Verdun – Christmas Truce Event

verdun-logoTo honor the Christmas Truce of WW1, Verdun is getting its own version of the event in- game. It will be enforced with some friendly competitions and a 40% Steam Sale discount! Verdun is currently available on PC, Mac and Linux via Steam Early Access.

Watch the trailer on YouTube.

A season of celebration and giving!

After 4 months of heavy fighting wherein many lives were lost on both sides, something remarkable happened during Christmas 1914. Both sides set aside their weapons in order to celebrate Christmas together. German, French and British soldiers exchanged gifts, had Christmas dinners and sang carols. There was even a mention of a few organized football matches. In the spirit of such a unique event of peaceful humanity, the developers of Verdun will implement an actual in-game Christmas Truce where players put down their weapons to exchange seasonal greetings, throw snowballs at each other and engage in a football match!

During Christmas Truce a few competitions will be held where you can win one of the exciting Christmas packages. The packages with amongst others a Verdun Christmas card, a trench whistle, trench order booklets, and a secret surprise!

The competitions that are held are:

  • 19 December; a YouTube Christmas Truce video contest for the best video about this event
  • 20 December; a Steam Hub screenshot competition for the best in-game Christmas Truce screenshot
  • 21 December; a Twitch TV giveaway for the Verdun streamers
  • 22 December; a Twitter competition for the best WW1 Christmas carol text twittered @VerdunGame
  • 23 December; a Facebook Christmas Card contest for the most entertaining Verdun best wishes card

Submissions will last until the 24th 10am Eastern time (GMT-5), winners will be announced on the 25th of December 2014. More information can be found on the Steam Hub.

Also, as it is a season of giving too, there will be a big Steam Sale with a 40% discount on Verdun (including the 4-pack!) during the Christmas Truce event.

Christmas Truce will takes place on the 18th of December and lasts until the 25th of December. Better get in your Holiday spirit!