Flashpoint Campaigns: Germany Reforged Free Scenario Released

flashpoint-campaigns-germany-reforgedA Christmas gift for all the fans of Flashpoint Campaigns!

On Target Simulation has released a bonus free scenario for Germany Reforged (playable on the new big Eiterfeld map): “Early Tuesday Morning”!

The Americans have been pushed out of the Fulda Gap. The Soviet’s are advancing towards the Rhine River pushing the US 3rd Armored Division before them. In the wake of the Soviet advance 1st Brigade, 5th German Panzer Division, has been pushed into a back water to the west of the Fulda Gap. They now have orders to advance, if possible, into the Fulda Gap to sever Soviet lines of communication. The orders state to advance to the East German.

Be ready to move Early Tuesday Morning!

This is a tremendously intense battle. It’s a NATO attack scenario and it uses all 14 hours that can be allocated for a scenario’s resolution. Created by the Mad Russian to highlight the new larger map and full time allowed for scenario resolution, just in time for the Christmas holidays!

From OTS to you, Merry Christmas!

You can download the .zip file of the scenario in the download section of the game or simple by clicking here.

Get more information about the game from its official product page.