Aorus FI27Q-P Gaming Monitor Review

aorus-fi27q-p-gaming-monitorBy Parm Mann @ Hexus

Over a year has passed since Aorus made its debut on the PC gaming monitor scene. The Gigabyte subsidiary’s first effort, dubbed the AD27QD Tactical Display, was generally well received as a competitively-priced 27in FreeSync solution offering basic HDR support and fast 144Hz action at a QHD resolution.

Entering the market shortly after the announcement of Nvidia’s G-Sync Compatible program helped heighten the AD27QD’s appeal – said panel was one of the first FreeSync solutions we’d tested on GeForce hardware – and Aorus is now hoping to build on those solid foundations with a choice of refreshed flat panels offering speeds of up to 165Hz.

Two models are available early in 2020, the FI27Q, priced at £450, and the FI27Q-P, priced at £570. We have the top-end model in for review, so let’s dig in and see what’s new.

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