hearts-of-iron-4-no-step-backNo Step Back Add-On Tapped for Late November

The bitter fighting of the Eastern Front is given new depth and variety in No Step Back, the upcoming expansion to Hearts of Iron IV. With new alternate history paths and game systems, this eagerly awaited add-on presents new challenges for fans of Paradox Interactive’s best-selling grand strategy wargame. No Step Back will be available on 23 November 2021 for the suggested retail price of $19.99/£15.49 / € 19.99.

The centrepiece of No Step Back is a series of new National Focus Trees, giving players many new ways to imagine the course of World War II in Eastern Europe. Major nations have been entirely reworked to offer unique challenges and original histories.

Watch the Hearts of Iron IV: No Step Back Pre-Order Trailer HERE.

The features for Hearts of Iron IV: No Step Back include:

New Soviet National Focuses: Communist Soviet rulers must also deal with a government system full of distrust and betrayal but players can lift up party opposition to the powerful leader, or even pursue a reactionary path of restored monarchy.
New Polish National Focuses: Write a new history of Poland, with options to reform the government, entrench the military rulers, or support a popular pro-Soviet uprising.
New Baltic National Focuses: Shared alternate history paths for Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, as well as unique paths for each.
Army Officer Corps: Build a general staff, drawing on the talents and expertise of available officers to take advantage of changes in technology and tactics.
Army Spirits: Emphasize certain characteristics of your military arms, adding general bonuses to certain units types or even aiding division design.
Supply System Updates: Scorched Earth tactics, floating harbors and special supply units added to the logistics system.
Tank Designer: Design your own armored force using modules prioritizing speed, gun power, armor or even production cost.
Railway Guns: Commission the grandest, most prestigious of artillery pieces, uniquely designed to deal with entrenched foes, and fortified positions.

As a special bonus, those who pre-order No Step Back will get a musical treat – a new arrangement of the Soviet wartime folk song Katyusha, originally composed before the war, and named for the celebrated Red Army rocket launchers. You can watch behind the scenes footage of the song’s recording HERE.

As usual, this expansion to Hearts of Iron IV will be accompanied by a major update free for all players, including new supply and logistics mechanics as well as many quality of life improvements.

For more game information please visit the official Hearts of Iron IV website.

europa-universalis-4-originsAfrican Themed Add-On Coming 11 November

The gold of Zimbabwe. The ivory of Central Africa. The great city of Timbuktu. The temples of Ethiopia. Africa is the birthplace of humanity and a land of untold wealth and variety. Rediscover and rewrite the history of the continent in a new immersion pack for Europa Universalis IV, coming 11 November 2021. It will be available for the suggested retail price of $9.99/£7.19 / € 9.99.

In Europa Universalis IV: Origins, new African missions add greater variety and new goals for some of Africa’s most powerful and interesting nations. The fading giant of Mali, the holy hills of Ethiopia and the African trade centers of the Indian Ocean are given new depth and richer context.

Watch the Europa Universalis IV: Origins Announcement Trailer HERE.

The Europa Universalis IV: Origins immersion pack adds:

Jewish Religion: The Ethiopian Jews of Beta Israel are included, and Jewish nations can choose from nine religious characteristics to accentuate their national strengths, with new flavor events.
Missions for Mali: Halt the decline of West Africa’s greatest medieval empire and reassert control of former vassals.
Missions for Songhai: Develop your provinces and claim the mantles of Mali and Timbuktu as the new rising power.
Missions for Kongo: Unite the peoples of the Congo River and confront the growing European threat.
Missions for Ethiopia: Ensure religious unity and prestige in the Kingdom of Solomon while unifying the nations of the African Horn. Also adds the noble Ç̌äwa regiments.
Missions for Ajuuraan: Control Indian Ocean trade and bring water to your desert provinces.
Missions for Kilwa: Focus on naval economic power, establishing a colonial empire across the seas.
Missions for Mutapa: Build on the legacy of the founders of Great Zimbabwe and exploit the riches of South Africa to dominate trade.
Minor Mission Additions: New mission options for Jolof, Mossi, Hausa, Oyo and Adal.
New Regional Mission Trees: New Missions for minor powers in Central, East and West Africa, and the African Horn, as well as new estate privileges for many nations and regions.
New Army Sprites: 4 new army sprites each for Congo, Great Lakes, Southern Africa and Bantu nations
Two New Missionary models: African Coptic and African Fetishist missionary animations added.
New Music: 12 minutes of new West African themed music, and 12 minutes of new East African themed music.

As usual, the release of Europa Universalis IV: Origins will be accompanied by a major update, free for all EU4 players.

More game information is available at the Europa Universalis IV: Origins Steam page.

command-modern-operationsMatrix games announces the release of Command: Red Tide.

Red Tide, a new DLC from Command Modern Operations, recreates a “what if” conflict between NATO and Communist powers; a theoretical sequel of the “Northern Inferno 1975″. Tensions explode in the Norwegian Sea when a standoff takes place between a NATO Destroyer and a Soviet Submarine, which drew both Powers into a rapidly escalating war that draws in Neighbours and super powers alike.

Command vast air and naval forces as war rages across all areas of the World including the Pacific, North Atlantic, South China Sea to name a few. Take control of your forces either NATO or Soviet Union as the conflict demands that every resource you have is pressed into service.

Plan your naval strategy carefully, you will require the mutual support of the entire fleet if you are to ensure that your enemies are crushed decisively.
Dominating the battlespace will allow you to blind your enemy’s ability to communicate and coordinate.

Ensure the victory of your forces through thoughtful strategy and planning. Creative deployment will be needed to overcome deficiencies in your mix of modern and outdated forces.

Get more information from the DLC’s Product Page.

Watch the release trailer HERE.

microsoft-flight-simulator-2020Source: Windows Blog

Microsoft Flight Simulator, which first launched on PC, gained a new audience of PC gamers with Xbox Game Pass. In July 2021, millions of console players were introduced to the flight simulation experience through the game’s launch on Xbox Series X|S.

Now, the Microsoft Flight Simulator Game of the Year (GOTY) Edition arrives Nov. 18. This “Thank You” to fans – new and old – includes new aircraft (such as its first military jet and a legendary short takeoff and landing (STOL) utility plane), new airports, new missions and much more.

To celebrate the launch of Windows 11, 11 landmarks across the globe will be lit up in Windows blue within Microsoft Flight Simulator. There will also be a special Windows 11 themed livery for simmers to add to their collection.

Head over to Xbox Wire for all the details on this edition.

Reno Air Races: Expansion Pack and Reno Air Races: Full Collection will also be available to buy in the Microsoft Flight Simulator marketplace starting Nov. 18. The Microsoft Flight Simulator team worked closely with the Reno Air Racing Association (RARA) and dozens of pilots and owners to develop highly authentic recreations of many of the world’s most famous racing aircraft, such as North American P-51 Mustangs and Aero L-39 Albatros.

Find out more about Reno Air Races on Xbox Wire.

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call-of-duty-vanguardSource: Blue’s News

Electronic Arts now offers a new Zombies Reveal Trailer, showing how the undead will participate in the upcoming release of Call of Duty: Vanguard. The video is allowed to speak for itself, as it includes just this minimal description:

Your mission: Stop the undead army with a new set of Dark Aether skills.
Welcome to Call of Duty: Vanguard Zombies.

Track: Billie Eilish – bury a friend (Chris Avantgarde Remix)

battlefield-2042Greetings No-Pats! During the last few months we’ve shown you how Battlefield 2042 is enhancing the series’ All-Out-Warfare suite of classic modes and how we’re giving you the tools to build the Battlefield experience of your dreams with Battlefield Portal.

Today, we’re excited to dive into Battlefield Hazard Zone, a mode unlike anything we’ve done before, where you and your squad must scavenge for valuable resources as foes and cataclysmic storms close in. So strap in and get ready to deploy. Things are about to get intense.

Watch the Battlefield 2042 Hazard Zone Official Trailer HERE.

In the year 2040, a worldwide event known as The Blackout has caused over 70% of satellites in orbit to malfunction and fall into the atmosphere. Communication, navigation, and surveillance were crippled, bringing an already tenuous relationship between the US and Russia to the edge of war.

In response, both countries have begun to use satellites equipped with capsules containing radiation-hardened Data Drives to collect important intelligence throughout the world. These capsules are dropped down into US/RUS controlled territories for the Occupying Forces to secure.

Such Data Drives are essential to No-Pats around the globe, providing them with valuable information to keep all No-Pats (including non-combatants) safe. And when necessary, the information can be sold to the Dark Market in return for supplies needed for survival.

This is where you come in.

In Battlefield Hazard Zone, you play as an Elite Task Force assigned to retrieve these critical Data Drives. You and your squad must locate, gather, and extract these drives before a storm overtakes the area in a high-stakes, one-life experience.

Every bullet, every skirmish, and every decision counts.

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amd-radeon-rx-6600By Jarred Walton @ Tom’s Hardware

Two months back, AMD launched the AMD Radeon RX 6600 XT, the first card to use the Navi 23 GPU. Today, AMD follows up with its first truly mainstream priced RX 6000-series card, the Radeon RX 6600. Take the same GPU but with four of the CUs (compute units) disabled, clock it a bit lower and you get the RX 6600 non-XT.

Read the Review Here

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World of Warships launches early access German battleships and prepares for Halloween festivities

Today Wargaming, developer and publisher of the world’s most popular free to play naval warfare game, World of Warships, is launching an explosive new update packed with new features. It includes limited time themed events for the ghoulish Halloween season, as well as the arrival of a fleet of new German battleships.

Take to the seas aboard all-new German Battleships

With the ‘German Battleships: Part One’ event, a sweep of Tier III-IX German battleships hit Early Access, from the WWI-serving BB Von der Tann to the Tier IX Prinz Rupprecht. Armed with lethally precise main battery guns and a gamut of long-ranged secondary battery guns, consumables include Hydroacoustic Search, as well as Fast Damage Control Team with a limited number of charges. From Tier VII upwards, ships will also come fitted with torpedo tubes.

Tiers III-IX of these powerful vessels will be available within sequential bundles in exchange for German Tokens, a new temporary resource earned through taking part in the Personal Challenges event or obtainable from the Armory. The port of Hamburg has also been spruced up in honour of the update.

And going once, going twice! Coming up for auction will be early access to the Tier X Schlieffen, starting at 1,000 doubloons. More details about the dates and rules of the auction will be announced further into the update.

Trick or treat with new and returning game modes

The temporary battle type, Twilight Hunt, makes a ghostly entrance in this update from 21 October, pitting 16 players both against each other and the AI-controlled Twilight Fleet in the Polygon map. The aim is to earn as many Battle Points as possible by destroying the enemy armada, led by the fearsome boss ship Rasputin. Hop aboard the monster ships Fangblade, Thornridge, and Lobster-Eyed for the spookiest experience!

From the start and until the end of the update, old favourites Operation Saving Transylvania and Sunray in Darkness will be making a grand comeback.

More game-changing additions

In Personal Challenges, players must fill out the mission requirements of each personal records table to progress onto the next part and bring in those juicy rewards – coal and German Tokens, that can be used to obtain new German battleships plus a host of camouflages and flags.

Submarines will also be available for rental in random battles to test this class in a live environment with their new balance changes.

Watch the Update 0.10.9: Halloween video HERE.

Visit the official World of Warships website now for more game info and to sign up to play World of Warships for free!

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