verdun-logoAuthentic WW1 FPS games Verdun and Tannenberg commemorate the start of the First World War on this day 107 years ago, with in-game events and social media giveaways.

Until August 8th, the Film Memoir mode is available for all PC players. Activated from the options menu, Film Memoir applies a black and white film grain and sound effect overlay to recreate period film cameras as you play. Normally Film Memoir is only available to those who have purchased a Supporter Edition for Verdun or Tannenberg.

A new campaign event also begins today – The War Begins, 1914. Too often WW1 became a brutal battle of attrition, and the in-game campaigns reflect that by tracking casualties in multiplayer battles for the Entente and Central Powers. The ‘winner’ will be the faction which has suffered fewer losses by August 8th. There is no special requirement to participate – simply join an online public server and your contribution will be tracked.

On our social media channels we are sharing historical facts about the beginning of ‘The War to End All Wars’, alongside giveaway events.

Last but not least, following the Epic Games Store release last week, Western Front game Verdun is FREE to claim on the Epic Games Store for one more day, and Tannenberg’s 10% discount also lasts until then.

Watch the official Verdun – Epic Games trailer HERE.

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verdun-logoThe authentic WW1 FPS games Verdun and Tannenberg have released on the Epic Games store, Verdun will start off with a Free Week and Tannenberg with a 10% launch discount.

Players from the Epic Games Store can claim Verdun for free between July 22-29 and get themselves an immersive WW1 FPS experience on the Western Front! Sequel Tannenberg which focusses on the Eastern Front, will release at the same time with a 10% discount.

Watch the official Verdun – Epic Games trailer HERE.

New recruits for the Epic WW1 battlefields

Verdun and Tannenberg have both been released on the Epic Games Store, which won’t go unnoticed as Verdun will be releasing for FREE! From July 22 until the 29th Epic Game players can claim a free copy of the WW1 FPS set on the Western Front.

Verdun was the very first WW1 FPS bringing a historical take on the Great War. Epic Games players can expect WW1 action with close-quarters trench warfare and lots of realistic details, such as realistic WW1 weaponry, authentic uniforms, gore, and maps based on the real battlefields of France and Belgium.

More WW1 action

Sequel Tannenberg will release alongside Verdun, offering players tactical freedom in wide-scale maps on the Eastern Front! To fully immersive yourself in the WW1 battlefields it’s important to dive in the distinct nature of each game that the WW1 Game Series brings. The diversity in maps, soldiers, weapons and therefore tactical maneuvering offering players a different perspective of the Great War, one of the bloodiest war in history.

Tannenberg will see a 10% launch discounts at release. The third game in the WW1 Game Series called Isonzo focusing on the Alpine warfare in Northeast Italy and hasn’t been confirmed yet for the Epic Games Store. The game release is set for later this year/ beginning of next year, yet players can already wishlist the game on Steam, PlayStation 4&5 and soon Xbox One/ Xbox Series XIS.

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verdun-logoThe Christmas Truce of 1914 is going to be reenacted in Verdun once again this Winter, from December 21 to January 4! As in previous years, you’ll be able to get a taste of this unusual moment of peace and reflection in the midst of the enormous devastation of the First World War.

Between every few normal matches, players will experience the Christmas Truce event on a special map featuring football, snowball fights and Christmas cards which can be sent from the trenches by email or social media. Everyone who sends postcards to their loved ones has a chance of winning some WW1 Game Series swag, from Verdun / Tannenberg keys to a trench whistle or thermos. We’ll announce three winners everyday on this thread.

There will also be a Christmas Truce DLC to allow players to easily donate to War Child UK for €1.99 / $1.99 / £1.69. All players who pay for the DLC get a unique Christmas Truce 2017 medal, and will be able to access the Christmas Truce whenever they like for as long as they like until January 4. Purchase the Christmas Truce DLC HERE.

War Child is a charity working to help support children affected by war or living in conflict zones.

Click here to visit the Verdun Steam announcement page for more Christmas Truce DLC information.

The FPS Verdun takes place on the Western Front between 1914 and 1918, in one of the bloodiest conflicts in world history. We were inspired by the infamous Battle of Verdun France in 1916. The game offers four distinct game-modes: Frontlines, Attrition, Rifle Deathmatch and Squad Defense. We have included many historically accurate features such as realistic WW1 weaponry, authentic uniforms, gore, and maps based on the real battlefields of France and Belgium.

Find out more about Verdun at the games official website.

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verdun-logoLast February, developers from M2H and Blackmill Games visited the Western Front together with the The Great War YouTube Channel.

The Great War dedicated a special episode to the French fortress called Fort Douaumont. The fortress protected the city of Verdun and was captured without a fight by the Germans in February 1916.

In this episode, the Verdun developers explain to host ‘Indy’ Neidell how they rebuilt the fort in their game Verdun, staying as historically accurate as possible.

Verdun is the first multiplayer FPS set in a realistic First World War setting. The merciless trench warfare offers a unique battlefield experience, immersing you and your squad into intense battles of attack and defense.

The game takes place on the western front between 1914 and 1918, in one of the bloodiest conflicts in world history. The developers were inspired by the infamous Battle of Verdun France in 1916. The game offers 4 distinct game-modes; Frontlines, Attrition, Rifle Deathmatch and Squad Defense. Also many historically accurate features are included such as realistic WW1 weaponry, authentic uniforms, gore and maps based on the real battlefields of France and Belgium.

Find out more about Verdun at the games official website.

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verdun-logoToday the ‘ladies of hell’ have arrived… The Highlanders joined the trench warfare!

The Scottish were no stranger to war, and when the call to arms came in 1914, a relatively large number of Scottish young men eagerly joined the ranks of the British in Belgium. Wearing their traditional kilts, they performed many aggressive scouting maneuvers, often finding themselves in the thick of savage battles such as Loos and Arras. They suffered a staggering number of casualties as a result, but were nevertheless undeterred and soon earned the nicknamed the “ladies from hell”.

The Scottish squad will perform the role of aggressive scouting in Verdun. They are armed with their distinctive Pattern 1914 Enfield, a five-round “dog-leg” bolt handle rifle ideal for marksmen. The rifle combines the elements of the famous German Mauser, the five-round internal box magazine, with some Lee-Enfield features. Compared to the standard Lee-Enfield, the Pattern 1914 was more accurate and durable, though heavier as well.

Watch the trailer here.

The Scottish squad has been added to the game Verdun for free on Steam today and is expected on the PS4 by the end of the month!

Find out more about Verdun at the games official website.

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verdun-logoSource: Blue’s News

M2H and Blackmill Games announce the release of Horrors of War, a new free expansion for Verdun 1914-1918, their first-person shooter set in the trenches of World War I. This trailer shows off some of the content (and the gore) in the expansion, which they describe as “massive,” as it includes new units, a new region, new weapons and animations, and a new co-op game mode. This post has the details, and here is a bit:

With this expansion we offer more diverse historical battles in an immersive environment. Soldiers are confronted with more WW1 situations such as fighting during the night, offensive battles, more varied squads and a host of new weaponry that calls for careful tactical maneuvering. The realistic WW1 atmosphere has been strengthened with a new animation blending system, dismemberment, more blood, more corpses and a whole new region; Champagne.

Find out more about Verdun 1914-1918 at the games official website.

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verdun-logoThe Christmas Truce has been called in the WW1 FPS Verdun. Join the snowball fights and football matches, sing along with Christmas Carols and make sure to send your friends a Christmas card from the trenches. Watch the trailer here.

Verdun is available now with a 40% Holiday Sale discount. Live and let live

The Christmas Truce has begun in Verdun! From December the 22nd to January the 4th 2016 players will have the opportunity to come together with their friends and enemies on a dedicated winter map. Throw some snowballs, play football for some extra points, write Christmas cards to your beloved ones or sing along with Christmas carols while enjoying this extraordinary scene.

Lorraine, the Christmas Truce map, wraps it all together and gives players the opportunity to win an extra Steam key. When players send their friends and enemies Christmas Cards from out of the trenches, they will automatically participate in a daily give away. Each day three random winners will be picked from the many Christmas Cards sent.

Verdun is also offered at a 40% discount during the whole Christmas Truce event on Steam, Humble Bundle, Greenman Gaming, GamersGate, Games Rocket and Bundle Stars.

A Christmas Truce live stream – www.Twitch.TV/VerdunGame – will be hosted with BaronVonGamez, Squire, PhlyDaily and the Verdun team on the 23th of December at 4PM EST /9PM GMT.

Enjoy the Holidays!

Find out more about Verdun at the games official website.

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verdun-logoGood news reaches the trenches!

Joyous news for the troops in the trenches; the official launch date for Verdun is set on the 28 th of April 2015! During the Steam Early Access, the developers have taken the time to perfect the game. By listening to the community’s desires the game has grown into a unique FPS with a lot of historical depth, something the developers have always strived for.

The constant development and releases of updates have created a close and dedicated community that the developers can be proud of. The most notable improvements are; the introduction of the dreadful and iconic gas weapon combined with a claustrophobic gas-mask experience, the introduction of new troops, realistic maps such as the swampy Flanders map and the Artois map, and the Unity 5 engine upgrade which was a big improvement on performance and stability. Of this and more, a ‘Verdun – Development progress’ trailer has been released.

Find out more about Verdun at the games official website.

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verdun-logoTo honor the Christmas Truce of WW1, Verdun is getting its own version of the event in- game. It will be enforced with some friendly competitions and a 40% Steam Sale discount! Verdun is currently available on PC, Mac and Linux via Steam Early Access.

Watch the trailer on YouTube.

A season of celebration and giving!

After 4 months of heavy fighting wherein many lives were lost on both sides, something remarkable happened during Christmas 1914. Both sides set aside their weapons in order to celebrate Christmas together. German, French and British soldiers exchanged gifts, had Christmas dinners and sang carols. There was even a mention of a few organized football matches. In the spirit of such a unique event of peaceful humanity, the developers of Verdun will implement an actual in-game Christmas Truce where players put down their weapons to exchange seasonal greetings, throw snowballs at each other and engage in a football match!

During Christmas Truce a few competitions will be held where you can win one of the exciting Christmas packages. The packages with amongst others a Verdun Christmas card, a trench whistle, trench order booklets, and a secret surprise!

The competitions that are held are:

  • 19 December; a YouTube Christmas Truce video contest for the best video about this event
  • 20 December; a Steam Hub screenshot competition for the best in-game Christmas Truce screenshot
  • 21 December; a Twitch TV giveaway for the Verdun streamers
  • 22 December; a Twitter competition for the best WW1 Christmas carol text twittered @VerdunGame
  • 23 December; a Facebook Christmas Card contest for the most entertaining Verdun best wishes card

Submissions will last until the 24th 10am Eastern time (GMT-5), winners will be announced on the 25th of December 2014. More information can be found on the Steam Hub.

Also, as it is a season of giving too, there will be a big Steam Sale with a 40% discount on Verdun (including the 4-pack!) during the Christmas Truce event.

Christmas Truce will takes place on the 18th of December and lasts until the 25th of December. Better get in your Holiday spirit!

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verdun-logoWe’re getting close to release…

Verdun has been surging forward as more than 85,000 players have played the World War One (WW1) FPS in Early Access already. Verdun is currently available on PC, Mac and Linux via Steam Early Access.

The Last Big Update

In order to keep up the momentum before going live, M2H and BlackMill Games are releasing their last big update. This update features a lot of improvements based on valuable feedback from the huge group of players that dove into the tactical trench warfare of Verdun this summer.

There have been some improvements to the performance and the inclusion of realistic bullet physics will have a profound impact on the First Person Shooter gameplay, as players now have to lead their targets and adjust their sighting in order to make an accurate shot. Today, Verdun released another big patch introducing competitive squads, advanced gameplay, iconic weaponry and another realistic map.

A new assault squad type which features 2 new authentic historic units; the “Stosstruppen” for the Germans and the “Canadian Assault Squad” for the Allies made their appearance in-game. Both new squads can call upon a dreadful new weapon, Gas! Gas was one of the most iconic elements of World War one and will be linked to Verdun’s unique squad levelling system. So get your gasmasks ready!

Also the British ‘Tommies’ will make their entrance to the war, and players will be able to fight with a new range of weaponry including the famous Lee-Enfield rifle and the iconic Lewis light machine gun. Other notable weapons released within this patch are the fearsome Trench Club and Feldspaten. Melee weapons that were ideal for close-quarter fighting!

Exciting news for WW1 history fans, Verdun has another new realistic WW1 map inspired by the battles of Vimy Ridge, Loos and Neuve Chapelle which took place in the Artois sector of the Western Front. The map named Artois features a massive German “redoubt”, which was a mine quarry turned fortress. The grim soil landscape is reflected visually, with slag heaps towering over the battlefield and endless rows of barbed entanglements dominating the scenery. Harsh conditions for the soldiers to live and fight in.

Find out more about Verdun at the games official website.

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