Escalation 1985

escalation-1985Game developer Icebreaker Interactive is launching a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for development of their upcoming PC game Escalation 1985.

What would have happened if the cold war turned hot in 1985? The new first person shooter Escalation 1985 is offering a grand campaign spanning 5 European nations, locations such as Berlin’s Checkpoint Charlie, and the soldiers of 9 armies, including the US Army and the British Army of the Rhine.

The crowdfunding campaign offers players in-game rewards of rare and forgotten weapons.

Backers can also write their own lines for their characters which will be recorded by a professional voice actor or get their own or someone else’s face in the game.

And finally on the highest tier a backer can get their very own real-life BRDM-2 amphibious armored vehicle (video) delivered to their door in the EU or USA. It comes freshly painted in mint-condition from the Czech Republic and is road legal in most places.

It’s fully amphibious and can swim at 10 km/h for 17 hours. You can have a party on a lake with this thing or make the school run very exciting.

About Escalation 1985:

Experience what an armed conflict would have been like between NATO and the Warsaw Pact in 1985. Escalation 1985 features massive 50 v 50 battles set in iconic areas surrounding the iron curtain. Use finely detailed weapons, vehicles, and equipment used by forces on either side. Work with your squad to defeat the enemy team and gain control before the nuclear Armageddon!

Using VoIP for radio and proximity communication along with a morale and stamina system the player will feel as if he is actually there, his weapon along with his avatar will be an actual part of the world. Moving, firing, being close to friendlies, enemies or tanks, will all have an impact on how you as a player will interact with the environment around you. Experience the horrors of Nuclear, biological, and chemical warfare with accurate recreations of these events.

Drive a tank with your friends. Our armor features intractable interiors that are precisely modeled from their real life counterparts. Engage enemy forces using detailed fire control systems and ballistics.

Use exquisitely modeled weapons systems, from rifles to anti-air systems. Accurate bullet and missile physics let you experience the true power of these weapons.

Find out more about Escalation 1985 HERE. Visit the games official website where you can view the reveal trailer, screenshots and more.