The Reds are Coming! Flashpoint Campaigns: Red Storm Updated

Flashpoint Campaigns: Red Storm gets one final polish as the team jumps headlong into development work on Southern Storm! Version 2.0.11 is availble and it brings tons of improvements to this masterpiece! Among all now is possible to turn Radio Messages on/off, new and improved Red Storm maps, and Radio Intercept Icon is ready and functional!

Other improvements featured are the following:

  • New Intel panels from our custom Origins build and the scenarios we used at this year’s Origins Game Fair to do the Army Staff Training Exercises.
  • Many AI enhancements and bug fixes for pathing, attacking, and grouping of AI led forces.
  • A major boost to game speed from code optimization work. Should really be seen in larger scenarios.
  • Several UI fixes and improvements to better show information.

But the list is very long so be sure to check the whole changelog here.

Get more information about the game on its official product page.

You can download the update from here.