Flashpoint Campaigns: Red Storm

Flashpoint Campaigns: Red Storm has been updated to version 2.0.12 and this version brings decisive improvements to the game!

Numerous bugs affecting the Map editor, waypoints, radio traffic – and more! – have been solved, so don’t wait any further and check the entire changelog HERE!

You can download the update from here.

See you on the battlefield!

Get more information about the game on its official product page.

Flashpoint Campaigns: Red Storm gets one final polish as the team jumps headlong into development work on Southern Storm! Version 2.0.11 is availble and it brings tons of improvements to this masterpiece! Among all now is possible to turn Radio Messages on/off, new and improved Red Storm maps, and Radio Intercept Icon is ready and functional!

Other improvements featured are the following:

  • New Intel panels from our custom Origins build and the scenarios we used at this year’s Origins Game Fair to do the Army Staff Training Exercises.
  • Many AI enhancements and bug fixes for pathing, attacking, and grouping of AI led forces.
  • A major boost to game speed from code optimization work. Should really be seen in larger scenarios.
  • Several UI fixes and improvements to better show information.

But the list is very long so be sure to check the whole changelog here.

Get more information about the game on its official product page.

You can download the update from here.

flashpoint-campaigns-germany-reforgedA Christmas gift for all the fans of Flashpoint Campaigns!

On Target Simulation has released a bonus free scenario for Germany Reforged (playable on the new big Eiterfeld map): “Early Tuesday Morning”!

The Americans have been pushed out of the Fulda Gap. The Soviet’s are advancing towards the Rhine River pushing the US 3rd Armored Division before them. In the wake of the Soviet advance 1st Brigade, 5th German Panzer Division, has been pushed into a back water to the west of the Fulda Gap. They now have orders to advance, if possible, into the Fulda Gap to sever Soviet lines of communication. The orders state to advance to the East German.

Be ready to move Early Tuesday Morning!

This is a tremendously intense battle. It’s a NATO attack scenario and it uses all 14 hours that can be allocated for a scenario’s resolution. Created by the Mad Russian to highlight the new larger map and full time allowed for scenario resolution, just in time for the Christmas holidays!

From OTS to you, Merry Christmas!

You can download the .zip file of the scenario in the download section of the game or simple by clicking here.

Get more information about the game from its official product page.

For the last two months the On Target Simulations team has been hard at work to polish the PC Game of the Year 2013 (awarded by The Wargamer) – Flashpoint Campaigns: Red Storm. The developers have been focused on the community feedback, and the 2.04 patch introduces a lot of improvements that the players have been requesting since the original release of the game.

New features, tons of fixes, UI improvements and enhanced game functions come together to make the game play even better. As of now you will get more feedback on events, more flexibility with custom maps and markers, and even get open access to the game’s awesome scenarios so you can adapt them to your own taste!

The list of improvements is so long that On Target Simulations wrote a comprehensive “What’s new” document that you can read here. They do not forget the newcomers either, so the new armchair generals can get access to the revised version of the “Quick Start & Tutorial Guide” by clicking here.

Here you can see some of the major changes brought by 2.04:

  • Movement Orders End State Setting: Once you finish issuing a movement order you can select the end state order of the move among four choices: Hold, Screen, On Call and Resupply
  • Dismount Dialog: If the unit is carrying infantry or scouts you will have the option to have them dismount and move to the final objective on foot with the transports supporting the move. The unit will adopt the order state given in the new Orders on Arrival dialog
  • Waypoints/Waypoint Editor: there is an option to inspect group waypoints and also set delays to coordinate arrivals better.

Click here to download the 2.04 patch.

Get more information on Flashpoint Campaigns: Red Storm from its official product page.