expansion, and ARK: Genesis Part 1.

Alongside these game-specific improvements, NVIDIA has also built into this new version some updated security features, though NVIDIA’s page for their Security Bulletin 4996 returns an error 404, so we are unable to go into specifics at this time. There are added VRSS profiles for VR gaming, and some specific fixes for a number of titles. Also of note is the inclusion of a number of monitors (namely AOC AG271FZ2, AOC AG271F1G2, and ASUS PG43U) to the G-Sync compatible list, so that’s three more monitors users can now use with NVIDIA’s certification.

You can download the GeForce Software 442.50 WHQL drivers via

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amd-radeon-software-adrenalin-2020Source: TechPowerUp!

AMD today released version 20.2.2 of their Radeon Adrenalin Edition driver suite. The new version brings with it support for the launch of Zombie Army 4: Dead War, so users can experience the latest and greatest performance available for AMD graphics cards on the new release. Perhaps more importantly, the new release also features a number of fixes for Black Screen errors in a number of scenarios and games, of which much has already been written over the internet. There are still a number of instances where black screens can occur listed on AMD’s “Known Issues” checklist for this driver release, however, so make sure to check the release notes to see if this driver looks to fix your particular scenario. Of course, you’re likely always better off updating to this latest driver version.

The Radeon Software Adrenalin 2020 Edition 20.2.2 drivers are available online at the AMD driver download page.

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hearts-of-iron-4-la-resistanceQuislings and Heroes Take Center Stage in La Résistance

Conquest is never easy, but the 20th Century brings new challenges. More infrastructure means more opportunities for disruption. Radio links saboteurs and freedom fighters across occupied territory. It is never hard to find willing collaborators, but it takes a lot of work to put them in place. Direct resisters, special agents, and quislings can all be found in Hearts of Iron IV: La Résistance.

La Résistance is the newest expansion to Paradox’s best-selling grand strategy wargame about the Second World War. In La Résistance, your nation has new resources at its disposal. At the center of the game is the Intelligence Agency that lets you train and deploy spies to undertake special missions cracking codes, stealing secrets and assisting resistance activities in the occupied lands of your conquered allies.

Watch the Hearts of Iron IV: La Resistance Release Trailer HERE.

Features of Hearts of Iron IV: La Résistance include:

  • New Focus Trees for France: New National Focuses for Free France and the Vichy Regime, as well as an option for conservatives to restore the old French Monarchy.
  • More in-Depth Spanish Campaign: New National Focuses for Republican and Nationalist Spain, including an expanded Spanish Civil War that can spiral into a wider conflict.
  • Portuguese National Focuses: New unique focus tree for Portugal. Restore Portuguese naval power, strengthen the overseas empire or intervene in the Civil War next door.
  • Espionage: Use your Intelligence Agency to train spies to specialize in certain types of information warfare and send them on special operations, or develop passive resistance to enemy espionage.
  • Support Resistance: Use your agents to assist allied resistance movements, giving them what they need to damage the enemy.
  • Collaboration Governments: Use your agents to prepare the ground for collaborators to fill the void once you’ve conquered your target.
  • Code Cracking: Decrypt enemy communications to gain short term battlefield advantages.
  • Recon units: Scout planes can provide useful information on nearby areas while armored cars help in detecting and suppressing resistance activities.
  • New music tracks

As usual, the expansion is accompanied by the release of a significant free update available to all Hearts of Iron IV players. Hearts of Iron IV: La Résistance is now available on Steam and the Paradox and Microsoft Stores for a suggested retail price of $19.99 / £19.99 / €19.99.

All-New Season Expands to the Orient with New Vehicles, Special Operations, and More!

Armored Warfare’s Asian-themed fifth season “Spirithaven” is now live for PC. The action MMO, featuring modern tank battles and immersive story campaigns, has deployed to the East for an all-new narrative. The core of the “Spirithaven” season will be a new set of Asian vehicles as well as the continuation of the Special Operations storyline. The new storyline will task the Resistance with traversing throughout Eastern Asia to capture key intel on Enigma in hopes of ending them for good.

Watch the Armored Warfare – “Spirithaven” Season Trailer HERE.

Players can expand their hangar with some of Asia’s deadliest Light Tanks, from the Japan’s agile and accurate Type 16 MCV, to the South Korean speedy powerhouse K21 Tier 8 AFV. Their superior mobility will be an effective addition as the resistance forces brave this vast new terrain. In addition to the new setting and new vehicles, players can look forward to a new commander, new battle UI and further technical and graphical improvements to Armored Warfare!


Almost a year has passed since Hana Buric and Austin Harper helped Magnus Holter to escape Enigma’s Moscow prison. The Resistance has grown stronger, but it’s still not powerful enough to wage a large scale war. Forced to find other options to take down Enigma, the Resistance has landed in Japan in hopes of capturing a key asset of the enemy — James Todd Litteral, the leader of the National Patriot Activist Army and extracting from him Enigma’s command center coordinates, allowing them to take out Enigma and its leader, Victor Blaze, in one fell swoop.


A new Contract Mission campaign awaits with similar mechanics to those used during the American Dream one. This time though, victorious commanders can look forward to a nice prize – the Type 89 Tier 7 AFV. With excellent mobility and firepower, this vehicle will make for a wonderful addition to aide in bring down Enigma.


A new arsenal of tanks and equipment are available, providing new and destructive ways to destroy your enemies, including:

  • Type 16 MCV Tier 7 TD – This wheeled Tank Destroyer features a unique ability called AI Target Assistant, allowing you to aim more precisely at moving targets for deadly accurate shots.
  • Harimau Tier 8 LT – Perfect for aggressive gameplay, this Indonesian Light Tank is the embodiment of what makes the Light Tank class so fun to play – fast and well-armed!
  • K21 Tier 8 AFV – this fast Korean IFV combines powerful armament and excellent mobility, to provide the perfect tool for delivering infantry right where it needs to be.

In addition to this, three more vehicles will be arriving later this season to provide players with a steady stream of new additions to their collections as they track down Enigma.


“Spirithaven” brings new technical improvements, gameplay mechanics and more. The combat interface has been redesigned to provide an easier view to essential battle info such as damage, module damage, and weapons status from the central panel. Most commanders have received new skills and combinations that open them up for different play styles options. Lastly, vehicles have received graphical improvements for all models and a dynamic dirt system has been added which shows them becoming dirtier when driving over rough terrain providing an all-new level of realism as they battle over snow, sand or mud!

To find out more about Armored Warfare and download the game for free, visit the games official website.

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aorus-fi27q-p-gaming-monitorBy Parm Mann @ Hexus

Over a year has passed since Aorus made its debut on the PC gaming monitor scene. The Gigabyte subsidiary’s first effort, dubbed the AD27QD Tactical Display, was generally well received as a competitively-priced 27in FreeSync solution offering basic HDR support and fast 144Hz action at a QHD resolution.

Entering the market shortly after the announcement of Nvidia’s G-Sync Compatible program helped heighten the AD27QD’s appeal – said panel was one of the first FreeSync solutions we’d tested on GeForce hardware – and Aorus is now hoping to build on those solid foundations with a choice of refreshed flat panels offering speeds of up to 165Hz.

Two models are available early in 2020, the FI27Q, priced at £450, and the FI27Q-P, priced at £570. We have the top-end model in for review, so let’s dig in and see what’s new.

Read the Review Here

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To celebrate the unrelenting infestation of glowing reviews and 1 BILLION ZOMBIES SLAUGHTERED by players across the globe, Rebellion have let loose a new accolades trailer for Zombie Army 4: Dead War – and it’s as graceful as it is wicked!

A reanimated despot and his ghoulish backup dancers shake a precariously attached leg in this follow-up to Zombie Army Thrillogy, the legendary April Fools’ video released for Zombie Army Trilogy in 2015.

Hundreds of thousands of slayers across the globe are happily mowing their way through hordes of Nazi zombies following Zombie Army 4’s launch earlier this month. There’s more slaughter to come too, as news on the game’s debut season of additional content will be revealed very soon…

Zombie Army 4: Dead War is out now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

More game info is available on the official Zombie Army 4: Dead War website.