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Four teams of three commanders face off against each other in a savage struggle for resources

Developer and publisher Wargaming just released a new post-apocalyptic Battle Royale mode for their popular naval combat game World of Warships. Rogue Wave, a temporary battle mode set in a dark and toxic sea world is coming as part of the new 0.8.5 Update, which also introduces two new seasons of Ranked Sprint and few mechanical and cosmetic changes.

A brand new trailer for the post-apocalyptic Rogue Wave mode is available here.

In Rogue Wave, World of Warships’ new temporary Battle Royale mode, players will face off in four teams of three over resources in the flooded ruins of a sunken city, adding the ability for more than two teams to battle for the first time to World of Warships. Players will start with no consumable items, and will have to navigate a world on the brink of collapse with nothing but their ship and her armaments to defend themselves from other players. Other players aren’t the only threat, however, as throughout the match a wall of Wild Fire will steadily engulf the battlefield, pushing players closer and closer together, lest they get caught in the Fire and quickly lose HP.

Rogue Wave features three new ship classes specifically designed for the mode. The Octopus gathers ships armed with powerful torpedoes and low detectability, though featuring automated main batteries. The Moray Eel is comprised of highly maneuverable ships, designed for aggressive close quarter brawls, whereas the ships belonging to the Barracuda class are formidable vessels focusing on speed and powerful main battery guns.

Alongside Rogue Wave’s temporary Battle Royale mode, 0.8.5 introduces four Directives featuring ten missions each. Accomplishing these missions will enable players to earn Fuel Tokens and various other in-game items. Fuel Tokens can then be spent in the Armory on exclusive consumable post-apocalyptic camouflage, credits, Premium Account time and even a new Premium ship, the Benham – a Tier IX American destroyer, equipped with 16 torpedoes – a record for this Tier – and featuring unique post-apocalyptic camouflage as well as a new commander.

Additionally, the 0.8.5 update will introduce two new seasons of Ranked Sprints, where players will compete in 6v6 battles, while controlling Tier VII ships. Season 5 battles will be played in Domination mode, whereas Season 6 will feature Epicenter mode.

This update will also include Clan Brawl – a series of battles where clans will fight against one another over a single day for Steel and other valuable items, as well as a host of improvements and modifications, including new mechanics for damage inflicted to ships and shell penetration, a reworked minimap which now displays only the necessary information and much more.

Further details on the update 0.8.5. are available here and can be seen in the dev diary video here.

Head over to the official World of Warships website now to sign up for World of Warships for free!

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ace-combat-7-skies-unknownAce Combat fans, your mission parameters have been updated and you are requested to rendezvous at the PlayStation™ Store, Microsoft® Store or on STEAM® to download a new addition to your aircraft fleet in the form of the ADF-01 FALKEN aircraft (which can utilize TLS, 4AAM and FAEB special weapons), Su-30M2 Sol skin and four new emblems including the Wardog emblem, Aces of Razgriz emblem, Ghosts of Razgriz emblem and the Scarface emblem. The Ace Combat franchise has always presented cutting-edge aircraft and weaponry, and Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown continues this tradition with today’s DLC #2 package.

Adjust your heading to this YouTube link to see the contents of DLC #2 in action.

More Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown DLC will be deploying in the near future; we’ll keep you apprised of the latest intel around their arrival.

To find out more about Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown, head over to the games official website.

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steel-division-2By Ian Boudreau @ Wargamer

Up near the Korean DMZ there’s a place called Rodriguez Range. If you make the trek up the hill to the control tower, you can almost see the whole thing. Tank gunnery lanes stretch out for miles before you, curving around rugged mountains and eventually disappearing in the misty distance. Abrams tank crews qualify on this range, firing at targets five kilometers from their position, and seeing it from such a height, but still so close, provides a fleeting glimpse at the sheer geographic scale of war.

Steel Division 2 aims to provide an even larger and better perspective on war, and I’ll be damned if it doesn’t almost pull it off.

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just-cause-4New Free Content Arrives Along With New DLC Packs

Just Cause 4 gets even bigger and more explosive this summer, with the arrival of another big content update for the most over-the-top open world sandbox experience around!

Watch the Trials, Toys & Terror Trailer HERE.

As supernatural forces invade the towns of Solis and infest its people, only Rico can save the day in Los Demonios, releasing on June 26th 2019 for Gold Edition & Season Pass owners, and July 3rd for everyone, on XBOX ONE®, the all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft, PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system and Windows PC.

A parasitic infestation now spreads across the island of Solis, terrorizing its inhabitants and attacking anyone that stands in its way. Los Demonios will challenge even the most experienced action hero. Rico will need all of the skills & toys at his disposal in order to face the horrifying new threat and eradicate the demon invasion permanently, before it’s too late!

The Free Challenges update arrives as well to bring new ways to play in the Just Cause 4 open world sandbox. Every month, players will be able to earn cosmetic rewards for their wingsuit and parachute by completing inventive new Challenges & Trials that will test the limits of their mastery over Rico’s skills & gear.

Turn back the clock with the clean cut Just Cause 2 Rico skin, available now in the customization menu and free for all players.

Take the fight to the Black Hand in style with the outrageous Toy Vehicles pack, available in the all-new Black Market store. The miniature sized Tank, Boat & Jet brings hilarious explosive action and takes the over-the-top mayhem of Just Cause 4 to new heights, and even the Black Hand will respond in kind with Toy Vehicles of their own. Grow your collection of incredible vehicles that will add crazy new abilities and destructive powers to your tool set, with new premium packs available each month via the Black Market store.

We wanted to follow-up the huge Spring Update for Just Cause 4 with even more great new content for our players! The Trials, Toys & Terror update will add more new gameplay elements, new challenges, awesome new equipment and new reasons for players to return to the open world sandbox action all year long,” said Victoria Setian, Senior Producer at Avalanche Studios.

“’Los Demonios’ is not only a return to the classic liberation style gameplay but also introduces a supernatural threat to the world for the first time in Just Cause,” said Bryan Rodriguez, Creative Producer at Avalanche Studios. “Players will face the most challenging content yet in ‘Los Demonios’, pushing them to their limits in both combat strategy and survival. Even veteran players will need to bring their A-game if they want to succeed in tackling the emerging demonic presence and protect Solis from total annihilation! Prepare your weapons and your wits, as ‘Los Demonios’ will be an off-the-wall experience Just Cause players will not soon forget!

The Free Challenges and the Toy Vehicle Pack are available now. Gold Edition & ‘Dare Devils, Demons & Danger’ Season Pass owners will receive 7 days early access to the Just Cause 4 Los Demonios DLC on June 26th, 2019.

More game info is available at the official Just Cause 4 website.

team-group-xcalibur-phantom-gamingBy Tarinder Sandhu @ HEXUS

Price reductions for DDR4 ICs, and memory in general, have been welcome news for the industry. Looking at system RAM in particular, it’s now possible to buy 16GB of DDR4-3,000 memory for £65, which is about half the cost as at the turn of the year.

Such pricing puts those companies interested in producing RGB-laden RAM into something of a quandary; they cannot charge too much more for the light-infused technology when the base cost is so low. It’s to this backdrop that Team Group intros the XCalibur Phantom Gaming modules.

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nvidia-geforce-logoSource: TechPowerUp!

NVIDIA released their latest driver package version, updating the software number up to 431.18. The new hotfix driver builds upon the previous 430.86 release, already fixed upon by another, previous hotfix driver 430.97.

This new release fixes BSODs on hibernation wake-up for ASUS’ ASUS GL703GS/Asus GL502VML notebooks; game crashes or TDR on Shadow of the Tomb Raider when launching the game on Pascal GPUs; Shadow of the Tomb Raider’s benchmark exiting abruptly should ray tracing be enabled; and flickering issues on Grand Theft Auto V when MSAA is enabled.

You can download the GeForce Hotfix 431.18 driver through GeForce Experience or via

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total-war-three-kingdomsSource: Blue’s News

Creative Assembly announces a Reign of Blood Effects Pack coming to Total War: THREE KINGDOMS on Thursday, which will increase the blood and gore level in the historical strategy game. Those who purchase this on Steam will find a new option for more gore in the game’s advanced graphics settings. This trailer shows this off, so avoid this if you faint at the sight of blood. Here’s word:

Experience the battlefields of ancient China in gruesome detail with the Reign of Blood Effects Pack for Total War: Three Kingdoms. This pack introduces a number of new gory and mature-rated effects, animations and kill-moves to the game in both Campaign and Battle. Once installed, these effects can be activated in the graphics settings of Total War: Three Kingdoms.

Campaign effects:

  • New campaign event-pictures depicting blood and gore
  • New blood effects for battle-resolution combat animations between characters

Battle effects:

  • Human dismemberment: limb-lops and beheadings
  • Equine dismemberment: leg lops
  • Charred bodies
  • Blood sprays on weapon impacts
  • New death animations for characters vs infantry
  • Dead bodies as battlefield set-dressing
  • Blood scaler: increase or decrease the level of gore to your tastes

Please note that, depending on your country of residence, the Reign of Blood Effects Pack may raise the age-rating of the main game.

steel-division-2Eugen Systems Commences Launch of Sequel to Acclaimed Real-time Strategy Game

French independent developer and self-publisher Eugen Systems is happy to announce that their new real-time strategy game Steel Division 2 has launched on Steam (Windows/Mac). The Steel Division 2 launch trailer can be viewed HERE.

We can’t wait for players to finally get their hands on the final version of Steel Division 2,” says Game Director at Eugen Systems Alexis Le Dressay. “On behalf of the entire development team at Eugen Systems, we want to thank our die-hard community and players who helped us continue to improve and polish this game through its extensive closed beta period.

Set during massive Operation Bagration on the Eastern Front in the summer of 1944, Steel Division 2 pushes the limits of the World War II tactical experience. After an extensive closed beta period which saw the roll-out of brand-new game modes, units, and divisions to players who pre-ordered Steel Division 2, Eugen Systems (R.U.S.E., Wargame series, Steel Division: Normandy 44) is excited to welcome all strategy players to their latest game. Steel Division 2 is the sequel to the real-time strategy title Steel Division: Normandy 44, which was released to critical acclaim in 2017. Featuring the loving and painstaking attention to detail developer Eugen Systems is famous for, players can expect historically accurate units, weaponry, vehicles, aircraft and battlefields throughout the course of Steel Division 2’s new campaign, multiplayer, and co-op modes.

Steel Division 2 owners can enjoy:

  • New Dynamic Strategic Campaigns: turn-based single-player mode with four different campaigns, which sees players reenact crucial engagements during Operation Bagration on a 1:1 scale. Each campaign offers dozens of authentic units, and thousands of soldiers and tanks for players to command.
  • 600+ Units: Hundreds of authentic units, spanning troops, tanks, artillery, and airplanes, from both the Soviet and German side. From the fearsome “beast killer” ISU-152 tank destroyer, the iconic Tiger heavy tank, to partisans and penal troops, prospective commanders can create their own battlegroup on both the Soviet and German side.
  • New Deck Builder: a new deck building customization mode allows the players to create their own formation choosing from 18 parent divisions including the 5th Panzer, the hard-hitting 2nd Guards Tank Corps and the Hungarian 1. Lovasz division.
  • New Game Modes: multiple challenging game modes, each providing a different tactical experience. Players can play in different variations of the fast-paced Skirmish mode, solo or online against human opponents. The demanding Breakthrough mode is also available and features new defensive structures.
  • Historical Battles: six meticulous crafted scenarios, delivering players a refined tactical experience of some of the most important battles which occurred during the strategic offensive.
  • Maps: 25 maps, painstakingly researched using real-life military maps and aerial photography set across the breadth of the Eastern Front, with new terrain features and topology providing more variety (and obstacles) on the battlefield.
  • IrisZoom: Steel Division 2 is developed in-house with the IrisZoom engine, allowing players to seamless zoom in and out, drinking in the glorious details of each battlefield from afar with an eagle eye perspective one moment and examining up-close details of each individual unit the next.

To stay up to date on the latest regarding Steel Division 2, be sure to visit the game’s official website and follow the developers at Eugen Systems on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Fans can also interact with the Steel Division 2 team at Eugen Systems and find the latest developer diaries on the official Eugen Systems forums. The release of the Standard Edition of Steel Division 2 is available for $39.99/£34.99/39,99€, while the Commander Deluxe, General Deluxe and Total Conflict editions are available for: $59.99/£59.99/59,99€, $69.99/£69.99/69,00€ and $79.99/£79.99/79,00€, respectively. Complete details about each edition can be found here.