Headquarters: World War II has been deployed on Steam

headquarters-world-war-iiPrepare to storm the frontlines of one of World War II’s most iconic campaigns, as Headquarters: World War II is out now on Steam. This brand new turn-based strategy title from Slitherine Software and Starni Games enables players to experience both sides of the Normandy Campaign in tense battles as the UK, the USA, or Germany.

Set during the Normandy landings, Headquarters: World War II features three-plot driven campaigns (United Kingdom, United States, and Germany), that span nine operations each. Alongside these three campaigns, the game features a Skirmish Mode, a Map Editor tool, a random map generation tool, and a Multiplayer Mode for up to four players.

In Skirmish Mode, players can test their skills against AI on six different skirmish maps. Quick thinking and versatility are required here, as these maps contain different victory conditions. The game also supports multiplayer battles for up to four players both with real-time connection or using Slitherine’s CombatHQ system.

With units boasting multidimensional armour and terrain offering diverse advantages, every decision carries weight on the battlefield. Positioning is essential to consider, as fences and other obstacles can be used for directional cover and attacking from different elevations of terrain will have an impact on the player’s line of sight and overall combat effectiveness.

Utilising the power of Unreal Engine 4, all units and scenery within Headquarters: World War II are created with the finest attention to detail.

These striking visuals help to add a touch of realism to the horrors of war, with players encountering sights such as burning tank hulks, ruined houses, shell craters, smoke, death, and destruction.

Watch the release trailer HERE.