Verdun and Tannenberg Commemorate the Start of the First World War

verdun-logoAuthentic WW1 FPS games Verdun and Tannenberg commemorate the start of the First World War on this day 107 years ago, with in-game events and social media giveaways.

Until August 8th, the Film Memoir mode is available for all PC players. Activated from the options menu, Film Memoir applies a black and white film grain and sound effect overlay to recreate period film cameras as you play. Normally Film Memoir is only available to those who have purchased a Supporter Edition for Verdun or Tannenberg.

A new campaign event also begins today – The War Begins, 1914. Too often WW1 became a brutal battle of attrition, and the in-game campaigns reflect that by tracking casualties in multiplayer battles for the Entente and Central Powers. The ‘winner’ will be the faction which has suffered fewer losses by August 8th. There is no special requirement to participate – simply join an online public server and your contribution will be tracked.

On our social media channels we are sharing historical facts about the beginning of ‘The War to End All Wars’, alongside giveaway events.

Last but not least, following the Epic Games Store release last week, Western Front game Verdun is FREE to claim on the Epic Games Store for one more day, and Tannenberg’s 10% discount also lasts until then.

Watch the official Verdun – Epic Games trailer HERE.