Order of Battle: The New Import Tool

order-of-battle-ww2Last week we spoke of the specialization system coming with next patch, but today we’re going to talk of something different, something new.

Order of Battle: World War II will have a Import core army tool, allowing linked campaigns in which players can carry over their core armies. The idea is to link together campaigns which will form a larger mega campaign. At first it’ll be only Morning Sun linked with Rising Sun, but we plan to make use of this future as we release more campaigns (for instance, we’ll certainly link the upcoming Blitzkrieg with any future-and-yet-unannounced-but-certainly-coming campaign featuring the Wehrmacht).

How does it work? It’s quite simple. At any point during a campaign (although it’s best if you do it once the campaign has been completed) you’ll be able to select the button Export core from your campaign -> Core army screen. You can then save your Core army.

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