Battle Academy 2

battle-academy-2–battle-of-kursk-logoToday we are very excited to announce the release of Battle of Kursk – the first expansion of Battle Academy 2 – on PC, Mac and iPad!

Driven by two new challenging campaigns, this expansion includes a carryover system that invites you to have the wider strategic picture in mind when they plan their next turn. As the head of both armies, you will also have to quickly identify the strengths of the new units available to bring out the best of them.

Grab the game here (PC).

But the news from the Ostfront are not over!

Battle Academy 2: Eastern Front base game is updated to Version 1.0.4!

This version is available with several improvements and bug fixes! Now skirmish map generation scripts are in DATA/BATTLE/SCRIPTS (and this allows them to be over-ridden in a campaign for custom skirmish map generation) and the bug related to the sniper’s animation is fixed.

Be sure to check the list of changes and bug fixes here!

You can download the patch from here.

Get more information on Battle Academy 2: Battle of Kursk from its official product page.

battle-academy-2–battle-of-kursk-logoSummer 1943 – The Soviet and German High Commands gather their strength for what they both believe will be a decisive battle. The Wehrmacht wants to retake the initiative on a front that tends to bog down due to the fierce resistance of the Red Army.

Players will be able to relive the key moments of this huge air-ground operation on the Eastern Front in Battle of Kursk, the first expansion of Battle Academy 2, which release is announced for March 26th.

Battle of Kursk offers two campaigns with a carryover system. Often requested by the community, this carryover approach will allow the players to keep units from one scenario to another, forcing them to not be too fool-hardy in order to complete the campaigns!

Get more information on Battle Academy 2: Battle of Kursk from its official product page.

battleacademy2-logoJune 21, 1941 – The German army suddenly turns east and embarks on its ambitious Operation Barbarossa intended to put German troops to Moscow in a couple of weeks. This was the first move of a frightful 4-years conflict that involved millions of soldiers, tanks and weapons of all genres.

In Battle Academy 2, you will have the possibility to join both sides and re-fight some of the key operations that made the east front legendary. Building on the qualities of its predecessor, the gameplay of Battle Academy 2 will preserve both the accessibility and dynamism that built its reputation while enhancing it with brand new tactical tools and vast amounts of new content as well. There are 4 campaigns, a random map generator, multiplayer modes with cooperative and versus gameplay and a unique skirmish mode that allows to generate an infinite number of customized scenarios, you should prepare for long, tough journey on the Eastern Front!

Matrix Games and Slitherine have the pleasure to unveil the official release date of the game: Battle Academy 2 will be available on both our sites and Steam on September 12th.

Get more information on Battle Academy 2 from its official product page.

battleacademy2-logo“If we come to a minefield, our infantry attacks exactly as if it were not there.” (Georgy Zhukov – Marshal of the Soviet Union – 1945)

June 21, 1941 – Germany opens a new front in World War II with the launch of its ambitious military plan designed to lead its armies to Moscow. This was the starting point of a terrifying conflict that lasted almost 4 years and engaged millions of men, tanks, planes and weapons of all types.

In Battle Academy 2, players will be able to take command of Soviet and German forces at the tactical level. While this sequel includes everything that made the previous game so absorbing and accessible, it also introduces new features for a deeper and richer strategy experience. With more than 130 units, a brand new skirmish mode, random map generator, 4 single players campaigns, versus and cooperative multiplayer modes and enhanced with new tactical tools, players are bound to fight some unforgettable battles in Mother Russia.

Today, we are proud to share some screenshots taken from the current version of the game. They feature combat in various environments – from Russian frozen steppes to huge devastated cities – including plenty of historical units that fought on the Eastern Front between 1941 and 1945.

Director of Development, Iain McNeil, said “The Early Access Program for Battle Academy 2 has really helped focus in on what the players want and make sure we’re making the game they want to play. The improvements over the last few months have turned this from a good game in to a great one and we couldn’t have done this without the community.”

Battle Academy 2 is currently available with an Early Access Program on PC. By joining the program, the players will support the development and get a chance to contribute to the game directly.

Battle Academy 2 is set to be released July 2014. Get more information on the game from its official product page.